Everything Will Be OK – 88

The cat is out of the bag and Hyunjoon knows…all because Heejung went crazy to hide the secret.


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Kayoon cries for Ki-Chan and shouts for help. But Ki-Chan looks up quizzically and asks if Heejung really tried to run Kayoon over… Kayoon answers that Heejung likely only wanted to scare her. Ki-Chan looks up and glares at the car.

Heejung shakes inside her car realizing what she did. When Hyunjoon calls, Heejung cries that her brother seems to have gotten hurt. Hyunjoon demands to know the location and runs out.


Later, the doctors announce that nothing was broken but everyone needs to be cautious about symptoms arising later. A police officer is there as well asking questions. Heejung stays mute and Ki-Chan laughs that it was his fault for jaywalking before getting hit by his sisters car. The officer believes him and offers that they not write up the incident if no one wants to press charges.

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The two girls walk outside the hospital room where Kayoon asks if Heejung really tried to kill her. Heejung answers that she was trying to kill Kayoon and will Kayoon if Kayoon goes to Hyunjoon about Minwoo.

Hyunjoon arrives at that moment and asks if Kayoon was hurt. Both girls confirm that they aren’t and Hyunjoon offers to drive Kayoon’s car back for her… Heejung glares at Kayoon and hands over her keys readily. So, Kayoon hands over hers as well.


Hyunjoon pretends not to know anything more and leaves. But as soon as he goes back to the office, he asks his secretary to check their black box footages. The secretary does and reports that Heejung seems to have attempted to hit Kayoon to keep her from entering their company.

Meanwhile Heejung and Kayoon return to the hospital room where they tell Ki-Chan that he’s been hospitalized for his own good. Ki-Chan asks what happened.

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Heejung snarls that Kayoon threatened to go to Hyunjoon if Heejung did not hand over her blackmail materials. (As if attempted battery/murder is excused to protect a secret?! This girl…) Kayoon snaps at Heejung that Heejung should apologize to Ki-Chan first. Heejung only answers that Ki-Chan is her little brother and walks out.

After she leaves, Ki-Chan yells at Kayoon for trying to threaten Heejung. He notes that he knows she’s frustrated but he won’t stand by if Kayoon ends up harming Minwoo. Kayoon tells him that he can protect Minwoo because she will protect her own family.

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Ki-Chan reminds her that her best chance is to remake the sauce. But Kayoon sighs that she’s not sure she can… She cries that she’s been trying every morning and night. She declares that she will make the sauce and turns to leave. However, she pauses right before leaving and calls Ki-Chan an idiot for jumping in front of the car.

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Later that day, Hyunjoon asks how the accident occurred. Heejung pretends that it was a complete accident. Yet, Hyunjoon directly asks if Kayoon has something on Heejung. Heejung denies it.

Daeho and Young-Tae rush to the hospital when they hear that Ki-Chan is there. Ki-Chan laughs that it was a simple car accident and the two buy the lie.

On the side, Dalja and Jingook are having a ball at home. Jingook worries that Jung-Eun won’t like living in the house that was given to them by Hyunjoon… But Dalja smiles that this is all part of life.

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As expected, Jung-Eun asks Dalja if they have to live in the house. Dalja smiles that life is unpredictable and tells Jung-Eun to accept it. So, Jung-Eun goes into the room and calls Grandmama crying. She tells her grandmother that it feels like a nightmare that won’t end… She feels responsible for their families suffering and this apartment reminds her if every thing that happened.

Grandmama softly tells Jung-Eun with her own eyes tearing that Grandmama must have been too harsh on Jingook. She tells Jung-Eun that Jung-Eun does not need to think such things and should just focus on living happily…that is all she wants. Jung-Eun sobs that she will live well and not harm her parents or family again.

Things get awkward for Heejung. Minwoo tells his grandmother and mother that he wants to go to Heejung’s company so that he can see Hyunjoon who Minwoo thinks is cool. Heejung snaps at Minwoo that the company is a place for adults and Minwoo should focus on his daycare.

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Soon-Im follows Heejung into her room and asks if Heejung was in a relationship with Hyunjoon since Heejung is always sensitive when Hyunjoon is mentioned and Dalja said the same. Heejung explains that Hyunjoon and she were just colleagues… That she does not want Minwoo near Hyunjoon because he’s a cold and calculating man who ruined Kayoon’s family’s lives…


Meanwhile, the secretary warns Hyunjoon that Heejung is meeting with investors. Hyunjoon guesses that Heejung is trying to oust Hyunjoon from his own company. Hyunjoon tells the secretary that he can win this fight without his father. So the secretary answers that he will give Hyunjoon one month until the next investor meeting to win over Heejung before he has to report to the CEO.


Back at Kayoon’s restaurant, she checks her batch of sauce and looks surprised! It tastes the same as her father’s sauce. Even Dongsook and Nari try the sauce and agree that it tastes similar.

Young-Tae receives Kayoon’s order for pork and excitedly calls kitchen that Kayoon’s restaurant is requesting pork again. Ki-Chan gets excited and tells Young-Tae that he will take care of the order personally. The next thing we know, Ki-Chan is out of bed to deliver the meat.

He runs into Kayoon’s in front of the restaurant. He explains that he brought it so that they can prepare the meat at night which would allow Kayoon to sell katsu at lunch. Kayoon snaps at Ki-Chan for getting out of the hospital early and for being so happy.


At the same time, Hyunjoon arrives at Kayoon’s restaurant. He sees Ki-Chan and Kayoon angrily yelling at each other and listen for a couple of minutes… He hears Ki-Chan yell about how Heejung would die if she lost her child and Kayoon yell back that Heejung should have known better before lying about a child’s biological parent.

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Hyunjoon silently stumbles backwards. When he gets to the end of the corridor, he runs to his car and gasps for breath while all of the weird memories come back. He also remembers how he has Minwoo’s blood on his handkerchief because of the time Minwoo tripped. He goes to the hospital and asks for a DNA test.


Wow. Hyunjoon just found out. Is anyone else on the edge of their seat? I can only imagine the waterfall of revenge and anger that Heejung is going to face soon. Additionally, does this then open the door for Ki-Chan and Kayoon to get back together if Heejung faces the music?

On a side note, one thing Jingook made clear in the prior episodes was that he respects and cares for Heejung as the mother of his son. I wonder of Hyunjoon is capable of doing the same thing. He now knows Heejung’s ultimate weakness and also can understand why Heejung has been furious at this this whole time. Would his anger me mitigated by the fact that Heejung has always been protecting her/their son?

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