Sweet Home, Sweet Honey E- 9-10

Jung-Gi’s family starts to pick up their lives while living in Bom’s restaurant’s storage room.  Meanwhile, Bom loses an internal political battle with her mom and agrees to take on her father’s debt.


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Bom manages to hide Maru’s family from her mother by promising to do all of the prep work by herself. However, she has to wait awkwardly until one of Maru’s family members come out to ask them to be a bit more careful since her mother does not know the family is using the room. Maru begins to apologize but then gets annoyed when Bom comments that Maru should be more understanding of his sister. He angrily notes that Bom should stay out of other people’s business since she also made it worse for her family by taking his ring and then losing it.


Meanwhile, Ahran deals with her insecurity by working herself to death. She begs Taeho for help in getting the new project. She complains that everyone treats her like she only got the title because she’s her mother’s daughter…and even gets shoved aside for her dead sister. Ahran even accuses Taeho of getting engaged to her so that he can take her position.

Taeho quietly walks off hurt. When he returns to his office, we find that he had his whole team stay overnight researching the new project…Ahran realizes that she overreacted and comes in minutes after and looks up in surprise that there are so many people at work so early. The employees are pretty honest in that they had to come to work to research the project.


Ahran regrets her harsh words and takes Taeho to the rooftop where she apologizes and confesses that she’s lonely everywhere…at home … and at the office. Taeho pulls her close and cups her face. He tells her softly not to hurt and kisses her.

However, when Ahran goes to give her report to her mother, Gookhee and Ahran get into another misunderstanding as Gookhee worries that Ahran is pushing too hard. Ahran assumes that Gookhee just does not trust her.


On the side, Bom confesses to Maru that she lost the ring. She promises to find the ring somehow and return it to him since it was his mother’s inheritance. Maru sighs that she can take her time as long as she tries her best. The two sweetly apologize for being rude to each other because of their difficult circumstances and decide to be friends.


At the same time, Bom’s mom runs into Jung-Gi changing in the storage room. She assumes that Jung-Gi is a thief and kicks him out with a bowl of water. Everyone congregates in front of the restaurant. Bom tells her mom that she owes Jung-Gi’s family because she lost their ring. Though Jung-Gi and Maru still stay quiet and apologetic, Jiah turns aggressive and declares that she will not leave without her mother’s ring.


Meanwhile, Sun-Young cries about the fact that her younger son Sooho is missing. From her sobbing rants, we find out that Sun-Young particularly obsesses over Sooho because she raised him close to her while her husband ignored her. Kilsoo tells her to calm down since they know Sooho is running around singing.


Later Bom’s mom asks Bom to take over all of her father’s debt. Bom asks why they can’t just give up the inheritance and the debt along with it. Mi-Dal answers that they would have to give up the restaurant and the home if they wanted to clean the debt. Bom answers that she’s only 22 and beginning to join the young professional world – they might as well give up everything and start with an empty slate. She runs out.


Bom walks out to find Jung-Gi also depressed in their restaurant. She invites him to a drink. Jung-Gi asks if he looks pathetic in her eyes since he cannot take care of his children after their mother died. Bom tells him not to think that way when he’s trying his best to protect his kids. She reminds him that at the very least, Jung-Gi is keeping the family together. They drink until Jung-Gi falls asleep drunk at the table. Bom ends up helping Jung-Gi into the storage room before leaving alone to brood about how long it would take for the family to pay off the debt…She would be around 50…

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Bom goes home to find her uncle Bae-Dal doing laundry in cold water. He tells her to ignore her mother and to take care of herself. Bom agrees before going inside to find her mom eating. She asks her mom how all her mom can talk about with her is money. Mi-Dal angrily tells Bom that all her father did was leave them with debt. So, Bom cries that it was not her fault for being born into the family. Mi-Dal snaps back that Bom was not born into the house…

Bom demands to know how Mi-Dal can always say that to her. Mi-Dal back-pedals and lies that she means that Bom should live like the poor people that they are. She begs Bom to take the debt and they can pay it off together. Bom screams back in frustration that she cannot become liable for the debt when she cannot even find a part-time job…Mi-Dal screams that they can live separately and Bom stalks out.

Bom returns to her room where her little sister throws a tantrum that no one is paying attention to her when she’s a senior preparing for college…

At least Mi-Dal is consistent. Bae-Dal goes into the room to tell his sister not to think about giving all the debt to Bom while taking all of the inheritance. Mi-Dal hits Bae-Dal for not helping at all and stalks out.

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The next morning, Mi-Dal screams out her frustrations on Jung-Gi and Bom. She accuses him of even stealing from them and goes into the storage room to check. However, she finds the envelope of deeds to Jung-Gi’s wife’s properties (which all have liens)… All of a sudden, Mi-Dal assumes that the family is legit and hiding for some other reason than money and begins to treat Jung-Gi like a guest.

On the side, Maru gets fired from work. The boss even refuses to pay him his partial pay, which Maru confides about to Bom. She tells him that he has to demand his rightful pay.


Meanwhile, the grandmother continues to live like a prick in Gookhee’s house. Ahran demands that her mother kick the grandmother out but Gookhee refuses since Jung-Gi’s mother is Ahran’s biological grandmother. Ahran corrects Gookhee noting that she declared that she has no father or grandmother. She asks her mother to be nicer to her than to strangers and asks again why even her dead little sister has more stock than she does…


Jung-Gi’s mother runs to Jung-Gi and tries to tell him that Ahran needs him. She tells Jung-Gi that Ahran is acting colder to him because she wants his attention…Ahran is living a life where she plays second fiddle to her dead little sister and is ignored by her mother. The grandmother tells Jung-Gi to file a case about Paran’s disappearance so that they can get closure – to file that Paran is dead.

Jung-Gi’s heart is moved and lurks around the company when he sees Ahran and Taeho. He hides behind a tree and does not manage to get the courage to go talk with Ahran.


Bom loses to her mother and decides to take on the debt even though her uncle warns her not to. Bom goes to her mother and asks her to sign a declaration that Mi-Dal promises to pay half of the debt and support Bom in her quest for find a job. Mi-Dal happily signs and promises to be better.

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Meanwhile, Jiah and Sooho decide to get some money out of Sun-Young. Jiah lies to Sun-Young that she needs to get repaid for all of the money she loaned to Sooho. Jiah promises to tell Sun-Young how Sooho is living if Sun-Young repays Sooho’s debts…Sooho lurks outside the cafe watching as Sun-Young hands over all of her cash and a debit card (to repay Jiah for Sooho’s plane ticket). However, before Jiah can run with the money, Sooho gets caught by his father who drags him into the cafe.


Bom delivers to Maru’s employer when she overhears the boss refuse to give him the payment for three days of work. Maru gives up and leaves but Bom threatens to call the labor agency and file a claim against the boss for not paying a child’s part time work. The boss throws a bunch of cash and coins on the floor and tells her to take just three days’ worth of pay. So, Bom falls to the ground and begins counting coins when Maru joins her.


Back at the restaurant, Mi-Dal happily hums while preparing ingredients. Bae-Dal gets tired of her being so happy when she just made Bom take liability for the whole family’s debt and accuses her of being a real wicked step-mom. Mi-Dal is unrepentant and yells back that if she wanted to be a real wicked step mom, she would have tossed Bom out after her father passed away but she didn’t. What the two don’t realize is that Jung-Gi is still at the restaurant helping out and he overhears it all.


Well, talk about an extended absence from the Sweet Home, Sweet Honey drama. Unfortunately, I got thrown off due to travel and then there was no time to really catch up. My current goal is to post up catch-up caps, which will be like “WeeCaps” or one recap per five episodes since I feel like this drama is worth watching until the end.

As for my impression from these two recaps, I like how the drama has coincidentally paired Bom with her father. While Jung-Gi’s mother is pulling Jung-Gi toward Ahran, Jung-Gi is in a situation where he benefited from and sees how vulnerable Bom is. Bom has no reason to lie or put up a facade, so during this time that Jung-Gi stays with Bom’s family, he gets to know how his younger daughter grew up into such a sweet and hard-working girl. Later, if a struggle arises between Bom and Ahran, Bom may need all of the help she can get. Even though Gookhee is pining away for Bom, we have no guarantee that she will not take Ahran’s side once she knows that Bom is alive and healthy, since she raised Ahran all these years… Hopefully, Jung-Gi can be a supportive figure in the future. ^^

So, onward to the next drama recap.

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