Everything Will Be OK – 86

Kayoon ends up becoming a grudging holder of Heejung’s secret as Dalja and Heejung have another power fight.



Kayoon slaps Heejung when Heejung cannot deny that Hyunjoon is Minwoo’s biological father. Kayoon yells at Heejung that she should not have broken up Jung-Eun’s engagement with this lie. Heejung only asks if Kayoon would tell Hyunjoon.

Kayoon asks if that is all Heejung cares about. Heejung responds that she hated Kayoon because Hyunjoon chose Kayoon and continued to love Kayoon even after five years… Kayoon tries to leave but Heejung stops Kayoon crying that she will get revenge on both Hyunjoon and his father so give her some time. Heejung declares that she will take over Hyunjoon’s company.

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Minwoo’s and Dalja’s arrival cuts the meeting short. Kayoon leaves and Heejung rushes to Ki-Chan. Heejung demands to know if Ki-Chan told Kayoon. Ki-Chan denies it and asks Heejung back how Kayoon could know such a thing. Heejung cries that Kayoon got involved after Heejung filed to change Minwoo’s last name… And begs Ki-Chan to help convince Kayoon.

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Meanwhile, Jingook ignores Dalja’s calls so Dalja calla Jung-Eun. Grandmama takes the phone and Dalja begins by telling Grandmama that she has no business with Grandmama. But Grandmama firmly tells Dalja to listen carefully; Dalja made a declaration and signed papers allowing Heejung to file a petition to cut Jingook’s parental rights.

Dalja turns quiet as she walks back outside to the living room where she watches cartoons with Minwoo. When Heejung comes home, Dalja pulls her into the room and begins to best her up…

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Soon-Im and Daeho come home so Dalja begins to begin Soon-Im up as well. Heejung allows Dalja to beat her up but gets up when Dalja begins to hit Soon-Im. The commotion brings Daeho into the room and the fight stops.

Dalja calls Jingook who tells her to come to Jung-Eun’s house. Dalja answers that she refuses to leave Minwoo.


Ki-Chan stops by Kayoon’s restaurant where he finds her drinking. She cries that she finally understands what Heejung acted the way she did but cannot understand how Heejung would actually do those things. Ki-Chan asks Kayoon to understand Heejung as they were going through such hard times, they had no other options. Kayoon declares that she will fight Heejung until the end.

Meanwhile, Jingook arrives at the restaurant and finds Hyunjoon waiting outside as well. Jingook yells at Hyunjoon that Hyunjoon has no right to be embarassed because of him; he is on the receiving end of a termination of parental rights action because Hyunjoon took his apartment! Hyunjoon tells Jingook to sober up and come to his office the next day.

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Jingook goes in and Hyunjoon stops Ki-Chan. Hyunjoon tells Ki-Chan that they are the same… Kayoon has cut both of them off but they cannot leave her side making them go in circles…That seeing her like this at least…helps him sleep.

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Inside the restaurant, Jingook asks what Heejung said. Kayoon can only ask how Jingook would marry such a woman. Jingook sighs that his life became wrecked because of Heejung… But he also notes that he does not regret his decision since even though he was not certain about the marriage… His whole life changed when he saw his baby’s ultrasound.

The next day, Jingook tells the family that he’s going to meet with Hyunjoon. Jung-Eun shouts at Jingook that he’s an idiot for going back to Hyunjoon for help when Hyunjoon caused all this suffering.

Kayoon and Mansoo go to the restaurant where they run into Dongsook. Kayoon suggests that they drink a cup of tea together and Dongsook quizzes him on the ingredients. Looks like this relationship is back on.

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Meanwhile, Jingook goes to work and finds out that Heejung called the day off. Jingook calls Heejung and finds out that Dalja beat Heejung up. Heejung tells Jingook that she’s going to take pictures and submit them as additional evidence to support her claim that Jingook has no right to be Minwoo’s father.

Jingook sighs to Hyunjoon that he does not know what to do with his mom… Hyunjoon tells Jingook that Jingook should be find since Jingook legally obtained custody over Minwoo after Heejung gave Minwoo up. But, Jingook replies that he never obtained legal custody because he was so busy with all of the crises going on.

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Hyunjoon goes to his father and requests that he sell Jingook’s apartment to Hyunjoon. The CEO calls his secretary into his office and asks if Hyunjoon has a right to be his successor. He notes that Hyunjoon is too weak… He also orders that the secretary ruin Mansoo’s restaurant.


Meanwhile, Dalja goes to see Dongsook to ask for help after sending Minwoo into Mansoo’s restaurant alone. Dalja asks Dongsook to convince Mansoo to submit an answering declaration in support of Jingook.


At the same time, Heejung looks for Minwoo since Dalja is late…But Kayoon is feeding Minwoo at the restaurant until customers come in. Then she tells him to eat while she tends to the customers. Minwoo gets up after Kayoon turns her back and the next thing we know is that Minwoo is missing. Everyone runs out to look for him.


Kayoon walks returns to the front of her restaurant when she runs into Hyunjoon with Minwoo. Kayoon yells at Hyunjoon for taking Minwoo away without telling anyone. Hyunjoon apologises that he was just about to return Minwoo.

Just then Heejung arrives and sees Hyunjoon and Kayoon with Minwoo. She runs over and yells at Hyunjoon to leave. Hyunjoon assumes that Heejung is sensitive because she thought Minwoo was missing and agrees to leave. But as he walks off, he hears Heejung accuse Kayoon of trying to take advantage of Heejung’s weakness…


Heejung is juggling too many balls for things to continue with her fight against Hyunjoon/Daddy Yoon, Jingook/Mamma Kang and Kayoon/Mansoo. It’s such a pity since she seems like a bright child with a chip on her shoulder…But really, it’s time for Hyunjoon to know about his child.

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