The Promise – 16

Nayoung finds out and enters the world of denial.  Get ready for your heart to break.  Happy Friday T_T



Ominous music plays as Taejoon’s phone continues to vibrate. He welcomes Nayoung and even tears up when Nayoung hugs him. She’s ecstatic and keeps repeating her question of if she is dreaming. She pulls alway and asks if he doesn’t know how much she worried about him when he never answered her calls… Hmmm, if he was being faithful, why was he ignoring her calls in the beginning, I wonder?

Taejoon goes to prepare tea and Nayoung sees how there is two of everything. She asks if he got them in advance but Taejoon does not answer. She tells him that he should go and greet his mother.


Taejoon thanks her for taking care of his mother in his stead… Living in Nayoung’s rooftop studio I might add… Nayoung tells him to come with her home because she has a present to show him.

Taejoon asks if it is the child. She looks surprised and asks if he knew. Taejoon looks away and answers that his mother told him. Then he grabs her hands and tells her that she only has one thing to do now… Curse him… He notes frantically that he thought it would be impossible to live without her but it was only a couple of months and she will find out it’s the same for her.

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Nayoung stops him and tells him to tell her clearly. So, he sighs and replies that he is no longer her man. Then he goes and answers a call from Sejin in front of Nayoung, comforting Sejin.


Nayoung refuses to believe this and repeats that Taejoon should stop playing. Taejoon takes his account book and offers it to her. He explains that she can think of it as compensation or spousal support or child support. Yes, he went there.

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Nayoung automatically slaps him. Taejoon realizes that he has some traction and continues. He offers to let her raise the child or raise the child if she finds it a burden. Nayoung slaps him again.

Things don’t get any better with Taejoon laughing that this is better. Nayoung repeats that he will change his mind if he sees Saebyul. Taejoon’s reaction? To answer that Saebyul has nothing to do with him since Nayoung had Saebyul and raised Saebyul without telling him. Oh man, that’s grounds for termination of parental rights there!

Nayoung stumbles out after declaring that she will bring Saebyul.


At the same time, Mom goes to Manjung. She throws all of Manjung’s gifts from Nayoung on the floor and asks how Manjung could act like this.

Manjung shouts back that nothing is sure about weddings until the kids actually get married.

At the same time, Hwi Kyung’s mom walks in on the CEO meeting with a lawyer. He notes that it wouldn’t be right for him not to prepare his affairs now. She cries that he needs to focus on being with her!

Then we get some more information… Nayoung’s twin? She’s a daughter of a chaebol as well… And the CEO wants Hwi Kyung to marry her!


Yookyung storms into Sejin’s room demanding to know the identity of the reporter that published the marriage news. Sejin answers that they should let it go since the reporter is known for going after rich people. With Yookyung calmed down, Sejin goes off to see Taejoon.


Eun-Bong sees Nayoung on her way out. Eun-Bong quickly tries to stop Nayoung but Mom intercedes and lets them go.

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So, Eun-Bong goes to vent her frustration on Reporter Baek. But the reporter responds curtly that the direct parties have not contacted her so her article must be truth. She adds that if someone was hurt, the person can contact her directly.


Then, Reporter Baek’s mom comes in to tell her to go on a blind date. Baek cutely responds like any other child… She whines that she’s tired and pretend to sleep on her computer.

Oh no… Sejin comes first so Taejoon offers to go out with her for some fresh air. By the time that Nayoung arrives, he’s gone… Saebyul complains about being tired and cold but Nayoung only tries to open the door with dates special to her and Taejoon.


Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung’s mom tells him to at least pretend to go on the double date since his father is only worried about him getting settled before he dies. Hwi Kyung sighs and relents to go on the date as long as she knows he doesn’t intend to get married.


On the other side, Taejoon finally arrives at home to see Nayoung holding Saebyul.


Ah, denial! Good old fashioned denial.This episode just makes me sigh. On one hand, people do change and Sejin is amazing at playing the fox. She has incredible specs other than the fact that she’s already divorced but she still acts like she cannot do anything without Taejoon. Additionally, she brings along acceptance in a different circle than Taejoon has played in. On the other hand, Nayoung’s pride or her concern for Taejoon keeps her from begging him to leave her on her sake. She focuses on hoping that he would CHOOSE her… What she does not realize is that Taejoon is weak and he would rather go the path of least resistance – accept Sejin who is clear that she wants him regardless of whether he thinks it’s best for him or not.

Luckily for us, we know that this noble idiocy of Nayoung won’t last long. After all, this is a revenge drama. Because Nayoung’s insistence on keeping this whole mess a secret from her mother and sisters is grating on my nerves. She’s in a position where she would still be outgunned even if she had support… Taejoon intentionally cut off contact with her even before he started an affair. Then he had the affair and fathered another child. He’s correct in saying that he is a different man.

Here’s to hoping for some closure soon.

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