Everything Will Be OK – 95

Did you hear that? That’s Heejung’s secret crashing out and everyone finding out about it!


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Back in the house, Minwoo is heartbroken when he finds out that Jingook left without saying goodbye. Heejung goes to tell her mother that Soon-Im only has to wait one year for Minwoo to go on Hyunjoon’s family register. Soon-Im answers that the importance is the truth and that she will tell Hyunjoon herself. In response, Heejung begs for her mom to trust her. She promises to make Hyunjoon fall for her.

Everyone watches the broadcast of Kayoon’s restaurant where Ki-Chan states that the sauce has been the same for twenty years.

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Then Kayoon tells Ki-Chan that she’s going to make Restaurant K pay for all that it did… Including buying the building to kick them out. Ki-Chan offers to give a suggestion but Kayoon tells him to stay out of the fight against his sister.


Making me even more nervous, Jingook brings Hyunjoon to Kayoon’s restaurant for another round. Jingook also calls Kayoon and calls her out but Kayoon refuses…Jingook continues to drink and tells Hyunjoon that Hyunjoon can marry Heejung but leave Minwoo. Hyunjoon answers that Minwoo is his son. Jingook refuses to believe it and Hyunjoon tells Jingook to check with the DNA. Hyunjoon tells Jingook that he’s going to get revenge on Heejung but Jingook is too far gone.

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Hyunjoon goes back home to Heejung and wonders if he should really live there. Heejung let’s Hyunjoon sleep on the couch. When he wakes up, Minwoo is ecstatic about his new friend and drags Hyunjoon to help him brush his teeth and join breakfast. Hyunjoon get what he always wanted – a warm family. He’s all smiles and tells Heejung that if marriage is like this, he wouldn’t mind married life.

Meanwhile, Kayoon and Ki-Chan arrive at the restaurant to find Jingook asleep on the chairs. Jingook jumps awake and gets a call from Hyunjoon. Jingook confirms that he does not remember anything after the bar because he blacked out…


Petty secretary! So, Nari complains about how evil their company is for buying up the building in which both her mother and Kayoon have their restaurants just for the sake of revenge.  The secretary does not apologize and just tasks Nari  with getting Kayoon and Dongsook to sign the sales contract. She explains that construction is planned to start in threw months and the two stores are the only holdouts.

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Ki-Chan continues to play Daddy Long Legs and manages to get the prime time slot to sell Kayoon’s katsu. However, he gets called away because Daeho has called Hyunjoon to discuss wedding planning. Ki-Chan arrives and Young-Tae pulls Daeho away for deliveries. Ki-Chan demands to know why Hyunjoon wants to go through with the marriage and Hyunjoon answers that it’s because of his family.


At the same time, Jung-Eun hands over divorce papers. Yay! Jingook just pleads with her not to play around. But, Jung-Eun holds firm and asks Jingook to agree to the divorce.


Later, Ki-Chan drops by and tells Kayoon to go back on Home Shopping as he’s got approval. Kayoon tells him to stop fighting his family and Ki-Chan responds that Hyunjoon will never be his family. Then Ki-Chan remembers what Hyunjoon answered and freaks out that Hyunjoon might know the truth.


Of course, at that moment, Jingook starts remembering the night before and Hyunjoon’s statement that Minwoo is his son… That the DNA report is in his desk. Jingook goes over to Hyunjoon’s desk and pulls out the report realizing Hyunjoon was not lying. He runs out shaking and sits in his car when he sees Heejung. Cue all flashbacks.

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Jingook turns on his car and begins to speed up towards Heejung. She hears the car and sees it rushing toward her but freezes in shock, unable to move.


There was so much action in this episode that the recap ended up being pretty short. It was just a quick half hour of the Heejung Secret Train crashing into the station FINALLY after over 95 episodes.  Now, I feel like everyone is on equal footing but Hyunjoon still has a slight advantage since Heejung does not know that he knows. I hope that at she will assume that Jingook’s knowing has to mean that Hyunjoon knows as well. Otherwise, there’s a high chance that we fall back to Heejung vulnerable because she is obsessed with Hyunjoon but Hyunjoon not having the same limitation… This could result in Hyunjoon manipulating Heejung into falling for him harder and handing over Minwoo.  Technically giving Hyunjoon rights over his biological son would be reasonable except for the fact that Hyunjoon or CEO Yoon might try to then take custody over Minwoo and kick Heejung out of his life.

First off, Minwoo does not deserve to first lose the only dad he knows and then lose the only mother he knows and has.  Secondly, unless the mother is actually harmful to the well-being of a child, I never agree to cutting a mother out of a child’s life. While Heejung has shown us that she has some anger issues, insecurity issues, and has no limits to what she will do to obtain her goals, most of her goals have stemmed from keeping Minwoo safe in her mind.  Thus, I don’t think her actions arise to the point where she is a harmful influence in Minwoo’s life and I dearly hope that she does not lose the battle against Hyunjoon.

Next episode anyone?

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