The Promise – 06

Time for us to meet the adult characters! Sejin is amazing and Nayoung is a love-sick puppy! What?!



The alarm rings and Nayoung cries before pulling herself awake. She literally stumbles upon her step sister and fakes a yawn before rushing to the kitchen to help her step mom. The two are cute like a real mother and daughter!

Then Nayoung goes off to deliver lunch boxes to their clients. Looks like it’s a family business! How cute!


Meanwhile, Sejin and walks into a bunch of reporters asking if it’s true that she had an affair. Sejin answers that they can write whatever they want and go to her ex-husband for more information…She goes off to yell at her ex husband through the phone snapping that she married him for his money but is divorcing him because he’s psychotic. She adds that she will be willing to be the evil woman who had an affair if it makes him into the stupid wimp that lost his wife. Burn!


At the same time, Taejoon finally tells Nayoung that the company he is working in is Baek Do… (Sejin’s company)… Nayoung yells back that she’s disappointed that he never told her and lied to her. Nayoung notes that neither she nor her mother has good feelings about the company but promises to try to understand. The Coward hugs her close. =_=

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Nayoung tells him to do his best and not to worry about her… He needs to work hard so they can be successful. Then Taejoon responds that he wants to marry her this year as long as she doesn’t mind starting their new life at the attic top house. Nayoung accepts!


Taejoon walks in happily but is told to go straight to the CEO’s office. It’s Gyungwan! Taejoon agrees that it is not the first time he met Gyungwan during the interview… He worked hard to show the company what an amazing talent they failed to sponsor.

Gyungwan laughs that he likes Taejoon’s spirit. He then notes that the board if directors also liked Taejoon’s proposal… So, Gyungwan is offering a chance to study abroad to Taejoon!


But, Nayoung’s mom is a cute nagging mom. She sniffs that Nayoung got into a great University but gave it up when Taejoon needed money. Nayoung smiles back that she’s going to get married to Taejoon this year since he promised!


Yookyung drops by her father’s house and he’s pissed that the articles are stating that Sejin confessed to having an affair. The CEO yells at both of the parents for failing to control Sejin before it got to this point where she had to get a divorce with rumors about an affair. Yookyung snaps back that the husband was psychopathic and they only had Sejin marry him because of the CEO.

The verbal fight also lets us know that the CEO’s son (Hwi Kyung) also got divorced after a year.

The fight is a stalemate and Yookyung leaves. The CEO gets wheeled away (he’s now wheelchair bound because of his age even though he’s healthy enough to yell at his kids for his grandchild’s scandal) and we turn to the company.


Some of the writer’s own view point? Taejoon’s coworkers gossip about the divorce and whether it’s better to marry for love and starve or to marry for advantage… Taejoon gets stressed hearing one person say that love flees out the door when poverty comes knocking and gets up to grab fresh air and coffee.

At this point, Korea’s ugly corporate culture rears it’s head. The team leader tells Taejoon jokingly (but not joking) that Taejoon should buy coffee for everyone from the cafe since he’s going abroad for his MBA before his seniors.


Meanwhile, back at home Nayoung finds the newspaper article about Sejin hidden in Taejoon’s bed. Cue dramatic music!


First, where is the twin? Is she still alive? What became of her? Is she a bohemian artist? A CEO in her own right? A doctor? An athlete? Did we really see her or was it all a mirage?

Now that I got that out of my system. Anyone else think that Sejin’s character was pretty amazing in this episode? She’s confident and witty. She does not care about what public thinks and is even willing to let people gossip that she had an affair because she really could care less about what other’s think. This free spirited demeanor and the way she easily handled the paparazzi blew me away! It doesn’t help that she has a great fashion sense as well.

After all, if it is true in drama land that her husband is psychotic, it was an abusive relationship. She has no reason to stay in such a relationship just because of societal standards. Loving how they portrayed her here as well as Yookyung for standing up for her daughter.

On a side note, I also loved the relationship between Nayoung and her new mom! It was perfect. It’s like a real mother/daughter relationship down to the point that Mom likes Nayoung more than the stubborn eldest sister off creating her own magazine. Kudos to the writer! A great story is not one that exhausts you emotionally. A good story is one that knows how to trigger each of the different emotions at the right time so that the most emotional parts have the most impact since your emotions have had a chance to rest. ^^

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