Everything Will Be OK – 58

Ki-Chan struggles to deal with breaking up with Kayoon while Jung-Eun finds out that Jingook has been lying to her.



Ki-Chan walks away as the fight continues with random awkward creepy music playing. Uh, music director? Are you bored? Hyunjoon asks why Heejung is being so harsh even though he’s done nothing but apologize. Heejung snaps back that she will never tire of this as long as Hyunjoon is fine. Hyunjoon leaves without even answering.


Heejung sees Ki-Chan’s truck and goes in to speak with Ki-Chan. She demands to know if he saw them together and he asks if Hyunjoon had played with Heejung right before she got pregnant. She confirms but tells him to stay silent since she’s a mother now and also accuses him of wanting to get back at Hyunjoon for Kayoon’s sake instead of Heejung.


Hyunjoon goes back to work and tells Jingook that Minwoo got hurt. Then Jingook gets all weird and lies to Jung-Eun that he has to go to a funeral and runs out, forcing Hyunjoon to keep his mouth shut as well.

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Hyunjoon walks Kayoon out and they run into Ki-Chan in the parking lot again. Hyunjoon sees that Ki-Chan is in a fighting mood and tells Kayoon that Ki-Chan is probably angry because the company fired Ki-Chan from supplying their cafeteria. Minutes later, Ki-Chan punches Hyunjoon and Hyunjoon walks off silently.

Kayoon turns to yell at Ki-Chan. She tells Ki-Chan to be angry at her instead of Hyunjoon. But Ki-Chan just snarls that he has always been this type of person. He tells her that she can ignore him if he embarrasses her.

Heejung sees everything from the corner as well. She goes to Kayoon and snaps that Kayoon should know better than to trust Hyunjoon.

On the happier front, Daeho brings the official marriage certificate home to Soon-Im and they send a family picture to Dalja.


Jingook also arrives at the apartment and asks for just a couple of hours to be with Minwoo. Daeho looks like he’s going to kick Jingook out but Soon-Im takes pity on him and pulls Daeho out. They go back to Ki-Chan’s place where Ki-Chan was sulking. Ki-Chan gets up and lies that he needs to go back to work.

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Daeho giddily jokes that Ki-Chan is giving them privacy but Soon-Im explodes. She attacks Daeho with a frying pan and tells him that Ki-Chan was forced to break up with Kayoon but is pretending to be fine… Couldn’t he be more understanding?

Kayoon tells Dongsook and us that Mansoo’s sense of smell returned. She calls Mansoo to demand that he compensate her for all of the days she took off to help at his restaurant and he laughingly agrees.


Meanwhile, Jingook continues to lie that the funeral is taking longer and cooks curry for Minwoo. Jung-Eun believes it and goes home. But then Dalja shows Jung-Eun the family picture that Daeho had sent and Jung-Eun sees that Minwoo is wearing his father’s jacket that Jingook lied about losing. Jung-Eun freezes feeling betrayed.

Then Dalja gets a call from her friend and goes into her room where she says everything about lying. Jung-Eun overhears and runs to Heejung’s apartment.


Heejung opens the door and Jung-Eun walks in to see Jingook half dressed because he was giving Minwoo a bath. Jung-Eun asks Heejung if the reason that she wouldn’t let Jingook bring Minwoo home was to bring Jingook home. She orders Jingook to come out and then drives off without him.


Jung-Eun goes home and lies to her family that her mother-in-law told her to go home for a night. Kayoon picks up on the lie and tells Jung-Eun to understand Jingook who wanted to see his hurt son. Jung-Eun realizes that the first night Jingook was supposed to sleep at Jung-Eun’s, he was also at Heejung’s. Jung-Eun cries that she does not know what to do and Grandmama overhears. When the family has a meeting, Grandmama tells Jung-Eun to get a divorce.


Jung-Eun freaks out and cries that she wants to go home. She goes back to Jingook’s place where Jingook is happy to see her back. However, Dalja yells at Jung-Eun for going home even though Jung-Eun’s family already disapproves of Jingook… She does note that Jingook was wrong though.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan goes back to the piers by himself and broods on memories with Kayoon there… How Kayoon had asked if they couldn’t just live there… He’s tearing away when the old grandmother spots him and calls out. She thinks that Kayoon sent him and pulls him over where there are boxes of 1000kg of the shrimp dish. She tells him to go and check and see if it tastes the same since Kayoon promised to buy more if it does.


The grandmother notices that Ki-Chan looks unhappy and kindly berates him for getting into a fight with such a nice girl. Ki-Chan realizes that Kayoon had tried to go through with their plan to set up a company together and turns away just holding back his tears.


Looks like the writer is giving more of the inner Ki-Chan and I feel more empathetic towards him. Other than the fact that he never really had a crazy success, there is nothing terribly wrong with Ki-Chan. He’s completely normal just with a bunch of obstacles set by fate in front of him. I do like the fact that the more we see how Ki-Chan reacts to things the more I feel like I know him and wish him to be happy even if it means his getting together with Kayoon when they don’t have chemistry.

Dalja’s short scenes surprised me. Although, I can imagine Jung-Eun is not happy to be yelled at Dalja’s reasoning was just hilarious and explains how Dalja is not mad at Jung-Eun because of Jung-Eun… Rather she’s mad because Jingook has messed up the situation so bad with Jung-Eun’s family that they need extra damage control. One thing is for sure, Jung-Eun has a lot of growing up to do and it might come in the form of Minwoo.

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