Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E07

Bom’s mom decides to throw her under the bus as Taeho comes to Ahran’s rescue.  And to give some fan service, seven episodes in, we get our first kiss!



The bus comes but Bom’s mom was faster. She hugs Bom and snaps that Bom shouldn’t have leave just because of a few words that she said. Then she pulls Bom home… She even stops herself from hitting Bom for being immature.


Bom sees her mother’s scraped ankle and brings her in to put on medicine. However, when Bom brings the medicine, her mother pretends to sleep. Bom’s mom only gets up when Bom leaves to sigh that Bom’s actions are making her reconsider her plan.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi’s mom continues to moan at Gookhee’s place. It turns out that Gookhee called Jung-Gi’s sister and not Jung-Gi because she races over.


Jung-Gi’s sister tells her mother to stop pretending and get up. This angers her mother so she sits up to hit her daughter about not even asking about what happened when her mother is hurt. This only confirms it to her daughter that her mother is faking and she drags her mother out.

Jung-Gi’s mom continues to refuse to leave and Ahran comes home. The grandmother runs to hug Ahran who pushes her grandmother away. When her grandmother cries that her granddaughter is heartless, Ahran snaps back that Grandma and her family should stop torturing their family.


Jung-Gi arrives and things get worse. Jung-Gi first apologizes to Gookhee but Grandma snaps that it’s not Jung-Gi’s fault since he only left because Gookhee lost a child and then took out her frustration on her husband. Grandma even accuses Gookhee of being the reason that Jung-Gi’s second non-official wife had to die without ever getting a wedding. This last bit gets Gookhee’s attention but she does not say anything.

Jung-Gi drags his mother out of the house and Ahran snaps the gate in her father’s face. And Grandma finally learns that both of her children lost their homes… So, everyone heads over to a jjim jil bang.

Grandma is the epitome of kindness when Maru wakes up to ask her why she isn’t sleeping. She calls Maru a blight and wonders why Jung-Gi is keeping Maru around.


This does not deter Maru who calls around for jobs the next day and even goes to help movers in hopes of getting a paid job.


At the same time, Bom’s surprises both of her daughter by bringing Bom some snacks and even showing Bom presents… New shoes and a dress. Bom’s little sister gets jealous and leaves while Bom cautiously thanks her mother.

Bom takes care of the restaurant even though her mother tells her to rest. She’s left alone when Bom’s mother’s brother comes in. He asks her if his sister has not said anything to her and Bom sighs that her mother has been really nice to her lately.


The uncle pauses that something is up and begins to tell her about the debt when Bom’s mother comes in and sends Bom home.


At the same time, the Board tells Ahran to take responsibility for not resolving the contract issue. Like all drama magic, the Chinese CEO arrives at that moment to announce that he wants to sign the contract because he was moved by learning about the Korean traditions. The CEO’s representative specifically attributes it to Taeho. However, Taeho tells the Board that he only did what Ahran asked him to do so that she would get credit.


Afterwards, Ahran looks at a picture of herself with Taeho. She then goes to tell her mother that it was Taeho’s accomplishment.

Gookhee smiles that it would not be out of Taeho’s character. She then tells Ahran that even though Ahran might be wary of marriage because she has only seen her unhappy parents, a lot of couples live happily together. She adds that Ahran should seriously consider getting back together with Taeho since he would make her happy.


Ahran goes to meet with Taeho on the roof. She thanks him for helping with the fallen deal and giving her credit. But Taeho responds that it was always her idea in the first place. Then he tells her that he will hold on to the engagement ring a little longer so that Ahran does not feel pressured; she should focus on what makes her happy.

Meanwhile, Jiah snaps at a young street performer who’s singing for money. But when he sees Kilsoo and Taeho, he runs behind Jiah and asks her to get the guitar case with money for him.


Jiah realizes that the performer is avoiding the two men in suits and grabs the case announcing that she will buy ramen with the money. She goes to the pojangmacha where Kilsoo and Taeho are.

Kilsoo tells Taeho that he always thought that the relationship would end by itself but they ended up getting engaged… He even confesses that he feels a bit burdened by the prospect of becoming in laws with Gookhee who has been his boss for thirty years.

Taeho’s little brother runs off while Kilsoo and Taeho drink.

Sun-Young tries calling Taeho’s little brother’s (Sooho’s) dorm but does not understand what the caller answers.


As for Bom, things go south when her little sister decides to try on the ring. She finds that it fits and decides to wear it for a couple of days.

Bom has no idea that she’s about the lose the stranger’s ring and gets sad looking at the tattered state of her mom’s shoes. She goes in to see if she can help her mom with anything making her mom jump while considering how to give her debt to Bom.

Meanwhile, Maru works hard at the moving/delivery company even though he has tons of bruises. He goes to Bom’s family’s restaurant and orders one soup rice bowl for delivery.

Bom’s uncle fusses about the delivery so Bom volunteers to go in his stead.


After Bom leaves, her uncle asks his sister if she is really planning to hand the debt over to Bom. When his sister answers that it’s the only way for them to live if at least one of them is not bankrupt, he reminds her that Bom is still just taking her first steps in society and giving her such a large amount of debt will cripple her.


Bom happily goes to deliver the order blissfully unaware of anything. The boss there asks her to call Maru in to eat so she complies. But when she goes to Maru, his vision blurs from exhaustion and he faints on top of her… Lips touching.


Well that’s it, Bom’s pair is Maru. After all, in drama land, the first kiss or the first guy to get puked on always gets the girl. In this case, it’s Maru. Only time will tell on whether Sooho ends up being Maru’s rival or not.

While I like this drama a lot, one thing that makes me pause is how they are stacking the cards against Bom. The drama did a good job in creating an empathizable normal girl in Seoul but can a normal girl make enough money to get rid of such a large debt that makes an adult lose sleep in a short amount of time? It’s like the drama train got put on a track where only Gookhee’s fortunes can save Bom, which is all great as a story. But it would be better if the drama gave an obstacle that Bom could with development, resolve herself. That would be a better message to the rising generation struggling with the uncertainties of the economy.

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