Everything Will Be OK – 68

Trouble bubbles to the surface as Kayoon starts to see the hints of cracks in Hyunjoon’s story.


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Kayoon yells at Ki-Chan for acting unreasonably. But, Ki-Chan insists to Kayoon that she doesn’t need to come back to him, he just does not want her to go to Hyunjoon because she will never be happy with Hyunjoon. Kayoon snaps Ki-Chan’s hand away and walks off quickly.

Hyunjoon keeps Ki-Chan from following Kayoon and asks why Ki-Chan is acting so unreasonably. Ki-Chan replies that he cannot explain other than to say that Hyunjoon is a jerk.

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Hyunjoon goes to his car where Kayoon is waiting. She asks for a couple of minutes and goes to beat Ki-Chan up with her bag. She tells Ki-Chan that he’s too late, he should have held on to her when she begged him not to leave. As the music gets intense, Kayoon tells Ki-Chan never to show up in front of her again and goes back to the car.


Hyunjoon drops Kayoon off at home and confesses that he lied to her before. He tells her that he had dated Heejung in the past. Kayoon tells him that she now understands why Heejung and Hyunjoon acted the way that they did. Kayoon smiles and tells Hyunjoon that she understands before going inside.


Later, Hyunjoon drops by Heejung’s apartment and tells her that he’s pissed. He notes that Ki-Chan refuses to explain anything but just accuses him of being a jerk. He warns Heejung not to interfere anymore.

Heejung calls Ki-Chan and thanks him for keeping her secret. She asks him to continue to keep it a secret. Ki-Chan asks in return how she can lie about a child’s bloodline… Heejung answers that she knows and is being punished right now.


Meanwhile, Dalja condenscends to Jung-Eun to stay out of men’s affairs when Jung-Eun notes that it’s weird Jingook is speaking with Ki-Chan as Ki-Chan is a seafood supplier and not a meat supplier. Jung-Eun does not fight back and goes into her room instead.

Dalja pulls Jingook into her room and demands to know why Daeho is calling Jingook. He answers that he got caught making soup at Heejung’s house. Dalja beats Jingook and tells him not to do it again. Jingook replies by telling her to lay off Heejung since they reconciled and Heejung even helped him get some extra cash.


Ki-Chan comes home to find the whole family waiting for him. Good news! The reaction to his shrimp was so great that home shopping wants to include their shrimp in their seafood special. So, Ki-Chan goes on television.

They sell out and the home shopping representative asks him to come back for another round on the morning time slot. Ki-Chan answers that he wants his prime time slot or he’s going to another channel.

A conversation between Daeho and Young-Tae explains that they succeeded in making tons of money since they don’t have to share the profits with anyone but the grandmother.

Meanwhile, Hyunjoon picks up Kayoon to take her to the television set leaving Grandmama and Mansoo to commiserate on how lonely the house will be. Grandmama suggests that Mansoo invites Dongsook over.


Mansoo goes to visit Dongsook and finds her dancing. Mansoo teases her and the two share a lovey dovey moment that is interrupted by Soon-Im.

Dongsook tells Soon-Im about Kayoon’s wedding date being set and how Ki-Chan found out when he got called to Kayoon’s house. Soon-Im worries about her son and brings snacks over to his office.


Ki-Chan tells her that he won’t let Kayoon marry Hyunjoon because Hyunjoon is a bad person and marrying him will make Kayoon sad…

At the same time, Jingook continues to act the idiot by handing over Mansoo’s recipes to Heejung. She thanks him and promises to prepare menus. After Jingook leaves without knowing anything is wrong, she calls the factory to make burgers without the meat.


Ki-Chan goes to pick up Minwoo and gets Dalja’s approval with some help from Jung-Eun. He brings Minwoo home so that Heejung can see her son. Heejung happily embraces Minwoo before taking Ki-Chan into her room to thank him for keeping her secret.

Ki-Chan goes to the television station and tells Kayoon to separate from Hyunjoon. He tells her not to trust Hyunjoon. Kayoon responds by telling Ki-Chan that she will send an invite to Soon-Im and he can come if he wants.

Kayoon has second thoughts after Ki-Chan leaves and broods. When Hyunjoon comes to pick her up, she asks him one more time about who blew the whistle on Ki-Chan. Hyunjoon repeats that it was Jingook’s mother.

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Kayoon goes to Jingook and asks him the same thing. Jingook shocks Kayoon by telling her that he found out about the slush fund from Hyunjoon and told his mother afterwards. Jingook adds that the tip was probably from Hyunjoon since he is the only one with the power to get copies of the crooked account books.

Kayoon walks out in a daze to run into her father. Except, Mansoo gets the call just then that they have a problem with the burgers.


And the storm hits! Jingook managed to sabotage both his own direct family, Kayoon’s family, and Hyunjoon’s company all in one go by accepting the dirty money and not confirming delivery of the meat. It makes one wonder if Jingook has not suffered enough since he’s making such rookie mistakes. It is a harsh generalization of life, but people usually learn their lessons when they suffer and resolve not to make the same mistakes again. However, Jingook is always bailed out by someone whether it’s Hyunjoon, his mother, or Jung-Eun and fails to make the same resolution…

On a separate note, kudos to the writer for slipping in the more organic relationship between Dongsook and Mansoo! Even more props since it looks like it will be a successful relationship that started because the woman consistently pursued the guy! ^^

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