Everything Will Be OK – 73

Jingook and mother crawl along trying to get help from others…And Kayoon finds out a little more about Hyunjoon/Heejung.


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Ki-Chan repeats that Kayoon knows why she cannot get married to Hyunjoon… He told her five years ago that she knows what is real and what is fake. A flash back tells us how Ki-Chan explained your heart tells you when it’s real.

Kayoon pretends that she does not remember and states that she believed in that and failed before… Instead, she calls for a driver. As Kayoon and Ki-Chan wait for her driver, Ki-Chan asks her why she doesn’t care about Hyunjoon lying to her… Isn’t it because she doesn’t love him? Kayoon answers that she does not care because she decided to make the relationship work. With that statement, Kayoon leaves.

However, when Kayoon gets home, she decides to go to the park and brood…

Grandmama and Mansoo wait for Kayoon while discussing the troublesome Jingook. Mansoo wonders if they shouldn’t pull Jingook’s family out of the hole. But Grandmama answers that Dalja is still healthy since she had enough energy to push Jung-Eun aside.


Jung-Eun also tells Jingook about Dalja leaving without dinner. So, Jingook calls his mother. However, she’s fine as she’s at Heejung’s place.


Daeho notes that Dalja sure has a thick face but gives Heejung space to talk with Dalja alone. Dalja begs Heejung to help Jingook get out of persecution while Soon-Im prepares dinner for Dalja…

Dalja sighs that she’s so heartsick about Jingook suffering. But Daeho helps us all feel better by sniping back that it’s all Jingook’s fault for taking $40,000 of dirty money. Soon-Im has to pull Daeho back to Ki-Chan’s place.

Meanwhile, at home Jingook is being an arsehat. Jung-Eun cries to him that Dalja compared her to Heejung but all Jingook responds is that Jung-Eun is wrong for speaking to his mother in that manner. What?! The?! Freak?! Idiot and idiot mother?! Is this drama out to raise my blood pressure?


Finally, Jung-Eun wakes up. She goes to Kayoon and asks for noodles. She cries that she’s regretting her marriage now. She hates her husband… The company that is pressing charges against her husband… Her horrible mother-in-law and everything. But then Jingook comes out asking for noodles.

Kayoon gives the two space and Jung-Eun is back to giggling within minutes! The girl has the memory of a goldfish! I say kick them both out to live in a sauna and to figure out the debt themselves! Useless idiots!

So, the responsible Kayoon goes to the living room where her father encourages her to stay with Hyunjoon. She agrees before going into her room to brood over the ring.


The next morning, we get a run down of everyone’s plans. Mansoo is going to speak with CEO Yoon about bride and groom gifts. Kayoon is going to try on dresses while Jingook goes to the police for an investigation.


Meanwhile, Dalja has prepared breakfast for Heejung and begs Heejung again to speak well to CEO Yoon for Jingook. Heejung snaps back that Dalja is the one who threatened both the CEO and Heejung herself. Heejung tells Dalja to go back to Jung-Eun. Dalja is quick to switch sides as she notes that Jung-Eun is useless and heartless.

Heejung almost gags before saying that she will speak to the CEO. She also milks the situation by asking Dalja to do the laundry, pick up groceries and to clean up the apartment…

A meeting at the company informs everyone that Home Shopping has decided to drop the suit. The group discusses what they should do about the franchise…

Heejung takes the time to report back to the CEO and everyone asks her why she keeps going to the CEO. Suspicions from rational people.

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At the police station, Jingook asks if he has to be imprisoned. The officer answers that he can go home for now. Jingook then asks if Mansoo will take care of everything since he said he would take responsibility. The officer happily answers the arse that Mansoo will take full financial responsibility but cannot serve in prison for him. Good!

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At the same time, Mansoo arrives at CEO Yoon’s office. CEO Yoon is prickly as a pack of thorns…and Mansoo cautiously asks if they can’t stop the investor meeting. CEO Yoon answers that cancelling the meeting would cost them $200,000,000. But the CEO also adds that they have a backup plan and can let Mansoo quit if they start a new restaurant to take Mansoo’s place. Mansoo is shocked that the CEO would have a backup plan for this situation but agrees to cancel their franchise contract.

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As for Hyunjoon and Kayoon. They go look at wedding dresses but the scene is meh. Ki-Chan also arrives at the fishing village to a bunch of welcoming villagers… and Mansoo falls into a bench after the meeting with CEO Yoon, feeling exhausted.

Jingook also walks out of the police office and finds his wife and mother waiting. They all wail like it’s the end of the world and not an adult getting simple, civilized questioning for a crime that he committed.


Back at the Company, Hyunjoon drops by his father’s office. He asks his father how the meeting went and the CEO snaps that Mansoo cancelled the contract. Tellingly, Heejung follows Hyunjoon out, asking if the wedding is also called off. But, Hyunjoon only answers that the wedding is a different issue.


Mansoo goes to the one person whom he can rely on – Dongsook. She picks up on Mansoo’s depressed demeanor and guesses that he went to see the CEO. Mansoo answers that he feels like he has been wearing clothes that don’t fit him and pretending to be someone he’s not… So, Dongsook cheers him up with all the things Mansoo does have such as a lovely daughter and a beautiful woman next to him.

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Heejung continues to plot by buttering up the assistant chef at Kayoon’s restaurant. Kayoon again comes in to dismiss the chef and asks Heejung what she is planning. Heejung carefully returns the focus back on Hyunjoon. Heejung even adds that she’s already told Kayoon why she hates Hyunjoon. But Kayoon tells her to stop talking ill about Hyunjoon and leaves.

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Kayoon gets as far as the stairway before she remembers how she walked in on Heejung telling Hyunjoon that she has Hyunjoon’s child. Kayoon has a flashback to when she asked Hyunjoon about it and he confirmed that it was all a misunderstanding… The two talk a little longer in the garden where Heejung confirms that she thought Hyunjoon had been the baby daddy… But Hyunjoon only ordered his secretary to demand that Heejung erase the baby.

Kayoon rushes home and grabs the ring before going to Hyunjoon’s office. Hyunjoon happily rushes out to ask Kayoon to look at the pictures that they received of her trying on the dresses. However, Kayoon answers that she wants to break the engagement.


Finally! I feel like we are seeking some emotions off of the two main leads! But I know that it’s just an illusion. We aren’t seeing emotion as much as we are unconsciously projecting what we expect to be emotions onto Kayoon’s character.

Hyunjoon is a little better. He was stiff at the wedding dress fitting but he properly excited at the end with the dress pictures.

In contrast, Kayoon’s character…She finds out that her fiancée lied to her about a past relationship which was far deeper than she assumed. This is not even just one lie. He’s been lying to her the whole time about Heejung, portraying Heejung as a crazy woman when Heejung is just a woman who was hurt by Hyunjoon’s insensitive actions. The truth about the situation highlights how cold Hyunjoon can be – ordering that Heejung gets an abortion without even confirming that the child is his. Yet, all she does is frown a bit and glare a bit more. She doesn’t scream. She doesn’t throw anything in the room. She doesn’t cry. She just quietly and dryly gets the ring and goes straight to Hyunjoon…This character needs some major rehabilitation.

Finally, as for Jingook. The actor playing him has great emotive ability. But. The character. Omg, what an irritating character?!

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