Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E08

Gookhee tells Kilsoo that she will take over the search for Paran while Bom finds out that her little sister lost Maru’s ring.



Bom freezes for a couple seconds before pushing Maru off. She notices that he’s not moving and manages to pull him into the office where they all realize that Maru has a fever. Everyone goes to get some blankets and supplies while Bom calls Jung-Gi. Dun. Dun. Dun.


Bom tells Jung-Gi that his son is unconscious and Jung-Gi tells his daughter that he will be right over. Bom walks out slowly enough that she meets Jung-Gi outside of the office.

Bom tells him that his son fainted and Jung-Gi stumbles with shock and concern. Bom helps him up and even takes his hand to lead him in.


Jung-Gi goes straight to Maru to yell at his son for pushing himself too much. Bom gets moved and agrees that Maru should listen to his father.

Jung-Gi carries his son home to lay him down on the floor. The annoying grandma snaps that Maru is more trouble than he’s worth and grumbles that they need to get rid of Maru… As if this lady did not benefit off of Maru’s mother for years.


Jung-Gi comes out and yells at his mother not to go back to Gookhee. He announces that he’s done with Gookhee.

Grandma sighs that even though Jung-Gi is her son, he’s pathetic. She reminds him that he never took care of the family with either wife… Always going around taking pictures…he lived off of them both. She warns him that if Jung-Gi does not get rid of Maru, she will so that Jung-Gi can start his life again.


Meanwhile, Gookhee holds a business meeting about whether or not they should fold their plans of marketing the traditional wine to the younger generation. Ahran volunteers to take on the project but Gookhee passes it on to another team.


Ahran goes back to her office fuming at her mother for taking her chance away. She tells Taeho to complete the research as she will focus on the project.

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At the same time, Bom calls Maru to come pick up the ring. She tells him that she does not need the money so he should come and pick it up.

Then Bom finds that the ring is gone. She looks all around but finds the ring no where. Her little sister comes in but realizes that she lost the ring. She lies that she did not touch the ring.


Bom’s mom takes her little sister’s side and yells back that Bom shouldn’t treat her sister like a thief and drags the little sister out.

In her room, Bom’s mom tells her sister to fess up and she does.


The next day, Bom meets with Maru. She plans to confess but lies that she forgot the ring at home and promises to bring it next time.

After Maru leaves, Bom goes into the restaurant and finds the debt papers…

At the same time, Grandma goes back to Gookhee’s house and lays on the couch crying. Gookhee brings the sister-in-law into her room and tells her to take her mother out. The aunt agrees that she thinks that Jung-Gi is getting punished for everything that he did wrong to Gookhee.


But then when they come out, Grandma is kneeling and crying in front of Ahran. Gookhee gives in and allows Grandma to stay in a storage room until she feels just a little better.  Grandma decides that it’s a victory and cackles that she’s never leaving.

As for Jung-Gi, he sits in the empty house with Jiah.  Jiah tries calling Sooho but he does not pick up because he’s singing.  So, she calls the number on the sticker on case.

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When they meet in a cafe, Jiah explains that she just picked up the case and expects 30% of the value of the possession in return for her efforts.  Sun-Young accuses Jiah about being in a relationship with Sooho, successfully angering her.  Sun-Young even insults Jiah by noting that Sooho should have high standards so Sooho cannot possibly have dated Jiah.  When Sun-Young tries to ask about whether Jiah has seen Sooho, Jiah shuts up.  Instead, Jiah grabs the case and leaves telling Sun-Young that Sun-Young is not the owner and does not deserve the case.


Sun-Young runs to her husband to complain that their son might be back in Korea.  Kilsoo calmly listens and guesses that their son is probably pursuing his musical passion.  He tells his wife not to file a missing person’s report since they know that their son is likely safe.  Sun-Young bristles at this cavalier attitude and complains that Kilsoo has spent 20 years looking after someone else’s child but never pays attention to his own…Just as she says this, Gookhee pauses in the doorway as she had come to greet Sun-Young.  Gookhee decides against entering and leaves but Kilsoo follows to apologize for his wife’s words.

Gookhee answers that it’s reasonable and apologizes for making Kilsoo handle the search for Paran.  She tells him that she will take care of the search for Paran from then on.


Meanwhile, Bom drags her mother into the back room behind the restaurant and asks her mom about her father’s debt.  She asks how they are going to deal with it when she gave up her education the last time her father ran into debt.  Her mother stutters that Bom does not have to worry as they can just give up their inheritance and will not be on the hook for the debt as well.

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Jung-Gi and Jiah go to Maru’s work place as the new owner of their house had kicked them out.  They all chill in the office while eating bread but get caught by the owner.  The owner gets angry at the fact that his employee called in his family and kicks them all out as well as fires Maru…


Bom had been on her way to talk to Maru about the lost ring when she sees the scene.  She sees and hears Jung-Gi apologize to his children and remembers how her own father had apologized to her for causing her to worry about money.  She offers to let them stay in the storage room and they agree.

Bom leaves the family feeling happy but then runs into her mom.



Bom and Maru’s situation is awkward.  I feel like it might be better for Bom to come clean about the lost ring.  If we boil it down, Bom is not doing Maru’s family a favor, she actually owes them money and they are her creditors.  If the ring was a diamond ring, Bom owes the family a large amount of money that could either get them a room in a motel for a long period of time or entrance to the sauna for even a longer period of time.  Additionally, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her just because her sister lost the ring.  Bom made two huge mistakes in the first place.  If the family finds out afterwards that she lost the ring, their gratitude might turn into resentment and resentment is harder to unravel.

First, Bom decided to take a possibly diamond ring from a stranger for safe keeping because she felt that he was being immature.  Really? Normal people would have filed a claim with the police after someone took such an expensive possession away.  Additionally, even if she had not lost the ring, she has no right to police a stranger’s behavior.  If he needed to grieve over a failed proposal, then he has the right to grieve.  Maru’s heart is not going to move on just because Bom ordered that it do so.

Second, Bom and Bom’s mother’s reaction to her little sister implies that this is not the first time Bom’s little sister got into trouble.  Bom was careless in leaving what was clearly a jewelry box in her little sister’s reach.  Finally, Bom should have explained the situation to the sister to let her little sister clearly know the circumstances surrounding how Bom forcibly took a stranger’s ring for temporary keeping and has to return it.  If, at all, an explanation might have made the little sister consider twice before carelessly wearing the ring to school.

Last interesting thing about this episode is how Bom’s mother basically told Bom that they don’t need to worry about the debt if they give up inheriting from the father.  Doesn’t this mean that Bom could also just give up her legal right to the insurance money and avoid taking on the debt?  I’m not sure where the writer will go with this…Now, it seems like the only way that Bom’s mom can hold on to their restaurant and house would be to illegally accept the inheritance under Bom’s name…Sell everything…and run with the money?

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