The Promise – 33

Nayoung realizes that the Jangs + Taejoon are trying to steal Saebyul and Dohee gets a whisper about what is happening about her twin (not that she knows Nayoung is her twin)…

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The fight is on! Sejin smiles at Nayoung as she asks Nayoung if she’s been well and comments that Saebyul is so lovable. Nayoung takes Sejin to the side and slaps Sejin. She explains quietly that this is the last warning.


Sejin throws out that she thinks she can raise Saebyul and it’s only right that the father raises the child. Nayoung spits back that Saebyul is her child. But, Sejin yells that she can give Saebyul a better life… Which Nayoung ignores.


That night, Taejoon finds Nayoung waiting in his lobby. She refuses tea and gets straight to the point. She demands to know what Sejin is talking about.

Taejoon sighs and tells Nayoung to give him Saebyul and start a new life as being a single mother is hard. Nayoung yells back that she has been raising Saebyul by herself for years! Taejoon reasons that Nayoung had hope he would return but that hope is now gone… It will be different. So, let him be a responsible dad.

Nayoung stands up and screams that taking Saebyul from her is not being reasonable. She mutters that there must be a reason behind this and leaves.


On the other side, Sejin reports to Yookyung as Yookyung came in with herbal medicine. Yookyung is furious when she hears that Nayoung slapped Sejin but Sejin calms her down… It’s only reasonable since Sejin is trying to take Nayoung’s child. Yookyung stops but warns Sejin to be strong since if Sejin wavers, she will lose the fight to take Saebyul.


At the same time, Nayoung arrives at Manjung’s apartment. She yells at Manjung for taking Sejin to Saebyul. Manjung holds Nayoung’s hand and tells Nayoung it’s best for everyone; Nayoung can finally start a new life and Saebyul can live the life of a little rich girl.

Nayoung screams that they can all try to take Saebyul over her dead body! Finally, the truth comes out. Manjung sighs that Yookyung declared that she would only approve of the marriage if Taejoon takes the child.


Meanwhile, Dohee plays Go Stop with Youngsook and Hwi Kyung. Dohee wins and Youngsook sighs that she wants to quit playing. Dohee tells her that Youngsook can stop after she pays up and the three happily bicker.

Manjae listens to it all and smiles. He calls Mr. Baek and invites him over for tea.


Mr. Baek agrees. Then the music changes to whimsical-somber and he goes to his desk where there’s a book with picture of Youngsook in it. The note from her is read to us in her voice and it asks Mr. Baek to rest even for a little through the book.


We turn back to the adorable couple of Hwi Kyung and Dohee. She’s in his room and looks through his desk… Finding Nayoung’s repaired watch. Hwi Kyung comes in and bristles again at her snooping.

Dohee asks if it’s from his first love. Hwi Kyung is thrown off balance and fails to answer. She assumes that she’s correct and he takes the watch back. Cue physical fight to hold the watch which ends with them on the couch! Dohee softly notes that Hwi Kyung looks really average up close and Hwi Kyung chuckles. Then she asks if he wants to date for real.


The next day, Hwi Kyung presents to the Board that they might be able to save AP Foods by opening a family restaurant. Taejoon throws water on the idea noting that family restaurants are a dime a dozen but Gyungwan asks both to submit official proposals.

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Then, Nayoung arrives at the company and Taejoon brings her into the stairwells. She glares and asks if he was putting on a show for his marriage and success and accuses Taejoon of using Saebyul as a tool. Basically, she tells him that the only way they can take Saebyul is over her dead body and leaves.


Nayoung goes home in this mood but Saebyul is not home. She starts to freak out when Eun-Bong arrives with Saebyul. Nayoung falls to hug Saebyul and screams at Eun-Bong for not telling her in advance…

Nayoung rushes to her room with Eun-Bong following. Eun-Bong demands to know what is going on. Nayoung refuses to answer and Eun-Bong threatens to go ask Taejoon herself.

Nayoung sniffles and gives in. She stutters that the other family is threatening to take Saebyul. Eun-Bong tears up as well and asks how the other people can be such trash. She assures Nayoung that they won’t let the others take Saebyul and Nayoung falls into Eun-Bong’s arms sobbing.

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Later that night, Eun-Bong drinks herself into a stupor and then calls Dohee. Eun-Bong confesses that the person that Dohee was interested in… The one who would get hurt by Taejoon’s and Sejin’s marriage is her stupid sister. Eun-Bong cries that her little sister gave twenty years of her life but got thrown away by Taejoon for success.

Dohee demands to meet. But Eun-Bong cries that she is so embarrassed to be unable to help her sister. Eun-Bong repeats her apologies and falls asleep.


We turn to Taejoon and Sejin who are looking at their wedding invites. Sejin takes note of Taejoon’s absent mindedness and suggests that they steal Saebyul from Nayoung in secret.


Suddenly, Nayoung is running after Sejin who is carrying Saebyul. Sejin gets into a cab and the car drives away… And Nayoung wakes up.


Finally? Are we near the Revenge? I lurked around a certain forum about this drama as I do sometimes when I review how other viewers of this drama feel.  I realized that some people think that this drama is lagging in its timing because it’s a revenge drama where the catalyst for revenge has not occurred even though we are one third of the way through.

I’m actually going to playfully disagree.  ^^  I give kudos to the writer and production team (in addition to the great acting! I mean, I had so many complaints in Love on a Rooftop because the acting from the main leads were so stilted.  I could never figure out if it was the fault of the actors who were unable to digest the full character and let go of their own images and wear the image of their character or if it was just the writing kept throwing the actors off…) In contrast, the acting is spot on here. I never feel like Nayoung, Dohee, Sejin, Taejoon, etc, are actors playing these characters.  Rather, in each episodes, I’m engrossed in what they are doing and why they might be saying such lines.

Timing! So, I actually like the timing.  Sure, it’s not as fast as normal makjang dramas. If we were in a basic makjang drama, we would have Nayoung and Saebyul thrown aside by episode 10 and one of the twins dead or unconscious in immediately following episode.  The Angel of Vengeance would have been stalking Taejoon and seducing him before episode 15 airs, etc.

However, in forgoing that, the writer and production team has done more.  I know the background and the surrounding circumstances of over three families now. The three main families that will be affected by the revenge.  I know that Yookyung took away Gyungwan from Eunhae under false pretenses and how that blew up in Yookyung’s face.  I also know that Yookyung panicked and ended up effectively killing Eunhae as a result. So, when Yookyung responds extremely to Sejin’s situation where Taejoon has a child with Nayoung (Eunhae’s child), I don’t think it’s just a plot device that Yookyung orders that Nayoung is separated from Saebyul.  It’s because she wants to stop this ill-fated relationship between her family and Eunhae’s family that centers around the unknowing Gyungwan.

Additionally, thanks to the writer going into the three families (the Jangs, the Lees and the Baeks), I empathize with multiple characters.  For example, I am really excited to see how Hwi Kyung reacts to falling in love with both Nayoung and Dohee (assuming that the writer convinces us that he does).  I can see how it would really mess up Hwi Kyung royally when he’s already insecure about love and marriage since he has a failed marriage which ended with his wife cheated.  He will have fallen in love with two women who look alike but are two distinct people even if one person pretends to play another for a good amount of time.  Does that mean he did not sincerely love one? What about both? Was his feelings just infatuation? Is he even trustworthy?

Moreover, while Manjung and Taejoon are pretty much a two dimensional antagonists, the Jangs and Sejin have more color.  The Jangs truly want to be great parents for Sejin.  Yookyung is a cool feminist mother who takes her daughter’s side – fighting for her daughter to inherit the company and defending her daughter when Sejin divorces her husband.  Similarly, Gyungwan is clearly just an overprotective father.  They aren’t purely evil yet.  They are just really selfish.  This means that there’s a level of hope during every episode that we watch – maybe they won’t be that bad… And a level of curiosity, what causes them to break into “evil” territory making the Revenge inevitable?

All in all, my favorite daily from KBS so far.



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