The Promise – 13

Yookyung finds out that Sejin is pregnant as Nayoung barely misses running into Taejoon.  However, Eun-Bong sees him in Seoul


In the quiet night, our piece of slime stands by a corner and watches over Nayoung’s house as he harbors a weird expression.


At the same time, Eun-Bong tells Nayoung to call Taejoon. She insists!


He actually picks up and pretends that he’s not in Korea. He tells her that he’s busy and focusing on work… Then he cuts the call short with the insistence that he will call her when he gets to Korea.


Meanwhile, Yookyung hears about Taejoon’s background. Yookyung is completely disappointed to hear about Taejoon’s background and rushes straight to Sejin’s room. She declares that she will never approve.

Sejin answers calmly that Taejoon is a great person and that is most important. She also adds that she decided while studying economics (what the is she suddenly a PhD in econ?), she decided that she wanted to take over the company.

Gyungwan also comes over and tries to smooth things over. He tells Yookyung that he was the one who picked Taejoon out to help Sejin. Sejin goes a step further and pulls out her ultrasound.

Yookyung responds by slapping Sejin and ripping up the picture.

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Sejin cries while putting the picture back together. Nayoung reads to her daughter. And, Taejoon broods over his copy of the ultrasound.

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The next day after breakfast, Nayoung hears Hwi Kyung’s cell phone vibrating and answers it. She promises to bring it to him and gives him her number as well. Hwi Kyung knocks over a box of stationary when he grabbed the pen and coincidentally, Nayoung’s watch was in the box. He pauses and remembers their one encounter which must have left a deep impression on him as the first sorrowful impression that he had.


Hwi Kyung’s mom calls him down. Over tea, she tells him that his father won’t last the year. She tries to give him the picture of the girl they want as his wife. But, Hwi Kyung abruptly gets up and declares that marriage is not for him; one wedding was enough for him.

Manjung stuffs her face with chicken at Nayoung’s place where Geum-Bong gets the message from her friend to come out for the blind date no matter what.


At the same time, Nayoung arrives at the hospital to give back Hwi Kyung’s cell phone. She sees Taejoon and rushes after him but she runs into a little child. She pauses to apologize and promises to get the balloon back that the child dropped.


Taejoon gets to go where Sejin is getting an ultrasound to prove her pregnancy to her mom. Yookyung comes out and slaps Taejoon. She tells him that he’s judged her wrong if he thinks that he can have Sejin by just impregnating her before getting married.

Yookyung leaves as Taejoon begins to laugh. He tells Sejin that Yookyung misjudged him since this makes him certain that he wants to have her. Sejin does not understand that Taejoon is saying he wants to beat Yookyung and marry Sejin and probably assumes he is declaring his love for her.


Nayoung gives the kid a new balloon and gets in the elevator with Taejoon and Sejin. She doesn’t look back though. Instead she answers a call from Hwi Kyung and apologizes that she had something come up. So, she left her cell phone at the front desk.


The CEO calls Hwi Kyung and tells him to grow the AP Food division. Hwi Kyung answers that it’s too hard for him since the company is in the red by over 200,000. Hwi Kyung asks for an easier job.

The CEO gives Hwi Kyung an ultimatum…either go on the blind date or take over AP Foods. Hwi Kyung answers that he doesn’t want to ruin another girl’s life because of his father and gets rushed out when the CEO responds in anger.

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Then Eun-Bong and her colleague spot Taejoon with Sejin. To hide it from her colleague, Eun-Bong tells her colleague to close his eyes… As if she’s about to kiss him.

Meanwhile Nayoung calls Yookyung to ask about the dinner. Yookyung answers that they need to push it off.


Taejoon and Sejin arrive at the new studio that Gyungwan got for Taejoon. Sejin starts placing all of these couple cups and slippers on the ground. Taejoon pauses and begins to ask Sejin about if things don’t go as they plan. But, Sejin stops him and tells him that they will get married so not to worry.

Sejin also offers to help Taejoon if this is about the other girl and she’s asking for money. Taejoon frowns and curtly tells Sejin that the other girl is not like that but Sejin continues that it all ends up being about money. Taejoon looks like he’s not completely over Nayoung and gets up abruptly to get tea and stop the conversation.

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While Taejoon is gone, Nayoung calls and Sejin picks up. Nayoung asks who the person on the phone is and the episode ends.


Well… Well… Well… So the writer wants us to think that Taejoon chooses Sejin in the end because he chooses his pride. On one hand, if Taejoon chooses Nayoung, it’s an easy fight. Everyone wants him to return to Nayoung except for Sejin and Manjung. However, he might feel that he lost. He left for five years and came back with nothing other than a masters degree and another out of wedlock child. He even becomes obligated to help provide for Nayoung and Saebyul when it looks like he’s not actually a professional star being scouted by the top companies in Korea. On the other hand, if he marries Sejin, he has won over the presumptuous Yookyung and likely maintains a high status of being the son-in-law to the current chief of staff of the company. Outside strangers would assume that he succeeded.

One thing that I like is how Eun-Bong’s job allows someone in Nayoung’s family to be on the loops about Taejoon. I hope that Eun-Bong helps Nayoung in what looks like a fight between Nayoung and Sejin for the heart of a piece of scum. But hey, at least the fight will be entertaining even if the prize is not worth it, right?

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