Everything Will Be OK – 64

Due to Minwoo’s insistence on staying with his father, Heejung gives up and turns Minwoo over. So, begin’s Jung-Eun’s trials and Hyunjoon finds out that Ki-Chan is creeping up to be his rival.



Ki-Chan and Kayoon race after Heejung who’s driving a sobbing Minwoo. Finally, Heejung pulls Minwoo out and asks why Minwoo is crying when he likes going on an airplane. Minwoo cries that he wants to go with his dad and finally Heejung yells that Jingook is not Minwoo’s dad. Minwoo cries even harder hearing that and tells Heejung that he hates her.


Finally, Heejung backs off and apologizes to Minwoo because she lied; Jingook is Minwoo’s father. Heejung calls her mother and cries. Soon-Im cries back on the phone that she knows… Soon-Im tells Heejung that she’s sorry her daughter also has to live without her children.


Jingook goes to pick up Minwoo and finds Minwoo completely annoyed at Heejung. Jingook asks what happened and all Heejung answers is that Jingook should thank her since Minwoo won’t cry for her now. Minwoo does not even tell Heejung that he loves her before leaving her.

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Kayoon and Ki-Chan also arrive. Kayoon asks Ki-Chan if they didn’t meet the night before and Ki-Chan sighs that Kayoon is such a two-timer since she drunk whined to Ki-Chan but went home with Hyunjoon. Kayoon remembers the night but pretends that she doesn’t.


After Kayoon turns to leave, she sees Heejung sobbing. At the same time, Minwoo happily arrives and sits at the table where Jung-Eun gives him his own bowl and utensil set. But when Minwoo calls Jung-Eun “aunt”, Dalja quickly corrects him to call Jung-Eun “mom”.

The person who knows what will happen best is Grandmama. When she hears that Jingook brought Minwoo home, she orders that Mansoo go make it clear that they disapprove. Mansoo declines on the ground that Jung-Eun should have expected this when she married a divorced dad… But, Grandmama warns that Jung-Eun’s going to be wrung dry between the child, Dalja, and the spineless Jingook.


Later that night, Jung-Eun wakes up alone and rushes to her mother-in-law’s room worried. She finds the whole family sleeping together without her and smiles at the scene before turning off the lights.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im gives Ki-Chan the money she received from Kayoon. She tells Ki-Chan that it’s money she received from her son-in-law as repayment for his debt. She tells Ki-Chan to go start his business.


Ki-Chan refuses and explains that the shrimp was made by Kayoon. Soon-Im also tears up and tells Ki-Chan that Kayoon even thought it was sweet when Ki-Chan got mad at her for Heejung. She tells Ki-Chan to succeed for Kayoon.


Later, Hyunjoon waits with Kayoon as she closes her books and even steals a goodnight kiss.


In the morning, Jingook apologizes for sleeping apart from Jung-Eun. Jung-Eun smiles back that she does not mind but felt lonely. Dalja suddenly comes in and yells at Jung-Eun for making Jingook’s life difficult for the child. She then yells at Jung-Eun for not making Minwoo’s favorite side dishes… Finally, she yells at Jung-Eun for not changing the date when Minwoo would be uncomfortable.


In the morning, Heejung pauses at the sight of Minwoo’s pillow. She then gets the settlement money from Ki-Chan and cautiously asks if it’s okay for her to accept it when Ki-Chan suffered because of her. Ki-Chan smiles that it was his fault for not keeping his accounting straight and asks Heejung for help with his new shrimp business. Heejung looks like she’s moved by his gesture and eats voraciously to prepare her revenge.


Heejung walks in confidently and happily while Jung-Eun acts awkwardly. She’s nice to both Jung-Eun and tells Hyunjoon that she’s going to be nice so she can see her son in the future.

Jung-Eun comes in and tells Heejung about Minwoo sleeping well with his father and grandmother. Heejung smiles and apologizes that Jung-Eun is left out because of her son. Jung-Eun smiles and offers to send Minwoo back whenever Heejung wants to see him. Even Hyunjoon is taken back at the polite meeting.


Ki-Chan goes home and tells his father and Young-Tae about the money he received. Turns out Kayoon saved $100,000! Ki-Chan calls the grandmother that he’s going to make the shrimp and begins the process.

Meanwhile, Grandmama and Mansoo drop by Jung-Eun’s house. Of course Dalja is all smiles… I have a feeling I’m going to hate Dalja soon.

Heejung also arrives home and finds Minwoo’s toy in her bag. She bursts into tears again.

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At the same time, things are still on thin ice at Jung-Eun’s as Mansoo pauses awkwardly at Dalja’s sniping remarks over lunch. Even though Mansoo and Grandmama are there, Dalja laughs that Jung-Eun’s cooking is off and Minwoo agrees. She has no idea that she’s insulting Mansoo and Grandmama. Instead, she goes off to ask the two if they are not going to give Jingook an incentive bonus now that the restaurant is going on home shopping. Mansoo is at a loss for words and Grandmama bails him out by reminding him that his break should be over. They run off without answering Dalja’s question.


Young-Tae drops by Dongsook’s place to tell her the latest gossip and she finds out that Ki-Chan is also going on home-shopping. Of course, Hyunjoon’s information channel is up to date as well. His secretary comes in to let him know that Ki-Chan’s company took up the prime-time slot.


This was a more difficult episode to watch as Dalja played out the evil mother-in-law character. She does it so well that I get this insatiable desire to want to throw things. Her remarks are so shallow and selfish.  As a fellow woman, it makes me worried that even though Dalja’s character is over-exaggerated, there is a grain of truth to her character. She views her son with tinted goggles and does not understand his faults. Instead, she focuses on getting everything she can from her new daughter-in-law, even as she forgets so easily that she had to beg Jung-Eun’s family for their approval…She wants the perfect wife for Jingook. The perfect daughter-in-law. AND the perfect step-mom without giving Jung-Eun the respect she needs for Minwoo to follow Jung-Eun’s words.  Such is life and why it’s so hard for pleasers like Jung-Eun. She feeds Dalja’s complex by appeasing it rather than stopping it so that Dalja realizes that the only reason that Jung-Eun’s family is not demanding a divorce is that Jung-Eun is staying silent.

Of course, Jingook is absent. After all, if he was absent when Heejung needed him, how could we expect him to be there when Jung-Eun needs him?

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