Everything Will Be OK – 71

Kayoon’s trust in Hyunjoon starts to fray as things take a turns for the worse and the crisis at hand does not disappear immediately.



Hyunjoon angrily turns around and sneers that Ki-Chan has no idea about the extent that Ki-Chan’s sister would go. He notes that Heejung introduced the fraud to Jingook and then leaked the information. Ki-Chan yells that he won’t believe Hyunjoon and stalks out.


Ki-Chan goes straight to Heejung to ask if it’s true. Heejung answers that she innocently introduced the supplier to Jingook but did nothing more. She asks who’s side Ki-Chan is on and Ki-Chan replies that he only cares about Minwoo as he cannot trust the others. Heejung smiles that they are on the same side.


At the same time, Dalja finds Jingook on a bench and tells him to go stay with Jung-Eun.


Meanwhile, Grandmama waits anxiously for Mansoo. When he arrives, she suggests that they move to a smaller apartment since she’s getting old and she does not care for the stairs. Mansoo sighs that Grandmama must have seen the news and asks her to prepare the guestroom for Jung-Eun since the family got kicked out of their house…

As for Jingook, Dalja takes him back to the sauna. She has faith that someone will bail them out of this mess… This irresponsible lady!


Daeho calls Ki-Chan out to hear the news about Mansoo’s family. Ki-Chan reports on how he helped with packing and Jung-Eun went home without Jingook. Daeho suddenly wonders if they should accept Jingook back if he asks to return… Future subplot?


In the middle of the night, Jingook sneaks home. He and Jung-Eun scuffle a bit before hugging it out. Before Jung-Eun can bring him into the guest room, Grandmama comes downstairs and yells at Jingook for making a mess of things. But Jung-Eun cries out so Grandmama stops.


Kayoon asks Jingook for a moment so Jung-Eun gives them some space. Kayoon demands to know who referred him to the fraud. Jingook answers that it was Heejung. However, he emphasizes that Heejung was only trying to help. He smiles that Heejung even helped transfer the recipes onto a PowerPoint. Kayoon beats Jingook up for not keeping the recipes secure.


Kayoon then drops by Heejung’s apartment with Minwoo’s backup. She also tells Heejung to delete the recipes. Heejung pretends not to care and wonders what help the recipes can be when Mansoo’s reputation has been shot. Kayoon agrees that the recipes don’t matter and Heejung freezes.

Hyunjoon also stops by Jung-Eun’s house. He even calms a prickly Jung-Eun down and explains that he won’t let it go to trial.

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Hyunjoon then sits with Grandmama and Mansoo to report on the situation. Mansoo tells Hyunjoon to drop the charges. Yet, Grandmama interrupts and notes that she was there when her son went bankrupt…they need to follow all procedure. Mansoo angrily gets up but Grandmama asks if the failed business venture would mean that the engagement is off. Hyunjoon answers that he won’t give up on Kayoon.


Hyunjoon also goes to check on Jingook and they reconcile. Jingook sighs that he understands the reasoning behind Hyunjoon’s actions but he’s still hurt by them…

Dalja tries to call Kayoon for help but Kayoon answers that the CEO is ignoring her calls. So, Dalja goes to the office herself. She accuses Heejung of being the reason before ordering Heejung to help in the same breath. Heejung smiles that Dalja should try to ask the CEO herself.


Dalja takes the recommendation and gets forcibly removed by security. Heejung smiles triumphantly while Jung-Eun stands up angrily. The other team members keep her calm.

Mansoo also goes to work and finds Young-Tae cleaning. Mansoo asks if Young-Tae is there to play cupid and Young-Tae answers that he gave up after failing with both Mansoo/Dongsook and Ki-Chan/Kayoon. Mansoo looks surprised. So, Young-Tae reminds Mansoo of how he kicked Dongsook out of his office.

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Mansoo quickly buys flowers and brings them over to Dongsook to apologize. He explains to her that he’s so comfortable with her that he finds himself relying on her. Dongsook sniffs that she doesn’t want to be the comfortable housewife that gets stepped over. Mansoo agrees that Dongsook is not the type and asks if they can work it out together. Dongsook pauses and notes that she has one condition – she is allowed in his office whenever she wants. He agrees and it looks like the two are dating if not engaged!

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Meanwhile, Dongsook tells Mansoo that she heard the investor meeting regarding the franchise was held… Heejung is also meeting with the CEO where she notes that they can’t let the investors know that the franchise fell through or they have to pay the liquidation damages. She suggests that they start their own affordable Italian restaurants since she has Mansoo’s recipes.


Heejung runs into Hyunjoon outside of the CEO’s office. He pulls her into his office to demand to know what she said to CEO Yoon. Heejung smiles that Hyunjoon’s lies are too numerous for him to get out of this smoothly. She reminds him that even though he tries to play the nice gentleman, he is his father’s son. Just as Kayoon arrives, Hyunjoon snaps at Kayoon to shut her mouth.

Heejung greets Kayoon and walks out. Hyunjoon tries to collect his calm and asks Kayoon to trust him about the fact that he did not call off the investor meeting… In response, Kayoon spits out that she is tired of Hyunjoon’s lies and thinks breaking the engagement might be best.


It’s out. Kayoon finally has the excuse that she can use to end the official engagement and it looks like all of Hyunjoon’s allies are gone as well… Unfortunately for Hyunjoon, while he has been successful in his business, he has not been able to win Kayoon’s heart. I wonder if it’s because he never tried to understand her and her values. It also didn’t help that the two don’t have chemistry…

On the flipside, I don’t know why Heejung is still lying to Ki-Chan. Why lie that she had nothing to do with the leak when she’s going to be found out in the end? It seems more like the writers are setting Ki-Chan up for an inevitable angst fest in the later episodes when he has to choose between Kayoon or his sister.

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