The Promise – 32

Plan change: Sejin and Taejoon can marry if they make Nayoung disappear or separate Saebyul from Nayoung.



Yookyung calls everyone into the living room again where she announces that she will approve of the wedding on one condition. She tells everyone that the condition is that they have to get rid of everything that could later be a liability – either make Nayoung disappear or take completely separate Nayoung from Saebyul. Taejoon asks Yookyung to consider it again and Yookyung responds that Taejoon’s refusal means that he values Nayoung and Saebyul over Sejin. Sejin quickly tells her mother that they will do it.


Sejin takes Taejoon to her room. He asks that they look for another method. But, Sejin is not willing to listen to any other options. She yells that she was willing to leave her mother for him and Taejoon relents…


Gyungwan asks Yookyung to reconsider it as well. However, Yookyung repeats that it has to be done…Gyungwan set up Sejin with Taejoon and Taejoon had a woman…That woman was Nayoung and she had a daughter. Yookyung notes that if they don’t end it now, something worse will come around for Sejin. She leaves and runs into Taejoon in the living room. She tells him to be the horrible and heartless person because it suits him.


Next thing we know Taejoon is at Saebyul’s daycare. He tells Saebyul that he came back from the United States to see her and the whole “family” goes to a nearby family restaurant. Taejoon is a doting father which makes Nayoung lower her shields a bit. Then he asks Nayoung if she does not want to go study abroad since she had to give up her dream for him. Nayoung responds that she had dreams once but now Saebyul is her whole world.

So, Taejoon tries again. He asks if Nayoung would not just leave Saebyul to him and go find a new life. Nayoung immediately refuses.


As for the side plot – Eun-Bong’s roommate sighs that there are no coackroaches and the lights don’t seem to be going off. He wonders why Eun-Bong isn’t even calling him after she went back to her “chinjung” (a word that describe’s the wife’s family after marriage). Then he realizes that he’s thinking of Eun-Bong as if she’s his wife and freezes.


Meanwhile, Nayoung and Saebyul spend time with their family. After dancing for the adults, Saebyul brags to everyone that she went to a restaurant with her daddy and brings out a picture to prove it. Nayoung sends Saebyul to wash up and Eun-Bong follows Nayoung into her room.


Eun-Bong demands to know what Nayoung is doing. Nayoung pauses and confesses that she feels like her resolve is wavering after seeing Taejoon with Saebyul and seeing Saebyul so happy.

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The next day, Dohee is also busy. She is called over by Hwi Kyung’s ex-wife. They trade thinly veiled barbs with Dohee starting the battle as she knocks Hwi Kyung’s ex’s cooking. The ex asks if Dohee would not get professionally hurt by accusations that her writing is tainted by professional feelings. Dohee sniffs that it does not matter since she likes Hwi Kyung more.

The ex stands up and tells Dohee that Dohee should back off because Hwi Kyung will protect her…They still have unresolved issues. Dohee stands up as well and yells back that she won’t lose as the loser is the one with more secrets.


Dohee goes straight to Hwi Kyung’s office and yells at him. She demands to know what is still left between Hwi Kyung and his ex. Hwi Kyung asks if Dohee is being jealous. Dohee snaps back that she is hugely jealous! This declaration makes Hwi Kyung smile and he tells her that sometimes jealous is just as charming as sweet words before telling Dohee to leave as he has to work.


At the same time, Sejin brings coffee to Taejoon’s office and checks on whether he has spoken to Nayoung yet. Taejoon tells her to leave it to him but Sejin just frowns. She does leave, however, and walks by Dohee without seeing her.


Sejin’s next stop is Manjung’s place. She brings over tons of gifts for Manjung and asks Manjung for help since they cannot married without bringing Saebyul over. Sejin explains that they hope Manjung will raise Saebyul in the beginning and then send Saebyul to study abroad when she gets old enough.

Manjung seems cautious and asks Sejin if Nayoung would agree to this. So, Sejin quickly takes out her credit card and gives it to Manjung. The deal is done!


Manjung goes shopping with her new card and then brings $1,000 for Malsook in repayment for the $500 that she borrowed. Malsook refuses to take the money and reminds Manjung that hte original ask was $10,000. She then throws all of Manjung’s shopping bags onto the floor.

Malsook tries to kick Manjung out but Manjung responds that she’s meeting someone there. That someone? Se Kwang! Manjung gives him a new wallet with money to keep up his appearances. Malsook glares at the two from the before telling them to leave since she doesn’t want to see Malsook playing cougar in her restaurant.


Se Kwang angrily responds that he’s with his mom which shocks both Malsook and Manjung. He backpedals and says she’s an auntie. Manjung also decides to leave since they can get barbecue instead.

Geum-Bong sees them leave and tries calling Se Kwang. He picks up but pretends that he’s working. Time for Geum-Bong to wake up?


Manjung leaves to go to Sejin so that they can pick up Saebyul. By the time that Nayoung goes to pick Saebyul up, Saebyul is already gone. She hears that Saebyul’s grandmother and a younger woman came to pick Saebyul up and runs out…straight into Sejin holding onto Saebyul.


Heaven’s Promise delivered an interesting villain.  All of the crazy makjang and revenge that will result from Taejoon/Sejin separating Nayoung from Saebyul or making Nayoung disappear stems from this episode. Yet, I cannot decide if Yookyung is evil or if a part of her just wants this all to go away.  She has created an almost impossible demand – either kill of Nayoung or separate her from her child…The Jangs and Taejoon isn’t evil enough to stoop to murder yet.  Yookyung might hope that Sejin gives up after trying to take Saebyul away from Nayoung…Or, I might be giving Yookyung too much credit.

On a side note, Sejin’s outfits got much better in this episode for which I am grateful.  It’s not an important factor in watching the drama but it is an eyesore.  Yookyung’s fashion is much more on point than her daughter, who is presumably at an age when fashion would matter.  Now, and finally, Sejin’s fashion looks more average. ^^

A final note is that Sejin sank a little more into evil in this episode.  In the past, she had hated Nayoung, but she had been fine as long as Nayoung stays out of her life.  Now, Sejin has basically confessed to Manjung that not only is she going to take Saebyul away from her mother, but she is not even planning raise Saebyul herself…She wants legal and physical custody over a child, whom she will then punt off to the child’s grandmother before shipping Saebyul off overseas! Talk about irresponsible! A child growing up in that kind of environment would surely have problems!



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