Everything Will Be OK – 102 (END)

Everything magically resolves itself because it’s drama!


The CEO walks out with a somber expression to serious music…

At the same time, Kayoon writes down that their katsu only costs $8.50. So, she writes down that number.

Meanwhile, the CEO is pissed because he realized the truth as Minwoo looks just like Hyunjoon. He yells for Hyunjoon as he wants Minwoo…


Heejung screams in pain and Hyunjoon rushes in. He tells her to come with him to Hawaii where a patient was able to get cured. However, she refuses and cries that she does not want to leave Minwoo.


Ki-Chan finally tells Soon-Im who goes to Heejung’s room. Soon-Im cries that there’s a cure for cancer so they can help Heejung. She promises to help as Heejung cries about being terrified.


The parents call Hyunjoon over. Hyunjoon states that he no longer needs revenge and he found a doctor who can treat the illness in Hawaii. Daeho grabs Hyunjoon’s hands and begs for help.


The CEO calls Dalja who brings Minwoo over… Ah this freaking witch of a mother-in-law. He promises her compensation for raising his grandson. The CEO tells her to go on a trip with Minwoo so that they can freak Heejung out in revenge.

But the news gets out and the secretary tells Hyunjoon about the CEO buying a plane ticket in Minwoo’s name. Everyone jumps to action. Hyunjoon and Jingook rush to their respective places…


Luckily, the CEO is cruel. He got Dalja a round-trip ticket but only a one way for Minwoo… His minions explain to Dalja that Minwoo should go to a boarding school in London. Dalja frowns and lies that Minwoo cannot use a plane’s bathroom and runs away to Jingook.


They also meet Hyunjoon who tells them about Heejung’s condition. Minwoo meets Heejung as Dalja watches from the side…Jingook tells Dalja to vent her frustration on Heejung and leave Minwoo alone, to stop being a grandmother who kidnaps her own child. Dalja snaps that she only did what Heejung deserves.


But then Jingook sees a little bit of Heejung’s skin condition. They realize that Heejung has a fatal disease and Dalja cries that Heejung should have at least lived well.


Jingook has his time with Heejung. He tells her that he does not hate her. To him, Minwoo is like a misdelivered present… All of the happiness Minwoo gave him was supposed to be Hyunjoon’s and Jingook is thankful for what he got.

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After Jingook leaves, Heejung cries that she’s willing to do anything…Minwoo had gone to the airport to meet Heejung. She wants to live.Then the disjointed character development continues. Hyunjoon gets the USB from Kayoon saying he’s going to stop his father. He goes to tell his father that he is stepping down and giving his position to Jingook as Jingook will raise Minwoo. The CEO replies that he won’t allow it. Hyunjoon answers that he can just play the USB at the investor meeting… The CEO backs down.


Hyunjoon tells Jingook everything including that they are leaving Minwoo with him since they are going to Hawaii for Heejung’s treatment. Hyunjoon thanks Jingook for being such a nice guy.


Then it’s only one month later but it’s the wedding day on which Kayoon works in the kitchen to help with meal preparation while kitchen brings the delivery… And Jingook reports to the CEO. Jingook has not changed a bit as he complains about all of the work before declaring that he changed the sauce back to Kayoon’s sauce for their restaurant. He also snaps that the CEO should attend the wedding so he can see his son, daughter-in-law and grandson.

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Heejung and Hyunjoon also drop by right after Ki-Chan stands stunned at the sight of Kayoon all dressed up! Pretty music and a dazed Ki-Chan later, Kayoon and Heejung bond happily. Kayoon thanks Heejung for returning alive.


Then the wedding occurs and the series ends with Nari ending up with Kayoon’s bouquet.


C+/B-! This series went from having some promise to bring completely lukewarm and only surviving due to viewers being creatures of habit to turning into a really bad makjang throw your hands in the air failure. There were several problems but I will just highlight a few of the main ones.

First, the main couple lacked chemistry and the writing never managed to really make up for that lack… I really wanted to root for Kayoon and Ki-Chan. They were both really sweet and sincere and the odds were always stacked against them. But, I never fell in love with the couple and a little bit of feeling was always erased a couple episodes later by apathy. What should have been an intense love triangle/square sputtered out before anyone finished placing their bets!

Next, the drama had an identity crisis. I’m not sure why the daily dramas that I recap tend to go through this slump. However, even though we knew that Kayoon was the protagonist, I kept feeling more empathy toward Heejung. I continued to watch to see if Heejung will prevail as a cold evil character or if she will be redeemed from being this weird sympathetic antihero. I was disappointed in both fronts since she dissolved into a mess of makjang fatal illness…

Finally, kind of similar to the previous point about identity crisis but the drama failed to stick to and develop its main storyline. In fact, I’m not sure what it’s main storyline is… Was it the love triangle/square? If so, which one? Heejung/Hyunjoon/Kayoon/Ki-Chan? Or Jung-Eun/Jingook /Heejung? Or was it more of a family drama around the developments of how two friends became enemies and then learned to become friends again? The drama never clarified or spent enough time to let us know. Instead, it began to build tons of little sand castle subplots and then ran away.

So, I don’t feel like discussing this drama anymore as it was really a disappointment.  Instead, I suggest that you join me in trying out the drama that replaces this one – Heaven’s Promise aka The Promise.  First recap to post tomorrow.  For me, this will be my last trial of KBS daily dramas before I give up and move on to dailies from other stations.

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