The Promise – 14

We found it! This episode picks up your heart, twirls it around and then returns it to you all happily exhausted after an emotional roller coaster! What happened? Taejoon finds out about Saebyul.



Sejin is happy about the opportunity to tell Nayoung about her existence when Taejoon snatches the phone away from her. Sejin asks if Nayoung still does not know. Taejoon reminds Sejin that she promised to leave it to him.

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Sejin sighs that she feels like a home-wrecker that was caught. Then we find out that Sejin wooed Taejoon despite his not-so-firm declarations that he was not interested. She notes that they both need some quiet time and leaves.

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However, Taejoon runs after her to drive her home. He explains that even if he does not like driving, he does what is necessary like driving her home since she’s not in the right state to drive. He reassures her that he will do whatever is necessary.

Sejin muses that there was no stalker the night that she went into his apartment… She tried for four years and three months but he kept pushing her away.

Taejoon responds that he was tempted by her for four years and three months. He wonders if he wanted her to give up first and thanks Sejin for not doing so… He promises to resolve everything soon.

Meanwhile, Nayoung remembers seeing Taejoon at the hospital and gets a text from Hwi Kyung thanking her for the food. He adds that his sick father was able to eat because of her.

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Then Taejoon calls Nayoung to meet the next day. Oh no! My heart… My heart! I hope Nayoung brings Saebyul out…She tells Mom and Saebyul that Hwi Kyung is on Korea.

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At the same time, Geum-Bong meets with her blind date Huh Sae Kang. Sae Kang orders a bottle of wine first. Then he drives Geum-Bong home to someone else’s house. He insists that she goes in first so Geum-Bong rings the doorbell and he finally leaves.

Geum-Bong goes home to spazz about her date to Nayoung because her date was a total catch! Nayoung replies that Taejoon is back.


The next day, the CEO calls Gyungwan and orders that he set Hwi Kyung working from the bottom of the company. Hwi Kyung has no idea as he’s at a jewelry store insisting that they fix Nayoung’s watch. An obsession resulting from nostalgia?

Hwi Kyung gets the news from Gyungwan who encourages Hwi Kyung to go on the blind date instead of starting from the bottom. Hwi Kyung smiles that he will start work the next day.


Meanwhile, Nayoung prepares Saebyul and my heart races… Saebyul drops her juice on herself… And then Taejoon arrives where pauses near the arch when he sees Nayoung. He overhears Saebyul call Nayoung “mom” and ask about when her “dad” is coming.

The coward rushes back out and calls his mom. Of course, Manjung is busy dancing and does not pick up…

Omg Saebyul even looks like Taejoon! Ah, my heart! Just give us closure!

Saebyul ends up falling asleep on Nayoung’s lap and Taejoon never shows up. Instead, he texts Nayoung that something came up…

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Then a reporter, identifying herself as Reporter Baek from Junge News (the twin?!), calls Sejin to congratulate her. She asks if the guy that she returned with is single. Sejin snaps back that the reporter can write whatever she wants. Yookyung overhears the end and snaps that this is all Taejoon’s fault.

Sejin snaps back that she hopes her mom will understand her… She adds that she would never had gotten Taejoon if she didn’t have her unborn child… She threatens to go back to the United States if her mom does not approve of Taejoon.


As for the scum himself, he drops by his old studio. He asks her who the child is. Manjung stutters that Taejoon must have met Taejoon… She answers that Saebyul is his daughter but she was the one who kept Nayoung from telling him… She notes how he would have returned if he knew about her daughter.

Taejoon shouts back it’s a lie.

Manjung responds back telling him that he’s a piece of scum, too. She only wanted Taejoon to give him a chance to climb up the ladder without interference since she had never been a proper mom to him. Then she calls him an arsehat (yay for honest moms!) reminding him that it wouldn’t have been too late to find out about the girl when he returned if he had just stayed faithful to the girl who got him through college!

Manjung grabs Taejoon’s sleeve and tells him to think about himself. She notes that if he’s unhappy for just a little bit, everything will get better. Taejoon silently leaves.


Nayoung lies to Mom that she met Taejoon. But Mom realizes that something is up from Nayoung’s down attitude and follows Nayoung into the room to ask for more details. Nayoung answers that Saebyul was already asleep when Taejoon came and just stared at Saebyul.

Mom insists that Nayoung is her daughter and she knows when Nayoung is crying. She asks Nayoung to tell her the truth. Nayoung answers that she is telling the truth.

As the dramatic music plays, Taejoon walks the streets and finds himself in front of the woman who gave up everything for him and of his daughter. He pauses when someone tells him that he should go in instead of standing outside. YES!


Love. This. Episode. v^o^v I am so happy right now because this episode did it! It was finally an episode where the the story just grabbed you by your collar, drew you into its story and then twirled you around from one storyline wave to another. Before you have a chance to catch your breath, the episode was over! +_+

So, in this happy mood, I figured that it was about time to give a first impressions/evaluation about this series.

Quite strong. What I like the most about it is that it takes your common drama pieces and spins it so that you get enough of emotional and tension release to rev up again. For example, within one episode of Taejoon and Sejin coming to Korea, both Yookyung knows about Sejin’s child and Taejoon finds out about Saebyul. Additionally, when Taejoon was supposed to meet with Nayoung, I was literally at the edge of my seat hoping that they don’t flake out on the revealation. Then, Taejoon sees Saebyul and we wait for a couple of seconds with bated breath as we hope that something doesn’t call him away. A tiny bit of tension is released when he realizes that Saebyul must be his child. But, then the eventual release of revenge does not even start because Taejoon runs away. Well written!

Additionally – omg is the twin finally back in the story? Is she literally investigating on her own twin’s unfaithful fiance?!

Another solid front for the drama. Not only are the veterans good in providing the background (e.g., Lee Jong Wan, Lee Hye Ri, Kim Do Yoon and Yoon Joo Sang), but the main generation of Suh Joon Young, Park Hana and Lee Yoori do an exceptional job. None of the scenes seem overtly makjang or unbearable to watch because of the exaggeration even if we know that we are watching a daily drama. Sure, Yookyung and Sejin have strong personalities. However, Gyungwan’s character is no doormat and neither is Taejoon’s. They don’t just use exclamations but they do a great job of using facial expressions to act.

Additionally, at this point, I thought I should note that I am quite impressed with Suh Joon Young who plays Taejoon. For as much as I bash his character, he does a great job playing this very 3 dimensional antagonist. The beginning was so difficult to watch because Joon Young played the sweet puppy loverboy so well. In this episode, it’s easy to forget that he’s just playing a guy who went off and decided to succumb to the temptation in front of him…a guy who now has to deal with his conscience.

Taejoon’s character’s conscience is really what made this episode. If he did not have such a conscience, his character would have been so two dimensional. Just evil throughout. However, his character is so intriguing and so emotionally addictive to watch because he’s not pure evil. There is still a decent chance that he could do what is right and preempt the whole need for revenge. That’s why this drama maintains its tension and excitement for me. Because even though I know that sooner or later Nayoung has to get revenge, right now, I keep hoping and wishing that things work out because Taejoon is not an evil character…He’s just a weaker willed human who made a mistake.

I’ll leave my ramblings about the other characters for another day since this part got so long ^^

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