Everything Will Be OK – 51

Just as the dust settles on the Jung-Eun/Jingook couple, the family has to deal with Kayoon running away.



Ki-Chan takes Kayoon to a countryside pier. He explains that he found the place two years ago when he came and stayed for a while… They go to a small house to stay the night where the grandmother welcomes him back and mistakes Kayoon for Ki-Chan’s bride on their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Grandmama realizes that Kayoon is out due to an open window. She tries to call Kayoon but Kayoon ignores her calls…

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Instead Kayoon puts her phone away and broods in the small room while Ki-Chan goes back out to the pier. There, Ki-Chan stares into the ocean while remembering his own conversation with Hyunjoon. Ki-Chan goes back to give Kayoon some water.


Then he turns off the lights and Kayoon wakes up. She asks if he’s not going to sleep and if they did not come for their honeymoon – to run away together. Ki-Chan answers that they have so much to do before they can go on a honeymoon including buying Kayoon a ring, greeting their parents… Having a wedding. He leaves her to sleep alone.


In the morning, Mansoo wakes up and wonders where Kayoon is. Grandmama does not answer at first. After Jung-Eun calls to ask about some cooking tips. Grandmama snaps that Kayoon is not returning as she left at night.


At the same time, Heejung walks out of her office to find an employee from an expensive jewelry shop. She asks Heejung to sign for a delivery and include her social security number. Heejung refuses without first seeing the product and the employee shows her that it’s a diamond ring. Hyunjoon arrives and takes the ring delivery himself.


Meanwhile, Kayoon and Ki-Chan have breakfast. Kayoon comments on the grandmother’s fermented shrimp and the two decide to partner up with the grandmother to make and sell the fermented shrimp!


Heejung also finds out about Kayoon’s disappearance when she walks in on Jung-Eun talking to Jingook on the phone. She pretends not to care and thanks Jung-Eun for being so cool about Jingook seeing Minwoo. Jung-Eun asks Heejung to let Jingook see Minwoo once a week. Heejung tells her to keep out of other’s affairs.

Afterwards, Heejung finds out from Nari that YB Foods fired Ki-Chan as their supplier for the buffet restaurants. She goes in to attack Hyunjoon but he dismisses her.

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Mansoo calls to postpone the meeting with Hyunjoon’s father. Hyunjoon apologizes to his father in their place and stands quietly through the CEO’s tantrum.

Hyunjoon and Jingook meet up at Mansoo’s place. Grandmama tells the two that Kayoon left in the morning but Jingook wonders if Kayoon didn’t leave at night with Ki-Chan… Everyone tells Jingook to shut up and pretends that nothing is wrong. However, when Hyunjoon goes back into the office, he tasks his secretary to finding Kayoon.

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Symbolically, Kayoon and Ki-Chan walk along the water. Then the wind blows and Kayoon loses her hat. Ki-Chan consoles her and tosses his own hat into the water. He promises that the hats will always be together… And he will buy her a winter hat.

The plot continues on as Dongsook calls Mansoo. She tells him to come over with flowers since she has news about Kayoon and Ki-Chan.


Mansoo runs over with a bouquet. He buys a present for Kayoon, Grandmama and Jung-Eun from Dongsook. Then Young-Tae arrives and Mansoo finds out that Hyunjoon switched seafood suppliers from Ki-Chan to someone else.

Mansoo sighs that Ki-Chan must have done something wrong and Young-Tae goes home insulted. He complains to Daeho who finds out about the problem as well.


The news travels fast. Daeho goes to Heejung’s place where he tells Soon-Im and Heejung. Soon-Im quietly asks Heejung about the situation in Heejung’s room and Heejung answers that Kayoon probably ran away with Ki-Chan.


The secretary reports to Ki-Chan that he found the last place where Kayoon and Ki-Chan’s phones accessed the signal towers… That they were at the same place at the same time – 2am…Hyunjoon realizes that the two ran away together and crumbles up the report.


Meanwhile, Kayoon asks Ki-Chan if they can’t just live in the countryside together. Ki-Chan answers that he knows something is up and tells her to tell him. She replies that her father was about to have an official meeting which starts up the engagement process.

Ki-Chan pulls Kayoon close and tells her that he knows that she would be hurt if they ran away together without their parents’ approval. He proposes that they get approval first and then get married… Pulling her into a hug.


Well, it looks like irresponsibility rubbed off from Jung-Eun to Kayoon. I did not feel bad for Kayoon as I don’t think the drama did a good job in building up Ki-Chan’s character to be worth throwing away her life and her family for. They seem to have a cute puppy love but I’m still not convinced on the chemistry.

However, this episode did perk my interest because the last scene painted Ki-Chan in an incredibly romantic light. Especially since the last arc showed Jingook being wishy-washy and unable to make a decision, it was amazing to see Ki-Chan stick to his decision to get their parents’ approval before officially getting engaged or doing anything else as drastic. He showed Kayoon that he could be her emotional support without pressuring her when he acknowledged her reaction to the official parents’ meeting but reminded her that she would be hurt even if she turned her back on her family. By being firm and believing that they can make it work, he gives Kayoon confidence. Of course, only the rest of the plot will show us how that occurs.

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