Everything Will Be OK – 56

The families move on past the engagement.



The engagement ring exchange is a somber affair. Kayoon looks like she’s about to tear up and even Jung-Eun and Jingook are quiet. Even Grandmama says nothing other than sighing that it’s all done. She takes Jung-Eun and Jingook out. Right outside the door, the younger two note that they feel bad for Kayoon while Grandmama replies that time will heal everything.

At the same time, Daeho arrives at home and gets tofu from Young-Tae. (FYI – it’s Korean custom to eat tofu after going to jail.) Daeho grumps about his wife not checking in on him when he’s in jail and Ki-Chan just answers that his mother even waited for a year to hear from Daeho…


Hyunjoon drives Kayoon home and she invites him in. Hyunjoon declines saying that it’s too late but holds her hand and promises to give her a beautiful relationship so that she does not regret meeting him. Kayoon promises to try her best in return.


However, when she goes inside, she takes her ring off. She goes to brood about Ki-Chan’s scarf when Grandmama comes in to thank her for giving in for Mansoo.


Kayoon then goes to check on her shrimp dish and remembers how she promised with Ki-Chan to start a shrimp factory…The next day, she brings a sample to the grandmother. She hands over a recipe for the grandmother to mass produce through their factory. She explains that if the first batch turns out well, Ki-Chan will take over the factory.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan runs into Hyunjoon next to his truck. Hyunjoon gets to the point and tells Ki-Chan that Kayoon got engaged to him the night before. Ki-Chan snarks back that he thought Kayoon just promised to break up to get his father out of jail and didn’t realize engagement was also a condition. Hyunjoon replies that it was Kayoon’s decision.


As for Heejung, Soon-Im tells her that she’s going to officially clean up her legal identity since Dalja is using the fact that Soon-Im and Daeho never married as a reason for taking the child. Heejung gets furious and goes straight to Jingook’s place and yells that she filed for a restraining order against Dalja for all that she did. Jung-Eun helps Dalja into her room while Heejung and Jingook duke it out.


Jung-Eun jumps in and tells Heejung that Heejung is as fault as well for not letting the family see Minwoo. Heejung replies that she does not want her child to know that his father remarried. She announces that there won’t be any change in custody and gets up. So, Dalja runs out to tell her that Kayoon is engaged to Hyunjoon and can fire Heejung at any time.

True to her promise, Kayoon sends Jingook to the bank instead of going herself which would mean she runs into Ki-Chan. Meanwhile, Dongsook brings porridge and herbal juice to Mansoo. Except he tastes onion instead of schisandra.


Dongsook gets scared that Mansoo lost his sense of smell. Then Daeho arrives and Dongsook yells at Daeho for coming when he’s the reason Mansoo is laying in bed without his sense of smell.

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Daeho first worries about Mansoo before handing over an envelope with money. The two grumpily decide end their relationship…Except the fact that each wants an apology for the way that the other treated his child.

Mansoo tells Daeho to leave and Daeho warns Mansoo to be careful about Dalja or Jung-Eun will become a mother… Mansoo pretends to have a headache before throwing the pillow at Daeho.

Back at the office, Hyunjoon tells the secretary triumphantly that he doesn’t care if they have to give up the project if Mansoo never regains his sense of smell. He happily notes that he’s happy to have won over Kayoon. Then he calls Jung-Eun in to ask for a favor…


Jung-Eun takes his card and buys some new outfits for Kayoon, one of which she’s supposed to wear before showing up at the office.

At the same time, Young-Tae asks Ki-Chan about Kayoon. When Ki-Chan answers that she must have and he wants to let Kayoon go coolly, Young-Tae tells Ki-Chan that he needs to be meaner if Kayoon is to get over him.


Just then, the next crisis occurs. One customer at the company cafeteria falls from food poisoning. Ki-Chan gets a call about this as the secretary tells Hyunjoon that it’s likely an allergic reaction. But Ki-Chan gets worried and goes to YB Foods just as Kayoon arrives.


And, so the Kayoon/Hyunjoon ship begins. While the plot zips along, I feel like what could help is a but more character development. For example, Hyunjoon is happy about winning Kayoon but his line falls flat even after he delivers it. It’s two dimensional. We don’t see him as either the scarred rich kid from the beginning of the series or the other stereotype of a cute/innocent rich guy. He’s just there… In the background… Throwing scenes in here and there of him being angry does not equal the same thing as showing us what makes Hyunjoon tick. For example, does he care about obtaining his father’s approval more or winning over Kayoon? Is he really satisfied just to have Kayoon with him physically or is he the type that will go crazy with winning her heart? What is he thinking?!

The same can be said of Kayoon if she is our main character. It’s inevitable that a lot of the viewers might feel more empathy for Heejung than Kayoon. We have seen a lot of what happened to Kayoon, but I still feel like we are watching from the outside rather than seeing what makes Kayoon ticks. Sure, it’s harder to show with Kayoon since her character is supposed to be more reserved. However, the writer did it before when Kayoon imagined hugging Ki-Chan in an earlier episode… Or when Kayoon got herself in embarrassing scenes with Ki-Chan… Again, we need a shift from a focus on just plot development to a focus on the characters if we are going to save the focus on the Kayoon/Hyunjoon ship.

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