The Promise 22-23

Sejin ingratiates herself with Taejoon’s mom as Gyungwan starts to throw money at Nayoung to disappear from his daughter’s life.



Gyungwan realizes that Nayoung is the daughter of his first love whom he left at the orphanage. Cue dramatic music implying that this is an important moment and we assume guilt. Nayoung is crying by this point and she gets up to kneel in front of Gyungwan. She begs him to help her since Sejin already has everything while Taejoon is her family for over twenty years.


Gyungwan feels uncomfortable enough that he tries to help Nayoung up. But he has not changed his mind. He announces that he cannot give up on Taejoon because he wants a happy family for Sejin.

Nayoung falls silent in shock for a few seconds before she gets her fight back. She tells Gyungwan that Sejin also wanted to see her. Gyungwan glares and warns Nayoung not to bother Sejin.

Nayoung texts Sejin that they have to postpone their meeting. Within seconds after the text Gyungwan calls Sejin to the company.


Meanwhile, Se Kwang showers Geum-Bong with a new purse and necklace! He’s playing the part of a rich yuppie well. But then he lurks in front of Manjung’s house… Likely Manjung’s son. Also, a phone call alerts us that he is in debt of at least $2,000. He tells the lender that he’s close.


Gyungwan has used his mind. He offers that Taejoon’s mom moves into the studio and Taejoon moves into their house. Sejin is ecstatic but Taejoon calmly refuses. He explains that it’s not proper for him to move in before the wedding and he is already receiving a lot of help.


On Sejin’s way out, she sees Manjung making a ruckus in the lobby. Sejin first firmly tells Manjung to leave and come back another day when she has contacted her son. But then Manjung exclaims that she’s Taejoon’s mom and Sejin changes her attitude. She takes Manjung to Taejoon’s apartment for a steak dinner.

At the beginning of dinner, Sejin gags and Manjung finds out about the child. Unlike with Nayoung, Manjung is happy to hear the news.

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At the same time, Youngsook hears from the doctor that the CEO does not have long to live… She suggests that they go home since she’s tired of the hospital. While she’s able to keep a dry face in the beginning, the news takes a toll on her and she has to run out to hide her crying. She does manage to call Hwi Kyung to let him know the news but Hwi Kyung just assumes that his father is better.


Then Hwi Kyung gets called out by Dohee for a pretend date. Dohee explains that she has no choice since she either has to get married or quit her job. She also asks Hwi Kyung why he does not want to get married.

Hwi Kyung gets up to end the conversation. Dohee quickly adds that she is also a victim, she was almost married twice but each time it got messed up. Hwi Kyung is touched and he sits back down. He tells her that this is just a business contract for convenience between them.


The day passes and Nayoung comes home. Geum-Bong pulls her sister in her room and suggests that her sister stop waiting on Taejoon since Nayoung does not need Taejoon. She tears up and cries that she hates seeing her sister so sad and pitiful.

Nayoung sobs back that she wants to let Taejoon go as well but she cannot. Mom comes in and pulls Geum-Bong out for being heartless.

A reminder about the biggest secret. Sejin has difficulty with her baby and Yookyung sighs that she also had a difficult pregnancy. Sejin jokes that she takes after her mother since she would have been a kinder baby if she took after Gyungwan and Yookyung pauses at the reminder of her secret.

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Meanwhile, Taejoon calls Nayoung out to the park. He asks Nayoung to bring Saebyul out. Nayoung asks if he wanted to see Saebyul and asks him to wait a few minutes.

Taejoon answers that he’s going to raise Saebyul. Nayoung realizes what Taejoon is doing and asks if Sejin offered to raise Saebyul. Taejoon grits his teeth and demands that he’s going to take Saebyul so that Nayoung stops bothering Sejin. He asks if Nayoung was planning on telling Sejin.


Nayoung screams back that they can go to Sejin together and ask Sejin directly how Nayoung has been bothering her. She furiously walks across the street and falls when a car almost hits her. The accident makes the cab with Hwi Kyung and Dohee stop as well. Dohee is about to check out the situation but Hwi Kyung stops her.

Taejoon tells Nayoung to go to a hospital but Nayoung refuses. However, she is unable to walk alone and he helps her home. On his way out, he sees Saebyul and pauses in front of her bed. Yet, he does not even touch Saebyul and leaves.


Mom comes home and sees Taejoon. She beats him with her groceries making us all feel better! She yells at him for being less than an animal for turning his back on Nayoung after all she did for him. Taejoon silently listens before answering that he will COMPENSATE them. What is up with all the idiots thinking that it’s so elegant to use to the word compensate when the time is inappropriate and they don’t have the means to adequately compensate anyways.

Dohee and Hwi Kyung arrive at her house. She’s openly flirtatious as usual but Hwi Kyung laughs it off.

Taejoon goes home to find Manjung’s stuff all over his place. He bursts into his bedroom and demands that Manjung get up. When he heard that Manjung came to his company, he yells that she had no right to come to his company. He then hands over his account book and tells Manjung to stop bothering Nayoung… He also asks Manjung to raise Saebyul for him.

Manjung is happy that Taejoon called her “Mom”. She asks if Sejin knows and Nayoung agreed. Taejoon denies on both counts. Truth comes from the mouth of babes as Manjung sighs that Nayoung would never give up Saebyul.


The next day, Manjung happily brings her stuff back home. But Se Kwang runs into her with his bike. They don’t recognize each other and Manjung gets his number in case she has to go to the hospital.

In case we have not figured it out, Manjung sighs that he looks familiar and her son would also be around that age.

Manjung manages to get the studio bIt is all cute and warm fuzzy feelings. Only Youngsook is anxious because Hwi Kyung has such a low position in the company. But, Hwi Kyung smiles that he’s happy where he is.


The mood is broken when Youngsook visits. She’s pissed because her dad checked out with family but did not inform her. The CEO also reacts defensively of Hwi Kyung and Yookyung leaves.

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Eun-Bong works hard at her latest article, ordering her colleague around, when Dohee calls. Dohee asks who Eun-Bong was speaking about when Eun-Bong mentioned that someone would be hurt by Dohee’s article. Eun-Bong refuses to answer so Dohee backs off with the promise that she is always willing to help if Eun-Bong needs it.


At the same time, Nayoung finds Gyungwan at Saebyul’s daycare. He takes Nayoung to a cafe and pushes over an envelope with a check for around $1 million. He explains that he hopes it will help Nayoung on restarting her life.

Nayoung hands the check back and sighs that she loves money. However, she cannot take the money if it means that she has to listen to his demands. She notes that marriages don’t always work the way people expect…she has given up on Taejoon but she wants Taejoon to live clearly as Saebyul’s dad.

Gyungwan cuts her off and tells her that her request can never be fulfilled. Letting Sejin and Yookyung know about Saebyul would hurt them too much. He warns Nayoung to disappear before she loses Saebyul as well.

Nayoung gets up and tells Gyungwan that he just made a mistake in threatening her with her baby. She can do the same with his daughter now that she feels like she should try her best to even stop the wedding.

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Then Nayoung goes to Sejin’s house. She pauses in front of the gate where she does not manage to ring the doorbell. But, fate has it that Yookyung and Sejin would arrive.


Yes! Fight! Time for Nayoung to fight back instead of just accepting everything that happens to her! I know that she has to lose this fight because one twin has to die so that the other can take her place. It makes sense that Dohee would die since then Nayoung can return with Dohee’s resources of power, prestige and money. But, a girl can’t help it if she hopes that Nayoung loses the first battles while fighting hard! If she can’t win at least, wound the trash!

These two episodes seem to focus on Gyungwan and Nayoung’s relation and the scars he’s inflicting on his biological daughter. However, I cannot find it in my heart to hate him like I hate Taejoon’s character. Unlike Taejoon, Gyungwan has no idea that he abandoned and now abandons his daughter again. Gyungwan never knew that Nayoung is his daughter. If anyone is at fault, it’s Eunhae for protecting Gyungwan to the point where she robbed him of his choice and her daughter of a father’s love.

In light of the circumstances, it seems even more important that Nayoung continue to fight for Taejoon as Saebyul’s dad. She does not realize it but she’s fighting the hard battle that her own mother ran away from. By fighting for Taejoon as Saebyul’s dad, Nayoung is at least trying to get Saebyul what she never had.


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