Everything Will Be OK – 101

Ki-Chan wakes up and the drama goes off the rails.


Kayoon tearfully kisses Ki-Chan before turning to leave and he stops her. Not feeling emotional but looks like Ki-Chan is awake and can be transferred to a regular department…


Meanwhile the doctor tells Hyunjoon about Heejung’s condition and how it’s hard to treat it since it’s about collagen moving into different parts of her body. He tells Hyunjoon to keep Heejung warm…


Hyunjoon goes in to find Heejung even unable to button up her own shirt. He seems to feel something as the music turns light. Then Hyunjoon gets called into the office where the CEO demands to know where Heejung is.


Hyunjoon explains how Heejung gave the USB to Kayoon. The CEO orders that Hyunjoon get the files from Kayoon.


Kayoon has some good news as she is told that their restaurant got the top katsu in Seoul award. And, home shopping agreed to show their product!


Daeho then happily visits Mansoo to note how Ki-Chan almost died twice because of Kayoon. Mansoo grumps that it started with Heejung and Daeho concedes. Kayoon also notes that YB Foods has decided to use a different sauce so the families are no longer enemies.

Daeho asks if he’s going to become in laws with Mansoo who glares in response.


At the same, Nari is pissed off that she has to live alone since Dongsook is getting married. Nari tells her mom to live happily after abandoning her and Young-Tae tries to explain that she’s just lonely. Dongsook sighs and snaps at Young-Tae to do something about Nari if he’s so concerned. So, he turns with his lips pursed but she slaps them.


Hyunjoon brings Heejung’s stuff home to find Minwoo in a mood. Minwoo cries that his stomach hurts and wants his father. Hyunjoon relents and calls Jingook who runs right over. Jingook calms Minwoo down and asks Hyunjoon if he can’t keep it a secret that he’s Minwoo’s biological father until Minwoo knows that Santa is fake or goes through puberty. Hyunjoon pauses and then asks Jingook to take care of Minwoo for a little bit.


Meanwhile Kayoon and Ki-Chan rematch the episode on her restaurant and Kayoon asks Ki-Chan to give her the ring. They do with romantic emotional music.


After Kayoon leaves Ki-Chan for a break, she runs into Hyunjoon who explains that Heejung has also been hospitalized. She goes to her room but does not go in as she hears Heejung screaming in pain. Hyunjoon explains that he heard she might not live the full year for his revenge and stopped.

We turn into some kind of melodrama. Sad music plays as Kayoon says in this fake voice that the most important thing to Heejung is Hyunjoon because she loves him. Hyunjoon goes back to a beautifully sleeping Heejung.

The next day, Dalja is pissed off that Jingook seems to do whatever Hyunjoon wants. She demands to know what hospital Ki-Chan is in… While, Kayoon tells Ki-Chan about Heejung.


Jingook brings Minwoo to the hospital and Hyunjoon suggests that Heejung sees him. He wheels her out and Kayoon plays with Minwoo so that Heejung can see Minwoo playing happily.


Kayoon and Heejung talk together afterwards and Heejung asks Kayoon’s permission for leaving Ki-Chan as Minwoo’s legal guardian. She tells Kayoon that they can decide between Jingook and Hyunjoon. Then Minwoo runs into Hyunjoon who tells Minwoo that Heejung went on a business trip to London.

Dalja charges the bank but finds the hospital room empty of everyone but Daeho and Soon-Im. Soon-Im yells at them about Minwoo’s true father but he just yells back that Dalja needs to stop lying. So, Dalja leaves determined to tell Hyunjoon’s father.


The CEO ignores Dalja’s call and goes to Kayoon’s restaurant to get the USB. Jingook sees him and quietly keeps Minwoo behind him… The CEO goes in and congratulates Mansoo on his success. He hands over a blank check and notes that he heard Heejung left Kayoon something. Jingook immediately reacts defensively so Kayoon jumps in and states that she has no intention of selling the USB…


Then Hyunjoon rushes in to get his father and Minwoo calls him “Step-dad.”


Next episode is the last one! Buckle up as we rush to the finish line of this ok-daily turned into makjang!

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