Everything Will Be OK – 72

Jingook flounders around for a savior while Ki-Chan and Hyunjoon both come to Kayoon’s rescue.



We return to Kayoon telling Hyunjoon that it might be better to call off their engagement. Hyunjoon asks in a hurt manner how Kayoon could so easily call off their engagement. Kayoon answers that she has been wondering about the engagement many times before… She notes that she doesn’t know if she can trust him anymore.

The tense moment is broken when the secretary barges in and tells Hyunjoon that Home Shopping just declared that they are going to sue… Kayoon immediately goes back on her words and tells Hyunjoon that she will leave it to him while she basically hides at the restaurant.


Hyunjoon tries to reason with his father to let them use all of their other products as leverage and respond to Home Shopping with a threat of their own – continue with the suit and lose all relationship ties with YB Foods. However, the CEO is reluctant and tells Hyunjoon to break up with Kayoon instead. Hyunjoon stands firm and reminds his father the such an option is off the table since his father already approved of their marriage when he accepted Hyunjoon’s $100,000,000 profit from setting up the Korean seafood buffets.


Meanwhile, Kayoon goes to update his father and Jingook. She explains how they might have to pay liquidation damages if they don’t do everything by the book…

At that moment, the bank calls and tells Mansoo that he does not qualify for a loan. Kayoon rushes off to speak with the bank manager personally.


She arrives just as the manager happily sees Ki-Chan off. Kayoon asks if the manager couldn’t just give them a loan. He apologizes that he couldn’t get credit approval so Kayoon asks for a secured loan. When she leaves to call her father, Ki-Chan overhears.

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Jingook finds out that the family is having difficulty preparing the money, he calls Hyunjoon to buy them some time. So. Hyunjoon calls Home Shopping and offers to pay the liquidation fees himself.


Back at Ki-Chan’s office, he hands out Daeho’s and Young-Tae’s salaries and bonuses. Then he asks if they agree with him paying half of their profits ($250,000) to Kayoon since she gave him the recipe. Daeho is surprisingly cool and approves. Daeho then cutely runs off to buy Soon-Im a present.


Daeho’s conversation with Soon-Im updates us on Ki-Chan’s full financial situation. He made $500,000, paid back $100,000 to his mother and gave Kayoon $250,000. Not bad!


Soon-Im also goes to meet Kayoon that day. She hands over the $100,000 which Kayoon lent Ki-Chan in the first place. Kayoon happily accepts it and thanks Soon-Im since they need money…


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan hands the envelope of 250,000 to Mansoo. He explains to Mansoo that it’s only right that he splits the profits with Kayoon and feels that this will give both of them closure. Mansoo accepts.

Kayoon returns to the restaurant where her father gives her the envelope and explains that Ki-Chan left it. Thankfully, with Soon-Im’s repayment, they have enough to pay back Home Shopping.

Kayoon runs off to see Ki-Chan walk away but does not muster the courage to call out. She just stands and watches his back.

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For a side scene, Hyunjoon walks out with his secretary to get some fresh air and sees Dalja waiting outside. She runs up to Hyunjoon to beg that he cancels the charges against Jingook. Hyunjoon apologizes that he can’t right away and the secretary adds that if they don’t follow procedure, Mansoo’s restaurant and Hyunjoon’s company might go bankrupt… When Dalja does not back off, they excuse themselves for another meeting.

Dalja calls Heejung to vent her frustrations and Nari overhears. She tells Jung-Eun who immediately runs out in tears. Jung-Eun grabs Dalja’s cold hands and brings her to her family’s house. She invites Dalja to stay.


But all Dalja wants to talk about is cancelling the charges against Jingook. Jung-Eun quietly answers that they need to take responsibility for their actions and she’s willing to help Jingook in any way that she can. This answer does not satisfy Dalja who accuses Jung-Eun of loving Jingook less than Heejung. Luckily for us, Grandmama overhears and tells Dalja to go to Heejung’s place. The incorrigible lady angrily stands up and accuses the family of treating her son bad as if he’s not the reason the family just went bankrupt… And leaves after shoving Jung-Eun to the side.


Back at the company, Heejung suggests that they create a new Italian brand. The CEO reviews her report and approves of her plans.

But then Heejung runs back to her office to brood about how confident Kayoon was after she heard about Heejung stealing the recipe… She then goes to the restaurant to try out all of the dishes. A few bites later and Heejung notices that the sauce tastes different. She asks if Jingook knows the sauce recipe. Thankfully, he doesn’t and Kayoon comes in to dismiss him.


Kayoon asks Heejung if she deleted the recipes as asked. Heejung doesn’t answer and turns the subject to Kayoon not abandoning Hyunjoon. Kayoon answers that even though Hyunjoon is not perfect he’s been there for her for five years and she wants to give him another chance.

Meanwhile, Hyunjoon hears that Home Shopping was paid twice so they refunded his money. Hyunjoon calls Jingook and hears that Ki-Chan helped. He runs over to ask why Kayoon accepts Ki-Chan’s help but not his…


Mansoo comes to their relationship’s rescue and declares that Ki-Chan paid Mansoo. So, Hyunjoon backs off and asks Kayoon to go dress shopping instead.


Back at Heejung’s, the family celebrates but Heejung hears that Ki-Chan gave Kayoon most of the profits. She drags Ki-Chan into her room and accuses Ki-Chan of not being over her.

Ki-Chan answers that the only reason he broke up with Kayoon is because if Minwoo. Then, with his spirits down, he goes to grab a drink.


Of course, with dramaland’s power, Kayoon arrives at the same pojang macha. A few minutes of hesitation later, she joins him. She congratulates him on the successful venture but he sighs that everything just became more complicated. Then he tells her to not marry Hyunjoon again… He even notes that she knows the reason why.


Why, Heejung? Why? You have a supportive family and a brother who gave up his first love for you. You even have full custody over your son and your ex is dealing with a possible bankruptcy… Your ex-husband is homeless. Why continue to go after Mansoo’s restaurant?

Heejung has to be the most perplexing character for me in this subarc. She’s not flat and annoying like Dalja because we see her vulnerabilities. We also see how she’s conflicted. If I were to venture a guess, I would say two things are driving her. First, there’s inertia. She’s won but she still doesn’t feel whole because she’s lived most of her recent life fighting to win and defend a space space for herself. She continues to attack Mansoo even though she no longer hates Mansoo or Kayoon because she assumes she doesn’t feel whole because she has not “won” yet… Second, similar to the first thought but I wonder if she does not know how to recognize that she has achieved stability. So, in addition to not feeling “whole”, she’s stuck feeling vulnerable and unstable… She wants to make sure that no one can touch her or Minwoo again… Whether it’s Jingook/Dalja or Hyunjoon. So, she continues to scheme and fight. But, how can we hate her character after all that we’ve seen?

In contrast, even after all that happened, I feel lukewarm to Kayoon. Am I the only one? Or is the actress playing Kayoon a more recent reminder of Kim Tae Hee IN Stairways to Heaven when all she did was glare. I feel like Kayoon has less than five expressions and I really don’t see her emoting through the screen… Maybe the writer should add some more directions to the scenes instead of letting it be up to the actor. We need something more than Kayoon looking dazed and stricken in every scene… Maybe hitting Ki-Chan a couple of times with her bag. Let us feel for her – she is the main character after all.

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