The Promise – 39

Sejin begins to play mom to Saebyul while Dohee warns Hwi Kyung about her heart condition.



Nayoung wakes up as Dohee and Hwi Kyung go to a psychic. The psychic tells them that if the two marry, one person will die… Hwi Kyung is closer to death though. The way to stop it is for Dohee to kill her name.

Dohee laughs about it when they go off to eat. Hwi Kyung asks if Dohee will kills her name. Dohee snaps that she wouldn’t do such a thing to her precious name that her parents gave her.


Meanwhile, the doctors tell her that she is fine… Except she doesn’t remember who she is. Yookyung is called and she introduces herself as Nayoung’s mother’s friend. Yookyung comfortingly tells Nayoung that Nayoung can take her time to remember everything.


During this time, Mom and the family worry about why Nayoung is acting so differently. Joonbae arrives with soup and happily explains that he wants to learn cooking from Mom. Mom sighs that it’s a bit burdensome but Eun-Bong asks mom to indulge him since he got fired because of sticking up for her.

Then Saebyul’s condition gets worse. She goes into another surgery and the family rushes over. But, Nayoung expectedly does not answer other than through text that she will return in a couple of days.


Taejoon and Sejin rush over as well. Eun-Bong yells at them for coming over late and then refuses to let Sejin in. Sejin sighs and explains that they just came from their wedding photographs. She also adds that Taejoon is biologically related to Saebyul but the family is not connected in any way.

Sejin forces her way in. She ignores what Mom and Geum-Bong says to sit next to Saebyul. Then she loudly tells Saebyul to wake up soon so that she can take Saebyul to eat good things and play at a theme park…Then she gives her final attack before leaving; she asks Mom and Geum-Bong how she can compensate them for taking care of Saebyul. Taejoon pulls her out before a fight can start.


Meanwhile, Manjung goes to ask Yookyung about Nayoung. She complains about Eun-Bong’s continuous texts and how she feels so nervous. Yookyung tells her that Nayoung got into an accident and is temporarily in the hospital.


At that moment, Sejin eavesdrops from behind the door. She realizes that her mom might have done something and runs to her room where she processes all of the weird hints…

We turn to Dohee who gets bad news from her doctor… There’s a small tumor developing in her heart.


Dohee goes to pick up Hwi Kyung and they go for drinks. She notes how the first guy bailed on her because he was a jerk… And how the second guy was a doctor… Things were going great until he found out about her heart condition and decided that he didn’t want to marry someone who might die at any moment.

Hwi Kyung realizes that Dohee is warning him about her health. He smiles and sighs that he’s thankful that the two men before him sent over such a great present his way. Dohee relaxes and thanks his ex for giving him to her. She also gives him a snow globe, which she explains plays the song that always calms her down.

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That night Hwi Kyung and Dohee look at pictures of each other. Hwi Kyung is totally smitten. But, Dohee? Hers is a more sadder reflection as she thanks her heart for hanging in there.

Then the next day arrives. Yookyung goes to visit Nayoung like a real auntie. Is she really nice or is this seriously some messed up sociopathic calculation that she can be nice to the Nayoung who remembers nothing and manipulate her?

Yookyung finds the bed empty and runs out after tossing her flowers on the bed. She finds Nayoung outside getting some fresh air. Nayoung turns to the only tie to her memories and asks what kind of woman her mother had been.


First thought. Is Nayoung faking it? In My Daughter is Geum Sa Wol, the mother fakes going crazy to get instituted. There she gives birth to her daughter in secret. Is Nayoung faking her loss of memories because she realized that it’s useless naivete that caused her to make her direct declaration of war to Yookyung? Nayoung had not prepared anything. She had not met any reporter. She had no money to protect her… And she almost got forcefully committed. She didn’t even leave a message or alternative plan with her sisters to go to the police if she disappears… She was too naive. Therefore, she could have decided to bide her time and lull them into a false sense of security.

Second thought…Sejin, what is up the the new desire to get credit as Saebyul’s mom? I’m not sure she understands the responsibilities of trying to filling in that role.  She has never shared anything in her life…Can she really share the father of her child?



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