Everything Will Be OK – 92

Jingook and Dalja fall beyond help … and, Jingook gets caught for defamation.



Hyunjoon pushes back against Ki-Chan demanding to know what Ki-Chan can say that would disqualify him to marry Heejung…He asks if this is the same as when Ki-Chan was adamant about Hyunjoon not being able to marry Kayoon. Ki-Chan grips Hyunjoon’s collar harder and grits out that Hyunjoon should know better himself…Heejung hears the commotion and runs out. She gives the finishing blow with the statement that Ki-Chan should stop since Hyunjoon will be Ki-Chan’s new brother-in-law.  Soon-Im finally arrives and the fight is dissipated. Heejung tells her mother that she’s going to marry Hyunjoon and he promises to return to explain another day.

After Hyunjoon leaves, Heejung tells Ki-Chan that she has to do this. She explains that she cannot protect Minwoo and Dalja tried to take Minwoo away again…However, Hyunjoon was able to bring Minwoo over after one phone call.  She reminds Ki-Chan that Hyunjoon is Minwoo’s biological father; and, as a result, Hyunjoon has the right to be Minwoo’s father.

Heejung then goes to Soon-Im who does not mention anything. Heejung asks her mother if she has anything to say and her mother responds that the decision is ultimately up to Heejung.  Heejung tells  her mom that she hated Hyunjoon because he threw her away but now’s he’s trying to return to her…

Soon-Im understands her daughter’s thinking and goes to tell Ki-Chan to reconsider standing against this marriage. She tells Ki-Chan that the reason Heejung has been acting like a bat-crazy witch against Kayoon was not because Heejung hated Kayoon as Heejung always insisted…but, rather, it was because Heejung was jealous of Kayoon.

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Dalja decides to call and yell at Soon-Im about Minwoo. Soon-Im quietly answers that Dalja should stop being rude to Heejung before hanging up…So, Dalja runs into Jung-Eun’s room and  accuses her of giving Minwoo back on purpose because Jung-Eun does not want to raise Minwoo.  Jung-Eun asks how her mother-in-law could say something like this to her.  Dalja just continues to glare before stomping out.

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OMG. Get out the ice cream.  Or at least a cup of cold water. Jingook hears everything and goes into his room where Jung-Eun cries that she cannot live with Dalja anymore. (I mean WHO EF-ING COULD?! JUNG-EUN IS FREAKING ATTEMPTING TO RAISE A CHILD WHO IS NOT HER OWN… BASICALLY PAYS THE FREAKING BILLS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AND HAS TO DEAL WITH DALJA INTERFERING. Ahem.) Instead of trying to fix the situation, such as trying to explain to his mother that she cannot continue to both boss Jung-Eun around and verbally abuse her, Minwoo sighs and tells Jung-Eun to TRY HARDER to try to understand HIS MOTHER and HIMSELF. LIKE WHAT IN THIS WHOLE GALAXY COULD GIVE THIS GUY SUCH A SELFISH WAY OF THINKING? He tells Jung-Eun that she should understand that his family is in a bad situation, and, they cannot help but act in this manner. Play me the world’s smallest FREAKING violin.

Jung-Eun tries to reason with him that she does not see how the future can get any better. She also tells Jingook what is really bothering her with his behavior – that he does not consider how she would feel whenever he goes gallivanting off to Heejung’s. Jingook goes from telling Jung-Eun to understand his stupid mother to telling Jung-Eun that she should then divorce him. OMG. AT THIS POINT. PLEASE PUT US ALL OUT OF MISERY AND JUST DIVORCE HIM. LET JINGOOK AND MOTHER DEAL WITH THEIR OWN CRAZINESS BY THEMSELVES. At least they have a house so they won’t starve to death but once Hyunjoon wants Minwoo and stops helping Jingook’s family…and Jung-Eun’s family cuts ties… Then MAYBE Dalja and Jingook can go fix their own freaking situations.

Ki-Chan stops by Kayoon’s restaurant to talk to her about Heejung. Kayoon tells him that she thinks it would be the best if Heejung tells him everything and tries to start over…She notes that Hyunjoon seems to have wrapped up things his own way.

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Kayoon goes home to hear why Jung-Eun is a crying mess again. Literally within minutes of Jung-Eun finally making a logical decision, she flips over when Kayoon explains to her family that Hyunjoon has proposed to Heejung. Jung-Eun cries that poor Jingook will die with Minwoo. Erm. Let him. Should we remind you that he and his mother just treated you like dirt? I don’t see Dalja treating her own son like that!

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Anyways, our lovely Mr. Independent goes to meet with Hyunjoon. He complains that he does not understand why Hyunjoon is helping Heejung all of a sudden. Hyunjoon answers that he’s about to get married to Heejung and asks for time to get closer to Heejung. Jingook mutters that he’s trying to fight so hard for Minwoo…from looking for a lawyer to writing stuff online… (Like that is all hard work?!  Someone toss this kid into the real world – PLEASE.)

In the morning, Heejung asks her mother if she approves. Soon-Im answers that she has no right to say anything since she was not around when Heejung was growing up.  So, Heejung asks her mother for help convincing Ki-Chan. Soon-Im smiles that Heejung knows Ki-Chan is doing it for Heejung’s sake and to convince him, herself.


Heejung goes to tell her father about the situation and Ki-Chan comes home. He explains to Daeho that Hyunjoon was Kayoon’s ex-fiance and also is the one who ordered that Heejung steal Kayoon’s sauce. Daeho clams up as soon as he hears who Hyunjoon is.  Daeho notes that he cannot approve if Ki-Chan does not approve.  Daeho sighs and runs off to the office.

Heejung runs to ask Ki-Chan to stop this and Ki-Chan tells her to confess everything to Hyunjoon…If she does, he will stop standing in her way.


Cuteness again! Daeho asks Young-Tae if he knows Hyunjoon. Young-Tae answers that he knows the goodlooking devil. So, Daeho responds that their family demon (Heejung) is getting married to the devil. HAAHAHAHA. At least he knows his own daughter.

After subjecting Jung-Eun to his own mother’s constant abuse. Jingook tells his mother in the morning that he has to go to work…They cannot rely on Hyunjoon since Hyunjoon is planning on marrying Heejung. (So, his new plan is to fall at Kayoon’s family’s mercy?!) Jingook goes to work and tells Kayoon everything he knows and declares that he’s going to fight it.

Meanwhile, the home shopping channel representative tells Ki-Chan about the next show for their shrimp.  He also asks if Ki-Chan is not interesting in growing his business by diversifying. Ki-Chan answers that he is interested in donkatsu as long as it’s Kayoon’s company. The representative balks but Ki-Chan smiles that he will guarantee the quality.

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At the same time, Hyunjoon and Heejung tell CEO Yoon their plan to get married. The CEO is shocked.  Heejung apologizes for not being the best candidate for Hyunjoon’s wife but Hyunjoon stops her. He reminds his  father that his father promised to not interfere with his wedding.  CEO Yoon sighs and grumbles that he really did accept a bad deal when he took the $1 million from Hyunjoon…


Back at the restaurant, investigators come in looking for the people who have been posting things about Hyunjoon’s K restaurants.  Everyone pretends not to know the user ids since they know they can be prosecuted for defamation. (Usually, it takes too much time and effort so people don’t go through the process of IP-tracking. However, in Korea, if you are caught, you can still get prosecuted for defamation…Usually this is why people go to public computer labs to do the most complaining/gossiping but our drama characters were too lazy.)


Heejung considers telling Hyunjoon the truth. But then she gets an official delivery…It’s legal papers counter-suing Heejung and also suing for defamation.  Heejung runs to Hyunjoon’s office and demands to know why he’s not protecting her. She asks if he does not care since this is not his problem.  She declares that she has something to say.  However,  before Heejung can tell him about Minwoo, the secretary comes in and tells everyone that they found the defamation culprit. Heejung immediately orders that they press charges against Jingook for defamation and walks out.

Hyunjoon is left thinking to himself that he wanted to give Heejung a chance to save Jingook for Minwoo’s sake…Yet, he should have known better that Heejung would have chosen to fight.

The investigators return to the restaurant and tell Jingook that he has to come in for questioning.



First, Dalja and Jingook. What the heck. The must sad/infuriating part of this is the fact that daily dramas target the audience with things which would resonate with them. Unfortunately, in Korea, while it has gotten a lot better, a lot of daughter-in-laws still have to deal with the societal restraints that once you are married, you are part of your husband’s family. Theoretically, this would not be a problem if the husband’s family treats the girl as an actual daughter. In reality, the new family members usually assume that they can get the benefits of a new family member without giving the new family member the benefit of the doubt, patience, or support. A la Jung-Eun.

I mean how can Dalja and Jingook keep asking Jung-Eun to understand their situation. She has been more than patient and she is trying her best to cope with what is not the optimal situation. Meanwhile, Dalja and Jingook go off making things worse WHILE treating everything as if they were Jung-Eun’s fault. Sure, she’s Jingook’s wife but I don’t know if she has the legal right to stop Heejung from taking Minwoo back… After all, Heejung legally has all custody rights over Minwoo.  Technically, by law, no one can stop her.  Additionally, as a woman, Jung-Eun probably feels like she should treat Heejung the way Jung-Eun would want to e treated. Sure, Heejung goes off into the deep end a lot but no one can argue that Heejung did not pull herself up by herself. Unlike Jingook and Dalja who are basically living off of the goodness of other people.

Now that the rant is out of my system, this was another engrossing episode since the plot moved forward.  Hyunjoon and Heejung are letting all of the relevant people know about their marriage.  In the mean time, Heejung and Jingook fight over Minwoo.  Of course, both of them do not realize that while they focus on each other … Hyunjoon is a wild card… someone who is planning to steal Minwoo away from both of them.  The best case scenario would be that after marriage, Hyunjoon comes to appreciate Heejung and maybe falls in love with her. Jingook can find out that he was manipulated and get dumped by both Heejung and Jung-Eun.  All would be good in DRAMAFEED’S drama world.

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