Everything Will Be OK – 90

Hyunjoon officially joins the game involving the two families, the restaurants, and Minwoo.


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Ki-Chan supports Heejung’s position that she did not do it on purpose. Heejung adds that the tipper was Jingook who is currently in a custody battle with her. She forces the police to admit that they don’t have enough evidence to hold her.

At the same time, the secretary reports to Hyunjoon and notes that their copy of the Blackbox video would be enough to jail Heejung and stop the fight for the JBrand company. But Hyunjoon stops him saying that Heejung still has something important.

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Heejung is unrepentant after the incident. She sneers that Kayoon is trying to get her imprisoned… Kayoon answers that she does not care about Heejung but will make sure that Hyunjoon and his father pay for what they did to her family. Heejung isn’t convinced that Kayoon can do it but it seems the two have a frenemy truce.

Literally at the same time, Daeho goes to the restaurant to demand to speak with Kayoon. He makes a ruckus about Kayoon trying to ruin Heejung’s life for something as simple as the stolen sauce. He grabs the pot of the sauce and pours it into the sink.

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Ki-Chan and Kayoon arrive which refocuses Daeho’s anger. He asks Ki-Chan what happened to cause Heejung to try to hit Kayoon and yells at Ki-Chan for getting in front of the car on her behalf. Ki-Chan and Kayoon deny that Heejung did it on purpose and try to reassure Daeho that Kayoon did not go to the police because of the car accident but he just yells that if anyone has to go to jail, he will and to leave his daughter alone.

Ki-Chan manages to take Daeho out of the restaurant but Daeho is unable to win over his anger and faints. Daeho does not regain his ability to walk and Ki-Chan has to carry Daeho to the hospital. It turns out that he is faint and dizzy… Soon-Im rushes to the hospital and chastises Daeho for getting in the way of events.


Later, Hyunjoon arrives and Kayoon gives him a plate of the katsu. He sees it and congratulates Kayoon on remaking the sauce and for Mansoo getting back on his feet. Hyunjoon smiles that it’s great that they did not get married since things would have gotten complicated had they did…He smiles that he no longer has any reason to keep attacking her or her family. Kayoon nervously asks why Hyunjoon gas changed his mind. He just laughs that she should know he is a jerk who has no right. These words make Kayoon more nervous and Ki-Chan runs in as well. Hyunjoon just notes that Kayoon should ask Ki-Chan… Hyunjoon never specifically states that he knows. Rather, he states that Kayoon may have remade the sauce but cannot compete with the larger franchise’s menu or service and leaves.

Kayoon wonders afterwards if she should continue her revenge when it hurts so many people like Daeho. Ki-Chan answers that he is willing to run away with Kayoon if she wants to.


To Jung-Eun’s shock and digest, Dalja happily notes that Daeho’s hospitalization is an opportunity for Jingook to bring Minwoo home. Jingook follows Dalja’s instructions and brings Minwoo to the restaurant. It’s cute how Mansoo and Kayoon are happy to see Minwoo and just worried about him running out again.


On the side, Hyunjoon gets the report that he is the biological father of Minwoo.

Things get tense at the company as well. The CEO yells at Hyunjoon about Heejung getting called into the police station for investigation. He orders that Hyunjoon let Heejung take full responsibility for the issues.


A lighter scene also ensues when Dongsook stops by for coffee with Mansoo. They discuss how the rumours are flying about the CEO’s restaurants. She also happily invites a news company to come by since the rumours are true when the restaurant gets a call.

Additional news! Young-Tae’s outburst let’s us know that Nari is using Young-Tae’s and Dongsook’s usernames to add to the rumors about Kayoon’s sauce being stolen online. She happily goes back to work where everyone wonders about who keeps adding these posts and murmurs that it must be someone who is really frustrated.


Hyunjoon stops by Jingook’s apartment to give him the legal papers about the house. Then he goes to see a lawyer and explains the whole thing. He notes that he cannot leave his son under such a woman. The lawyer notes that he could get parental rights but he won’t be able to win custody since Hyunjoon wanted to abort the child.


Hyunjoon next meets with Heejung who is still focused on work amidst all this. He asks her why she lives the way she does. Heejung simply notes that she does not want to raise Minwoo like how she had to live… She would not have been thrown away if she had been from a more affluent family.


Later, Hyunjoon goes into Heejung’s office. As the music gets tense, Hyunjoon asks Heejung to marry him with a glare.


I was afraid Daeho would blame Kayoon for Heejung’s failings and he did. This brings up an interesting question for the Kayoon / Ki-Chan relationship. If they wanted to make it realistic, it should look into whether this makes Kayoon question how much she wants to be with Ki-Chan… Now not only has Heejung ruined her family but Daeho is irrationally blaming Kayoon for what is obviously Heejung’s own voluntary choices… A rational woman would reconsider whether she wants to join such a family.

On another note. Just what the heck is Hyunjoon thinking? I frankly cannot see how helping Jingook helps Hyunjoon regain custody over his own child unless Hyunjoon wants Jingook to raise Minwoo… This development has definitely made the series much more interesting and keeps me wanting to see the next episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

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