The Promise – 34

Yookyung takes matters into her own hands and has Manjung kidnap Saebyul.

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The episode begins with Saebyul throwing a tantrum because she doesn’t want to eat rice; she wants to eat pizza. Saebyul whines that the pretty lady bought her pizza. Mention of the pretty lady triggers Nayoung and she yells at Saebyul to go live with the pretty lady if Saebyul likes her so much. Mom and Geum-Bong quickly jump to Saebyul’s defense and Nayoung goes to her room to cool off.


At Sejin’s house, Sejin asks if they can take care of Saebyul after the wedding since the wedding is so close. Yookyung snaps that they can call off the wedding unless they resolve everything first.


Then Gyungwan and Nayoung meet in a restaurant. He tells Nayoung to think about Saebyul… Once Sejin has her baby, she will make a great mother for Saebyul. Nayoung cuts him off and tells him clearly that Saebyul has a mother already. But, Gyungwan persists and tells Nayoung that it would be better for Saebyul to live with them than to live with Nayoung as a single mother.

Nayoung glares at him. She tells him to take off the facade since this is all for Sejin and not for Saebyul. She adds that she won’t ever let go of Saebyul but can promise that she and Saebyul won’t appear in front of Taejoon again. With those words, she leaves first.


On the side, Se Kwang arrives at Manjung’s empty house and finds a huge meal prepared. Manjung even left a note explaining that her own son’s birthday is this day but she lost touch with him and prepared a meal for Se Kwang instead.


Se Kwang calls Geum-Bong out on the premise that he will show her what life is like for plebians. So, Geum-Bong makes Saebyul promise not to open the door for anyone and leaves. Manjung sees this from the street as she was hiding nearby and quickly takes the opportunity to kidnap Saebyul.


Geum-Bong recognizes Manjung’s apartment and gets further shocked when Se Kwang walks out of it. She asks him whose house this is and he answers that it’s his old house keeper’s place.


Meanwhile, at Yookyung’s place, Manjung and Saebyul meet with Yookyung. Saebyul whines that she wants to go to her mother and Manjung immediately snaps that Saebyul will never see her mother again if she does not behave herself. Saebyul freezes and Sejin smiles that she will take Saebyul back to her mother after they play for just a little bit.

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At the same time, Geum-Bong arrives at home and finds Saebyul gone. She freaks out as Nayoung arrives and they call Mom. Malsook asks Eun-Bong’s friend to leave but he offers to watch over the shop since it seems like an emergency. He calls Eun-Bong but she’s busy.

Eun-Bong is trying to convince her editor to print her article on Taejoon. However, the editor refuses saying that it’s not a good article as it lacks objectivity.

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Back at Sejin’s house, Saebyul refuses to eat while Yookyung gives Manjung an offer. If Manjung can take Saebyul to Japan until after the wedding, she will set Manjung up with a shop or a cafe. Manjung falters as her conscious seems to kick in.

So, Yookyung raises the offer. She will add a larger apartment in a better neighborhood. She tells Yookyung to ignore all of Nayoung’s calls and take Saebyul to the countryside. The offer of a new house on top of a shop and money wins Manjung’s loyalty. She takes apart her phone to avoid answering Nayoung.

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Nayoung and her family continue to freak out. Nayoung even calls Taejoon and accuses him of using his mother to steal Saebyul. He calmly denies it but Nayoung is inconsolable.

At the same time, Hwi Kyung waits for Dohee’s call and lights up when she does call. She asks him if he waited for her call and he denies it. And, she hangs up playfully!

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Taejoon calls Sejin and hears that they have Saebyul whom he can hear crying on the side. Taejoon promises Saebyul that he will take her to her mother. But, Sejin tells him not to worry as she will bring Saebyul to him.

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Sejin yells at Saebyul to stop crying and goes to put the cake dish away. During this time, Nayoung calls and Saebyul sees the caller ID. She picks up and cries for her mom…


But, Sejin comes back in and takes the phone away. Saebyul cries for her mom and pushes Sejin who gets called off guard and falls. All of sudden, Sejin is suffering from stomach pains and Yookyung rushes her to the hospital minutes before Nayoung arrives.


Back at the hospital, Dohee calls Taejoon down to the lobby. She tells him that she will wait.

Ah… Makjang. Saebyul hears her mom yelling for her and starts to walk down. But then she trips? Or she steps wrong and falls down the stairs.


Heaven’s Promise. Why? You were doing so well with your controlled makjang levels. Then all of a sudden, you cop out and Saebyul falls down the stairs?! Saebyul is like five years old and she’s more than capable of walking down the stairs by herself! What the random!

Not to mention, I am also irritated by Sejin’s random fall. She is so unbalanced that a four year old can push her down? She’s not even far enough pregnant that her stomach is showing the pregnancy. This in combination with Saebyul’s fall are drama fouls! The story line does not support such forced and unbelievable plot developments…

It feels like the writer had to up the ante and make the Revenge happen. So, he or she copped out and decided to make the Jangs evil without continuing the smooth development from just really selfish to evil. This is a huge shame because without the two force falls, it was going so well! Manjung would have totally accepted the agreement to disappear in the countryside. Then, they could have gradually upped the ante by having the family coldly ignore Nayoung while the police cannot do anything since Saebyul is physically with Manjung. To make matters worse, they could have made it so that Saebyul tries to get home by herself since she realizes that all of the adults are lying to her. That could easily result in Saebyul getting lost or getting in an accident on her way back home… Hence, Nayoung has more than a justified reason to go on her firery rage of vengeance. But, no. We get stuck with “Oops!” falls Sejin and Saebyul. =_=



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