Everything Will Be OK – 65

Jung-Eun starts to feel the pains of being a step mom while Ki-Chan starts feeling anger at the unbalanced state of rivalry between him and Hyunjoon.


The secretary tells Hyunjoon that Ki-Chan’s shrimp has been slotted for the prime time.


Later that day, Ki-Chan goes in to hear that his slot has been changed to an awkward time of 3pm. He demands to know who stole his slot and the home shopping representative sighs that the other company is in the other room… Ki-Chan stalks in to yell at Kayoon.


Ki-Chan sighs that it’s Hyunjoon again. He throws his original contract on to the table and walks out. Kayoon asks the home shopping representative for more information and the guy tells her. Kayoon then runs out after Ki-Chan to tell him to find another way instead of giving up. However, Ki-Chan just turns around and walks off.


Hyunjoon asks his secretary to look into where the funds came from. The secretary hears from Nari that Soon-Im gave Ki-Chan the money and reports the same to Hyunjoon.


Hyunjoon wonders about the coincidence that Soon-Im’s son-in-law paid back his debt to her when Heejung and then Kayoon enter the office. Hyunjoon pretends not to know what happens and offers to share half the time slot with Ki-Chan. Kayoon smiles at his idea and states happily that she and her father thought the slot was too long anyways.

Daeho happily helps Soon-Im with the kimchi making and complains about Soon-Im not being cutesy. Kichan and Young-Tae arrive with meat to eat with the kimchi and saves Soon-Im.


Meanwhile, Jung-Eun tells Dalja that Minwoo’s symptoms need to be corrected such as his habits of sleeping with his sad and complaining about food. Dalja yells back that Minwoo does not have any bad habits and demands that Jung-Eun calls Kayoon over to discuss money.


Jung-Eun goes into the living room where Minwoo silently watches television with all of his toys lying around. She quietly asks Minwoo to clean up and he throws his toy in response. Jung-Eun yells out in shock and Dalja runs into accuse Jung-Eun of taking out her frustration on Minwoo.

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Jung-Eun goes back to her room and calls her sister for some release. She quietly sighs that she sucks at cooking and Minwoo does not eat the food well… Kayoon tells Jung-Eun to take heart and Jung-Eun lies that everything is fine.

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Back at home, Daeho is snubbed for his son. But then Heejung arrives and pulls Ki-Chan aside. She berates her little brother for being powerless and tells him that the shopping channel only gave him half the time because Hyunjoon gave it to Ki-Chan in front of Kayoon. She leaves after telling Ki-Chan to make money if he wants to fight Hyunjoon.

Meanwhile, Nari and Dongsook eat together and complain about how quiet and lonely it is. Young-Tae comes to the rescue with kimchi made by Soon-Im and they trade gossip about the people they know.

Dongsook hears that Grandmama had really been at the restaurant and immediately goes to Mansoo to complain. She also wonders why Dalja is quiet…


That night, Kayoon and Grandmama prepare seafood pancakes for Minwoo as Kayoon hears the child likes them. At the same time, Jingook comes home to find Dalja pissed off at Jung-Eun. Jingook asks Jung-Eun what is wrong and Jung-Eun explains that she had said one thing about cleaning up his toys to Minwoo. Jingook sighs that Minwoo is already traumatized by the divorce so they should leave him alone.

Jingook goes to check on Minwoo where Dalja complains that Jung-Eun is a mean stepmother. She then whines that Mansoo isn’t treating Minwoo like his own grandson because if he were, he would raise Jingook’s salary now that they have a child…Yes, the drama went into delusional land, ignoring the fact that neither Jingook or Dalja are actually trying to help the family financially as well.

Jingook wakes up Minwoo who immediately sobs. Minwoo cries for his mother and also his pillow. So, Jingook texts Ki-Chan.


Ki-Chan and Heejung run back to Heejung’s house so that Ki-Chan can grab the pillow. She gives Ki-Chan the pillow and Ki-Chan runs over. He originally plans to leave the pillow with security but Jingook begs him to come up.

Ki-Chan agrees and even stays to make an omelette for Minwoo. As traditional, he draws a picture of a car on the egg with ketchup and Minwoo happily gets ready to eat.

Ki-Chan calls Heejung to tell her the news and offers to put Minwoo on the phone. However, Minwoo refuses saying he hates her. The two men awkwardly hang up the phone and ask Minwoo why he’s so angry at his mom. Minwoo complains that Heejung told him that Jingook is not his father. Jingook has no idea why Heejung would say such a thing and sighs that Heejung is so harsh with her words.


Ki-Chan leaves and runs into Kayoon who is also there to leave her side dishes with security. He tells Kayoon that he does not need Hyunjoon’s pity and refuses half of Hyunjoon’s time slot. Instead, he decides to take the bad time slot of 3pm.


Ki-Chan and the grandmother do their best and manage to sell enough to cover their margins. Next, it’s Kayoon’s and Hyunjoon’s turn.


In the waiting room, Hyunjoon shyly asks when they should hold their wedding. Kayoon answers that they should just hold it in the spring. She explains that some people get married after falling in love. However, she thinks that others fall in love after marriage and it’s what happens after marriage that is important.


Hyunjoon looks at Kayoon lovingly and Ki-Chan walks in to see the scene.


I’m not sure that I agree with Ki-Chan’s decision to take the bad time slot because he does not want to use Hyunjoon’s help. Pride is important but losing the battle to win the war is a better strategy. Here, he would have sold many more jars of shrimp had he taken half of the evening 6pm slot that Hyunjoon offered through the shopping program. This would have helped him by both increasing his working capital and increasing the amount of customers exposed to his product, which could speed up his marketing. By refusing the slot, Ki-Chan resigns himself to a longer battle as most mothers (the target sector for home shopping) are out around 3pm…

Additionally, we start seeing hints of Jung-Eun’s second round of suffering. Dalja believes that she has everything which she needs with her son married and her grandson. Therefore, she has less incentive to be nice to Jung-Eun. However, I do think that Jung-Eun is not powerless. Jingook does not have enough money to support the family and if they lose the job or the house, they lose custody over Minwoo. Hopefully, her character realizes that she has some defenses, too.

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