Everything Will Be OK – 52

Kayoon returns physically but continues to silently protest against being forced into an engagement with Hyunjoon.



Ki-Chan drives Kayoon home as the secretary reports to Hyunjoon that the town representative confirmed the couple left. Hyunjoon angrily steps on the accelerator to return to Kayoon’s house.

Ki-Chan offers to go into the house with Kayoon but she refuses his help. She explains that his presence will only make things worse and asks him not to give up on her. Ki-Chan smiles that she’s too beautiful to give up and the two part.

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Ki-Chan walks away and into Hyunjoon who’s waiting for him around the corner. Hyunjoon punches Ki-Chan and continues by pushing him against the wall. Ki-Chan tells him to stop but Hyunjoon doesn’t answer. Instead Hyunjoon asks how far the two went.

Ki-Chan snarls that they went as far as Hyunjoon can imagine. Hyunjoon smirks that he knows nothing happened and declares that he’s going to protect Kayoon in his own manner before waking away.


Kayoon has not confessed what happened when Hyunjoon arrives because Grandmama had been too busy beating her up. He tells everyone that Kayoon mist have gone to her mother’s grave to reflect before pulling her into her room. He tells her that he knows everything but that he’s going to protect her.

Kayoon insists that she wants to tell the truth but Hyunjoon just leaves. Before he goes, he tells the family that he thinks it would be best to push off the official family meeting a bit.

Kayoon tries to tell Grandmama when she comes up but Grandmama notes first that she will kill Kayoon if Kayoon does the same thing as her mother and runs away. So, Kayoon stays quiet and turns to cooking instead.

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Ki-Chan also walks along when he gets a text from his mother about dinner. He calls her to reassure her and Daeho expresses his own support in a Daeho way – telling Ki-Chan off for being set back by such a small thing. Minwoo also gets on the phone to talk to his uncle leaving Ki-Chan to walk along glumly.


Meanwhile, Jung-Eun tells Jingook and Dalja that she asked Heejung about thinking about Jingook’s feelings and letting him see Minwoo more often. Dalja happily notes that Jung-Eun is so compassionate. Jingook responds by angrily calling Heejung to tell her off for telling Jung-Eun to butt out.

However, before Jingook can turn on the speakerphone, Heejung threatens to give Jung-Eun Jingook’s jacket that he left the other night. Jingook immediately backs off.


Afterwards, Heejung tries to call Jung-Eun to yell at her but Soon-Im stops her. Soon-Im reminds Heejung that if something happens to Minwoo, Heejung has to work with Jung-Eun so that Jingook can see Minwoo… It would be better to keep the relationship on good terms.

At the same time, Nari drops by Young-Tae’s place and squeals about the engagement ring that Hyunjoon prepared.  Some scripted product placement is included as Nari even notes that the ring is from Cartier and Ki-Chan goes into the bathroom to calm.  Nari yells for Ki-Chan to come back out and jokes that she wants to see Ki-Chan’s abs when Daeho comes home and tells her to go home.

At home, Kayoon prepares the steamed shrimp for fermentation in the soy sauce.


Jung-Eun and Jingook get ready for work as well. Dalja and Jung-Eun fawn over Jingook as he’s finally going to work. The mood gets interrupted when Jung-Eun asks about Jingook’s jacket and Jingook lies that he must have left it at Jung-Eun’s house. So, Jung-Eun sends Jingook to her house for breakfast.

Breakfast is an awkward affair as Kayoon silently protests. She tells everyone that she will not be apart of the team franchising the restaurant. Mansoo answers by telling Kayoon that she does not have to come out since Jingook will take her place. Kayoon flippantly instructs Jingook to consult the manual at her desk and do a good job.

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Instead of working, Kayoon calls Jingook to let him know that she won’t be going to the bank as she quit. They playfully talk about growing their business and Ki-Chan also pretends that everything is fine with his company.


Side story-arc – Dongsook comes into the office to tell Mansoo all about how Daeho kicked her daughter out. She asks Mansoo to come with her as she tells Daeho off…Just then, Jingook runs in to ask Mansoo for help as he broke the machine for orders…Mansoo sighs and tells Dongsook to train Jingook.


Jingook calls Jung-Eun to report on his first day of work. This freaks Jung-Eun out so she calls Kayoon for help and gets overheard by Heejung. Spotting an opportunity, Heejung goes straight to the CEO to suggest that he randomly visits the restaurant to evaluate the restaurant for himself.


Then Jingook messes up the cash register and gets pushed off to serving. He ends up serving the CEO who recognizes Jingook when Jingook asks the CEO how he knows Kayoon, his sister-in-law. The CEO explains who he is and Jingook runs into the kitchen to tell Mansoo.

Meanwhile, Young-Tae tells Daeho about how Jingook and Hyunjoon are working with Mansoo to make his restaurant into a franchise. Daeho gets angry that Mansoo is doing well when Ki-Chan’s faltering precariously. He rushes over to make a scene at the restaurant and Young-Tae calls Ki-Chan for help.


By the time that Kayoon arrives at the restaurant to help as Jung-Eun asked, Daeho is outside the restaurant yelling for Mansoo and the CEO to come out.


This felt like another filler episode. The writer seems to have difficulty in starting up the next plotline which would refocus the story on the Heejung/Hyunjoon/Kayoon plot. Rather, we are lost at sea in the Jung-Eun/Jingook and everyone versus Heejung plotline. Since the storyline has fallen off its tracks, the characters are having difficulty shining through. I cannot wait until the plot finds the right track again.

As for the Ki-Chan/Kayoon storyline, I find myself slightly drifting instead of focusing. I understand that Ki-Chan needs to grow up and suffering is usually a vehicle that brings maturation in dramas. However, we are over halfway through this drama… I want to see something in Ki-Chan that makes us for for him soon. So far, Kayoon seems to be faced with a blah choice versus an even more blah choice.


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