The Promise – 12

Nayoung gets stood up as Taejoon gets introduced to Sejin’s family as his fiance.


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Taejoon is about to take Nayoung’s call when he is called in as Sejin’s guardian.

At the same time Hwi Kyung decides to call his mother. But he realizes that his cell phone is in the sweater that he gave to Nayoung.

Nayoung is not paying attention as she’s asking about the flight… The drama assumes that there’s a direct flight from Boston, which no longer exists… And tells Nayoung that no other direct flights are around.


At the hospital, Yookyung and Gyungwan find the CEO barely awake. Yookyung holds his hand but the CEO only asks for Hwi Kyung and then Hwi Kyung’s mother. Yookyung angrily runs out and the CEO grabs Gyungwan’s hand.


Hwi Kyung’s mom comes in and tells the CEO who appears to be sleeping that it’s not the right time yet. She tells him to wait until their son is set at the company and gets married and has a child. The CEO wakes up and tells her that he won’t leave to see her go to another man. Awww.

Nayoung runs to her mother-in-law’s place to ask about Saebyul as the daycare said she picked Saebyul up. However, she’s off dancing.


Hwi Kyung arrives at the hospital and sighs in relief that his father is fine. He tells his father to stay alive and next to his mother. His father tells Hwi Kyung to get married and have a kid in return.


Then Sejin also arrives with Taejoon. She introduces Taejoon to her parents as her fiancé. Yookyung is shocked and angry but Gyungwan welcomes Taejoon.


She goes off to introduce Taejoon to Hwi Kyung and Hwi Kyung’s mother as well! Yookyung pulls Gyungwan aside and tears into Gyungwan. She accuses everyone of keeping this a secret from her.

At Eun-Bong’s work, she is told about Sejin returning with a man and tasked to find out the identity of the man.

Nayoung is waiting for the mother-in-law who returns alone. Nayoung freaks out and continues to look for her daughter in the streets…in a dramatic fashion, she passes Taejoon and Sejin in a car.

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Skipping over Sejin and Taejoon acting like a couple in love, we return to Nayoung’s house. Geum-Bong sees Saebyul’s shoes and finds her in the closet. Nayoung is ready to chastise Saebyul but Mom and Geum-Bong calm her down. They explain that Saebyul only wanted to surprise the family.


Taejoon drinks himself at a bar as he listens to Nayoung’s voice-mail. He calls his mom to tell her that she was supposed to tell Nayoung that he wasn’t coming back to Korea for longer… Omg! He wants to keep his upcoming marriage a secret!


Manjung sighs that her son takes after her and is popular with the women. She bitterly mutters that he should not be mad at her when he’s the one who had the affair…

Nayoung hears the end of this muttering and asks what Manjung is talking about. Manjung lies that she was talking about someone else.


Eun-Bong comes home and hears that Taejoon’s reentry to Korea was delayed. She quickly pulls Nayoung into a different room.


AH. I don’t even have it in me to comment at this point. I thought Taejoon had hit rock bottom when I believed he had told his mother to tell Nayoung but she had not. But, to find out that Taejoon had actually asked his mother to keep this a secret from Nayoung?

At this point, it would only be fitting for Sejin’s child to not be his and for Saebyul to grow up knowing everything and hating her dad for leaving her to go and take double as long as people of normal intelligence to get his MBA… I mean really, did he fail out of each class and have to retake both years? There is literally no excuse other than he’s either stupid or he took half the normal course load each semester.

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