Everything Will Be OK – 63

Heejung loses Minwoo.



Ki-Chan wonders why Kayoon is drinking by herself but does not go up. At the same time, Kayoon gets a message from Hyunjoon and ignores it. Kayoon continues to drink as Ki-Chan waits outside of the tent.


Heejung wakes up to find Hyunjoon at her side. He asks if she always had this condition and she answers that she’s had it since she was a child. She asks if he’s worried about her.


Hyunjoon drives her home and tells her to take the day off with Minwoo the next day. Heejung asks why Hyunjoon is pitying her. She tells him not to bother since she’s going to keep attacking him until he falls. Hyunjoon sighs and asks why they are in this vicious cycle where they are fine and then hurt… Which leads to revenge… Which leads to one side getting hurt and feeling sorry.

Heejung laughs at Hyunjoon’s statement and tells him that his feelings are the unnecessary feelings of someone who has it all. She notes that she doesn’t have the same handicaps so he’s destined to lose.

Heejung walks in to whine at her mother who’s letting Minwoo sleep in the living room. Soon-Im tells her that Minwoo fell asleep after waiting to up tell his mother about the amusement park. This shuts Heejung up but she gets angry again when she sees that her mother has prepared a bunch of fish pancakes…


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan follows Kayoon and sits down next to Kayoon who rants about just cleaning up his office because she felt so bad that it was a mess. Ki-Chan softly agrees that he’s thankful and Kayoon looks over in surprise. Ki-Chan asks if she’s cold and Kayoon answers that she’s cold because she hadn’t been able to wear the scarf he gave her. Ki-Chan quickly gets up to buy her something warm to drink and promises to be back.

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Within minutes, Hyunjoon appears and asks why Kayoon is alone. Kayoon looks around in a confused manner and wonders that she was not alone just minutes ago. Hyunjoon realizes that she’s drunk and pulls her up… Just as Kayoon falls against him and he pulls her into a hug. By the time Ki-Chan comes back, Hyunjoon and Kayoon appear to be in an embrace.


The next day, Dalja is still full of smiles about Minwoo coming home. She asks Jung-Eun to redo Minwoo’s room. Jung-Eun agrees and then gives Dalja a present of underwear. It’s Korean tradition that children give their parents a present of underwear with the first salary. She and Jingook also hand over their salary envelopes to Dalja’s joy.

Then Dalja’s happiness is cut short when the couple remind her that they have to pay Hyunjoon rent for the place since it’s in Hyunjoon’s name.


Ki-Chan tells his parents about how they are about to lose Minwoo and they run to Heejung. Daeho even slaps himself in anger at Heejung’s circumstances. He asks her why she lives such a horrible life and Heejung cries that it’s her own fault.


Some comedic relief then ensues as Mansoo calls Dongsook over for lunch. She happily gets ready and goes over to find Nari already there. The two happily daydream that Mansoo is about to ask Nari for permission to date Dongsook.

But when Mansoo enters the room, he has the factory produced meal and his handcooked meal. He asks them to see if they can tell a difference. Nari runs away in embarrassment and even Dongsook cannot tell the difference between the two dishes.

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Later, Daeho storms into Mansoo’s restaurant in a furious mood. He grabs Jingook by his sweater and tells Mansoo to give Minwoo back. He reminds Mansoo that Jung-Eun is weak and sickly, she should not have to raise the last wife’s son. However, Mansoo just stands there in shock and silence.

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Jingook concisely explains the situation and runs when Kayoon arrives. Young-Tae also drops by to pull Daeho away and he takes the time to update Kayoon on Ki-Chan’s situation. She runs to the truck lot to see Ki-Chan sadly wash his truck for the last time and hand over the keys.


As for Heejung, she packs Minwoo’s bags. Then she tells Minwoo about there being another woman at Jingook’s house and tears up when Minwoo immediately jumps to the conclusion that Jingook remarried. She asks Minwoo if he wants to go back to London and Minwoo agrees. So, Heejung decides to make a run for it.


Kayoon decides that she cannot stay out of Ki-Chan’s life as well. She calls Soon-Im and hands over an envelope with her life savings. She tells Soon-Im that she is giving the money to Soon-Im and not Ki-Chan but they both know Kayoon is doing it to help Ki-Chan. Soon-Im thanks her and accepts the money, promising to pay it back.

Ki-Chan arrives first and finds the house empty. He sees Heejung’s letter to his mother apologizing that she’s running away with Minwoo and runs out. He tries to get a cab and ends up in Kayoon’s car to chase Heejung.


I don’t understand Kayoon’s reaction in this episode. When two people break up, the immediate reaction is not to hand over one’s life savings to help the other get back on his feet. It might help if there was chemistry between Ki-Chan and Kayoon but the chemistry has failed to materialize as well. Instead, I’m just stuck here wondering if somehow the series went into the Twilight Zone and Kayoon has taken some magical love potion?

Meanwhile, Heejung definitely garners sympathy with her decision to run for it. After all, even her revenge was a reaction to Hyunjoon refusing to acknowledge Minwoo. I know that she would never put Minwoo in any physical danger… If I had not seen the spoilers, a part of me would actually root for Heejung’s quick exit to Europe.

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