Everything Will Be OK – 96

We can all breathe a sigh of relief because Jingook did not kill Heejung.  Instead, he struggles to deal with this new information while Heejung and Hyunjoon race toward a life of normalcy.


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Jingook mutters that he cannot believe Heejung would play around with him and speeds toward Heejung. Heejung see him coming and screams while flying backwards. Fortunately, Jingook stops right before hitting Heejung. He steps out of the car and gasps out the question that he cannot believe Heejung would do such a thing… He repeats it before seeing Hyunjoon…. He finishes with the accusation that Heejung and Hyunjoon are too much for jailing him and trying to take away the building their restaurant us in. He yells that Hyunjoon should find another building before driving off.

Hyunjoon rushes to check that his drawers are still locked. He sighs with relief seeing that it’s locked and assumes that Jingook would not lie about not knowing…


Meanwhile, Jingook goes crazy. He drives to the river and walks into it crying. But he gets spotted by nearby walkers who are then stressed by what looks like a suicide.


At the same time, Ki-Chan tells Kayoon about how he set up everything for her to come out on home shopping. Kayoon looks shocked that Ki-Chan managed to do everything and get all approvals. She sighs that Mansoo would never approve of going back on home shopping.


As to Heejung’s wedding, Hyunjoon tells his father that they already filed their marriage certificate. The CEO smiles that it’s better and declares they shouldn’t hold a wedding, which would just embarass him. Heejung frown but agrees that she finds another wedding unnecessary as well.

Jingook is still in his car near the river when Minwoo calls. Minwoo asks Jingook for a car and Jingook tearfully promises to buy him one – assuming it’s a toy car.


Hyunjoon and Heejung are then called into Soon-Im’s room. She asks them if they won’t give up on buying the building. Hyunjoon notes that they can stop if Kayoon and Ki-Chan would stop. She then gets picked up by Daeho because she’s moving out.

Jingook goes home and tells his mother to look into a two bedroom apartment. He does not want to live there anymore…


On side note, Daeho is really cute and happy that Soon-Im moved in. He tries to touch her hand but she turns away. So, he turns the lights back on to drink soju with her instead. Sighing over soju, Daeho wonders about how life is unpredictable. He then confesses seeing Heejung’s blackbox, which showed that Heejung tried to hit Kayoon with her car. Soon-Im is horrified.


Back at Heejung’s place, Minwoo declares that he wants to sleep alone from now on. Hyunjoon also finds that Heejung’s ring is no longer fitting and Heejung’s finger is bothering her…My drama radar is twitching that this is an ominous sign for Heejung.


Then Jingook finds out that Minwoo is growing into a spoiled brat. Minwoo is unsatisfied with the toy car that Jingook bought him and basically tosses it onto the floor. Jingook backs off and promises to get Minwoo a new car… But he realizes that the type that Minwoo wants in which he can ride is too expensive – $2,000…


Jingook has the pleasure of seeing Hyunjoon also pick up Minwoo and give Minwoo the exact toy car that Jingook cannot afford.


At the same time, Ki-Chan brings Soon-Im to Kayoon. Soon-Im sighs that she is really thankful that Kayoon helped Ki-Chan. But she sighs that it won’t work with Heejung. Turning to Kayoon, she explains that her last request to Kayoon is that Kayoon breaks up with Ki-Chan.


Well that was unexpected. I didn’t expect Soon-Im to turn around and disapprove of Ki-Chan’s relationship after finding out that Heejung almost killed Kayoon. First, I was shocked speechless… It is an illogical development since Soon-Im should now be apologetic in addition to thankful.

Then again, as a parent, Soon-Im might feel that Heejung cannot start a new life with such a big reminder in Kayoon. All Soon-Im and Daeho want is that their children live happy lives. However, it’s clear to Soon-Im that Heejung has a lot of vulnerabilities that Heejung hides with aggression. For example, Heejung hides her hurt heart and jealousy by hating on Kayoon. Kayoon basically reminds Heejung of everything that went wrong in her life. Soon-Im might think that Heejung’s resorting to violence was an unconscious reaction that resulted when Heejung could not control herself… Hence, it’s better for Ki-Chan to live broken hearted than to always keep Heejung from healing.

Hopefully, the next episode will hold the answers.

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