Heaven’s Promise – 02


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The families of the two victims are called in and it is clear that neither the truck driver or Eunhae survived. Yookyung finds herself going to Eunhae’s funeral but turns away at the last minute instead of paying her respects. Instead, she keeps repeating to herself that she did nothing wrong and no one knows about Eunhae’s daughter.

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Meanwhile, the truck drivers coworkers protest at the funeral building accusing Yookyung’s father’s company of perpetuating unsafe conditions. When he tries to enter the building to enter the funeral, he gets egged so he hides in his car. However, Yookyung’s husband kneels in front of the angry mob and apologizes. He also promises to make things right.

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He then goes to apologize to the family. After he gets beaten on by the widow and children, he turns to leave but sees Eunhae’s funeral picture in the opposite hall. He sees Nayoung and remembers her from when he spotted Eunhae in the city. Eunhae had lied that Nayoung is the child of her husband…she even adds that she’s not Nayoung’s biological mother to make the story more believable.

So, he goes and tells Nayoung that he is a friend of her mother’s…


Back at the office, he asks a secretary to take care of the funeral costs and we get another flashback. Eunhae had broken up with him when Yookyung had said she was pregnant with his child. Eunhae refuses to open her doors to him and cries that he can’t fix this since he can’t get rid of a child who’s already alive…

The little boy goes to church but doesn’t see Nayoung…


It is unclear how many days have passed. The next thing we know, the social worker and landlord are both asking Nayoung to open her door. But Nayoung refuses because she doesn’t want to leave the house that her mother lived in.

Fortunately, Eunhae’s ex and Nayoung’s father comes by to check on her. He asks her if she is afraid of going to the orphanage. She answers that she’s not afraid of something she had never tried but she is afraid that her mom is no longer with her.

Nayoung’s father asks Nayoung to come and live with them. Nayoung answers that she doesn’t want to be a burden. But, her father insists that it’s not a burden since the company has a degree of responsibility in the matter and he wants to compensate.


So, Nayoung relents. And on the ride to his house, he gives Nayoung a new watch. He tells her that he hopes she only has happy times from now on.

At the same time, puppy love finds an empty apartment and leaves the umbrella there…

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Nayoung’s father introduces Nayoung as his friend’s daughter. Sejin happily introduces herself and even volunteers to share her room with Nayoung since they are the same age.

Yookyung stays silent until the kids are about to go up. Then she tells them to stop and the makjang music begins.


I find makjang to be fun to watch as long as the story line can hold on to it. For example, the characters need to be empathizable or believable. It’s like watching what would happen if society’s limitations on crazy behavior were loosened and people acted like they want to when they are not completely reasonable and before they have actually thought about the consequences of their actions… Almost like watching adult children!

Here, I found this episode to go a little slower. But it makes sense. Now that we have most of the characters introduced, the writer has to establish a strong foundation for the story. It’s the foundation that can make or break a character.

My first impression is that this drama has promise. We know that there was some impulsive and selfish behavior at the parent generation level. None of the characters seem inherently evil; they just seem to have varying degrees of selfishness. Let’s see how the drama breaks down their barriers and values until the antagonists (Yookyung and Sejin) turn against Nayoung.


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