Everything Will Be OK – 70

Things fall apart as the masses turn against Kayoon and her family…Meanwhile, Heejung moves and Jingook’s family gets kicked out of their home.


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The reporters bombard Kayoon with Heejung’s tips and Kayoon begins to answer until one asks about an employee accepting a bribe. Ki-Chan tells Kayoon to go inside and fends off the reporters alone that it’s private property. The news spreads quickly and even people in the office see all of the exploding articles… The secretary confirms to Hyunjoon that the police confirmed that Jingook received money through his account and Mansoo offered to take all responsibility. Hyunjoon orders that they press criminal charges against Jingook immediately and clear the facts that this had nothing to do with Mansoo.

Jung-Eun walks in at that moment and cries out in anger that they can’t do this to her husband. The secretary explains that if they don’t press charges, the restaurant, Hyunjoon’s company and the parent corporation will all be liable to their investors. They ask who introduced the scammed to Jingook and Jung-Eun answers that Jingook said it was Ki-Chan.

Meanwhile, Jingook apologizes to Mansoo. He tries to explain that he heard that it was all part of business when the reporters attack again. Ki-Chan shows up and helps Mansoo go into the restaurant.


Hyunjoon grabs Ki-Chan by his collar in the restaurant and accuses him of introducing the scammer to Jingook. Kayoon jumps in to explain that it wasn’t Ki-Chan and Ki-Chan even spent the night looking for the fraud. Mansoo dismisses Ki-Chan.

The rest go into the office where Hyunjoon explains that he pressed charges. Mansoo gets angry that Hyunjoon did this without Mansoo’s permission when Jingook us a son-in-law. Hyunjoon explains that it’s formal procedure and Mansoo angrily stalks off to cook. Kayoon tells Hyunjoon to understand her father since Jung-Eun is still married to Jingook. He agrees but asks Kayoon to trust and follow him.

Meanwhile, Grandmama sees the news and calls Kayoon. Kayoon tells her not to believe the news and that everything will be okay.


Jingook comes home to an anxious Dalja and tells her that Mansoo agreed to take responsibility for him. Dalja happily exclaims that Jingook will survive since he has Mansoo and Hyunjoon to support him.

But Daeho and Young-Tae discuss the actual repercussions… The damages might be up to $1 million for the loss of good will prior to the launch of the franchise… Daeho pretends not to care but continues to worry about what will happen until Young-Tae suggests that they go to the restaurant to eat katsu.


At the restaurant, Kayoon hears that most of the staff are ready to leave because the son-in-law took the bribe. Kayoon ends up serving on the floor herself when Dongsook arrives. Dongsook suggests that they close the doors since all of the worst customers would come and complain on a day like this… Kayoon sighs that her father does not want to close.


Daeho and Young-Tae arrive just as a piece of trash yells at Kayoon to pay for all of their meals that they had at the restaurant until this moment. Daeho yells that Mansoo is not the type that would lie about the food and the customer pushes Daeho. Of course Daeho doesn’t this lying down and shoves back… And gets filmed on camera.

Later Daeho tells Mansoo that he can loan Mansoo some money if Mansoo needs it before bragging that times have changed. He leaves happily.

Mansoo snaps at Daeho and even Dongsook. He tells her that the office is closed to third parties and she leaves in a huff.

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Daeho goes home when Dalja calls to demand that they send Minwoo home at six. Daeho laughs that they can’t send Minwoo home when Jingook might turn out to be a criminal. This gets to Dalja who screams at the phone before tossing it…

Then Jung-Eun comes home and announces that she quit her company. Dalja yells that Jung-Eun is stupid for quitting at this point and Jung-Eun cries that she can’t work at a company that would sue her husband…

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Jingook dashes to the office to ask Hyunjoon why he’s continuing to press charges. Hyunjoon responds by asking who’s manipulating Jingook and introduced him to the scammer. Jingook confesses that it’s Heejung.

Hyunjoon calls Heejung into the office but she’s calm. She redirects Jingook’s anger to Hyunjoon by noting that Hyunjoon filed the charges. They don’t get far before the CEO calls Hyunjoon in…

Hyunjoon accuses Heejung of leaking the information to the news. However, she’s not the type to confess and pretends that she did not.


In the CEO’s office, the CEO decides to kick Jingook’s family out of the house which is in Hyunjoon’s name. He asks Heejung if she thinks he’s being too harsh. She smiles that she approves of his decisiveness.

On the other side, Ki-Chan’s family is doing great. Ki-Chan comes home and announces that he can repay back her loan of $100,000. Soon-Im quietly goes to the kitchen and sighs that Kayoon needs to live well too.

Back at Mansoo’s restaurant, Kayoon calculates that they have enough to pay all of their employees their pension. Mansoo sighs that they can get out of this once they sell their land. Kayoon also smiles that this is nothing for their family.


Heejung also comes home and tells everyone that the CEO is kicking Jingook’s family out… Just as the company’s employees arrive to kick the family out… Jung-Eun calls her sister for help and Kayoon runs over.

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Jung-Eun brings over some bags but all Dalja is whining about is how Kayoon should go try to beg the CEO on their behalf. Jung-Eun sighs that they have no right since Dalja did not even take their salaries and contracted an official month to month rental relationship. Of course, Dalja just yells at Jung-Eun for being rude.


Kayoon arrives and Ki-Chan does soon after. While Kayoon couldn’t find any moving companies, Ki-Chan has arranged for companies to come the next day and even brought boxes. He explains that he came as Minwoo’s uncle and helps them pack everything they can.

Hyunjoon returns to the office and tells the secretary that he barely covered the home shopping relationship. The secretary reports that Jingook is likely moving and Hyunjoon realizes that his father already made his move…

At the same time, Jung-Eun’s family is basically packed. Jung-Eun apologizes to Ki-Chan for accusing him of introducing the fraud to her husband. Ki-Chan smiles and accepts her apology.


By the time Hyunjoon arrives, everyone is gone but Ki-Chan. He yells that Hyunjoon is the worst for taking the home of a child away from him. Hyunjoon answers that he was also powerless. But Ki-Chan’s last words are that Hyunjoon has no idea that he’s repeatedly committing the same sins.


Mr. Yoon definitely moves fast but I don’t blame him. Thanks to Jingook not really thinking things through, three companies will suffer severe losses, breach contracts and the damages are approximately around $1 million! Does it make sense that Jingook’s family would not be hurt at all?

On the flip side, Ki-Chan’s character really shines through these moments as he knows how to solve problems even when money cannot… For example, while Hyunjoon is busy limiting the monetary damages, Ki-Chan does what Kayoon needs at that very moment – arranges for help for Jung-Eun’s move. He also arrives with boxes so that Jung-Eun and Kayoon can feel more in control over their situation by packing. I felt like this episode and that scene really won me over to ship Ki-Chan / Kayoon.

If I wanted to, I could probably complain about how stupid Jingook is but it seems like a waste of space since the episode highlighted just how useless he is. The only question that remains is how many times he can mess up and hurt Jung-Eun’s family before she wakes up and either takes responsibility for marrying Jingook and limits the damages to her family or cuts Jingook off.

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