The Promise – 18

Taejoon flails around with his conscious as Nayoung tries to appeal to his humanity.  Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung works from the bottom up because he does not want to get remarried and we see more of Dohee (the twin)!


Nayoung looks expectedly at Taejoon. But Taejoon just stands up and lies on the phone to Sejin that he’s not home. He convinces her that his apartment is too dirty for her and Sejin gets the message that Taejoon wants his apartment to be private. She coolly agrees to leave.

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Nayoung gets up and tries to convince Taejoon not to leave her again. She asks how he could leave her and Saebyul, changing so much… But Taejoon only smiles and tells her that it’s too late. She should give up… Nayoung responds that she will change him back into the guy he was before the study abroad and leaves.

After she leaves, Taejoon falls down and tells his own conscience that he has no choice. Sejin is pregnant with a baby that he knew about before Saebyul.

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Then he goes to Manjung’s place to throw a tantrum, blaming everything on her even though he’s the one who’s refusing to take responsibility. He sobs that she made him into trash and he wishes that she never came back into his life. Seeing her son roll around on the ground sobbing gets to Manjung who cries that she’s sorry and will take care of it.

As for Sejin? She’s having a nice and easy pregnancy unlike Nayoung who had to work all through it. She’s relaxing in her room in a new dress wondering if she should call Taejoon.

Taejoon goes home after the tantrum and calls Sejin. She tells him the good news that they won over her mom who has invited him over for dinner the next day… In Yookyung’s parlance, this means she’s about to give up and approve of the marriage.


The twin! Dohee sits in her living room as her mom brings her tea and heart medicine. Dohee’s mom complains that she has to worry about the medicine of her grown daughter when Dohee’s father comes over. He intersects that he has a solution – Dohee should go on a blind date.

Dohee first sighs that she’s not interested. But when her mother disapproves of the date, Hwi Kyung, Dohee eagerly changes her tune and asks to go on the date. Awww, this is a happy family!


As for our side plots, Eun-Bong comes home to find her colleague telling a girl on the phone that she can leave him. She thinks it’s a girlfriend but he’s just being petty about his mother who wants to get remarried. Eun-Bong run! He’s a momma’s boy and those types are never good for marriage!

The next morning, Saebyul asks Nayoung if her dad is mad at her for not being able to sing to him when they first met. Nayoung reassures her daughter that her father is just busy.


Other side plot! Geum-Bong wakes up to a call from her date Se Kwang. He wants to pick her up for a date! Cue running around to get ready so she can get to her “house” before he does.

Se Kwang returns the car to a chaebol’s house (Dohee’s) and then calls up a friend to borrow a ride.


These two are so busy! Geum-Bong manages to get to her house just as Se Kwang arrives even though her heel broke. Then we see Geum-Bong and a stunt double riding along on the motorcycle. Clever use of dark tinted helmets for the driver only so we wouldn’t know… Kekeke.


We turn back to Taejoon whose life has changed dramatically. Now that he is the general manager of the strategy department, his past Team Leader is trying his best to suck up to Taejoon. The Team Leader asks if the rumors are true that the company is grooming him to take over the company since the CEO’s son was sent to a side branch of AP Foods, which isn’t even doing well.


Hwi Kyung! Our male lead isn’t interested in romance. He’s learning from the ground aka his supervisor that they used to not have so many returned products when the CEO directly oversaw the production line. However, now that the CEO is not directly overseeing quality, the quality control went downhill and returns are a mess… Hwi Kyung asks if they should just spin off the department and gets yelled at for not thinking about the people who would lose their jobs.

Youngsook sees Hwi Kyung working so hard and decides to try to help. She goes to Gyungwan to ask him why he set Taejoon up as the General Manager of the Strategy Department while Hwi Kyung is working as a staff member to the branch AP Foods location. Gyungwan tells Youngsook that it was the CEO’s decision and to have faith that he had a good rationale for it. He also adds that he’s not trying to steal Hwi Kyung’s company and promises to give the company over when Hwi Kyung is ready. He even notes that he won’t stand aside if his daughter or son-in-law try to grab the position.

Youngsook is mollified but then Yookyung come in. She snipes that Youngsook is unbelievable; no one knows who the CEO will give the company to between the son who doesn’t care for the company or the granddaughter who married a talented young man. Youngsook fires back that Yookyung should be careful or rumors about Sejin’s premarital pregnancy will get out. The response? Yookyung asks Youngsook how it feels to meet her first love as a potential in law… Youngsook leaves and Yookyung wins this battle.


Youngsook goes back to her husband where she unhappily rants to her husband about their son. The CEO answers that suffering when you’re young is good for development. Youngsook fires back that plants grow well with vitamins instead of suffering now and the CEO laughs that Youngsook is so pretty when angry.


On the side, Nayoung arrives at Yookyung’s house and realizes what happened.

Cue dramatic music!


Usually, I hate it when the main female lead tries to hold on to her lover after he has left. But here, I think it’s inevitable for Nayoung to have difficulty in believing that Taejoon would be such slime.

On a brighter note, the actress playing Nayoung does a great job of portraying the spurned and betrayed woman who tries her best not to beg but ends up indirectly begging when trying to reason with scumbags. The actor playing Taejoon also does a great job in the sense that he doesn’t seem awkward or overacts the worst parts of his betrayal, when he smiles as he tells Nayoung about the girl being Sejin’s… Both are so in their character, that it feels like watching the train wreck in real life and hits you with the feels just as badly.

Too early to worry but I really hope they don’t kill Dohee off…but they probably will won’t they? Her family life seems so normal compared to Nayoung’s or Taejoon’s other than the fact that her mother lied to her and everyone… It’s clear from the impudent way that Dohee is like around her parents that she grew up in a loving household. I’m really happy for her!

I can see how she seems to be the theoretically perfect match for Hwi Kyung who also grew up in a loving household (with the caveat of an older sister the same age as his mother). They both have a selfishness that is innate to having come from a loving family, which Nayoung doesn’t have because even though Mom loves her, Nayoung lost her birth mom and went through the time at Sejin’s… She’s had to overcome her selfishness to survive. Nayoung as her present self and they way she does everything and understands everything for Taejoon would not be a good match for Hwi Kyung who is looking for an equal like his own mother and not a doormat.

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