The Promise – 43

Hwi Kyung realizes the dark side of Sejin’s family as they decide to hold the wedding on Nayoung’s burial date. Meanwhile, Taejoon finally has pangs of guilt. A little too little and too late.



With a heavy heart and a gulp, I turn on Heaven’s Promise amidst the sound of the subway. The makjang music gets louder and drowns out the subway… The Lees arrive and the doctor leads them to Dohee’s body. Malsook angrily turns around declaring that she doesn’t need to see a stranger’s dead body. But Eun-Bong stays and falls apart when she sees Dohee with Nayoung’s hair.


Meanwhile, Manjung calls Taejoon and sobs that Nayoung died. He rushes over and Manjung cries that all she did was do what Yookyung told her to do.

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The rest of the world finds out as well. Yookyung confirms by phone and sobs angrily that the mother-daughter duo is making her into a monster. Sejin also cries that it can’t be true and Gyungwan broods over Nayoung’s photo.


Nayoung’s funeral begins and Taejoon arrives to pay his respects. Geum-Bong asks if he was the one who knew and put Nayoung in the mental institution… Nayoung would never go to the hospital with Saebyul hurt. Taejoon breaks down and confesses that he did it.

Manjung shows up and screams that Taejoon did nothing. She did it. She lies that she wanted to take Nayoung out for some fresh air and then there was a car accident. So, she put Nayoung in the hospital for treatment and this happened. Malsook hits Manjung and demands to know if she’s human. I sit here wondering the same thing as Manjung is still lying here to cover herself. Demon? Why, you don’t look as scary as I thought.


At the same time, the Baeks are told that “Dohee” should be able to live through this. However, the doctor brings Mr. Baek aside and informs him that Dohee might also have sustained neurological injuries…

Back at Taejoon’s place, he asks if Sejin’s mom was behind this. She denies it and asks in shock how he could even say such a thing. Taejoon just sighs that he will drop it. Instead, he wants to postpone the wedding which is in two days.


Poor Saebyul cries for her mom instead of sleeping. Taejoon arrives and hugs her. She asks why her mom isn’t coming to visit. Taejoon lies that Nayoung will come back when Saebyul gets better.

Hwi Kyung arrives at home to hear that Dohee is unconscious in the hospital. Off he goes!


Mrs. Baek explains that it could have been worse if they didn’t get her out any later. She points to the necklace and sighs that the necklace saved her. Then she excuses herself to get some fresh air.

Hwi Kyung thinks to himself that he wants the fierce Dohee back. He asks her to wake up and forget about everything… Just come back to him.

Ominous music… Mrs. Baek wonders into the funeral department of the hospital and Nayoung’s wake. She sees the picture and holds down sobs… When Geum-Bong asks her who she is, Mrs. Baek runs off. She goes back to look on Dohee and tells herself that it is for the better…

That night, Sejin asks to push the wedding until after Taejoon gets over Nayoung’s death. The parents refuse as the wedding date is so close.

The next day, Hwi Kyung asks if Taejoon’s ex was in the hospital because of the fire since Dohee was there. Gyungwan confirms that she died in the accident. Hwi Kyung asks in shock if they are going to hold the wedding as usual. Gyungwan smiles that it’s part of being a parent… He cannot help be happy for Sejin. Hwi Kyung snaps that he’s afraid of parenthood and leaves.


Hwi Kyung calls Taejoon in and finds Taejoon pretty calm. He asks how Taejoon can be so calm when his ex died and his wedding is on the day of cremation. (In Korea, you hold the wake for two days and then create or bury on the third day…) Hwi Kyung adds that he cannot understand Taejoon and all he thinks Taejoon should be doing is begging for forgiveness on the day of cremation or burial.

Sejin then calls and informs Taejoon that they couldn’t push off the wedding. However, she offers to postpone the honeymoon until things calm down. Taejoon agrees and then throws a fit.


At the same time, Geum-Bong tries to get Saebyul to eat. But, Saebyul refuses unless Nayoung comes back.

Se Kwang wonders why Geum-Bong isn’t picking up. Then his father arrives… Daddy dearest is just like Manjung. Skip.


Teaser of the comeuppance.

Yookyung goes to Nayoung’s wake. Malsook leaves so she doesn’t have to see Yookyung pay her respects… Yookyung tells Nayoung that it’s her fault for trying to go against someone stronger. But, she promises to take care of Saebyul.

Eun-Bong accuses Yookyung of being behind it all. Yookyung smiles that she understands that Eun-Bong must be feeling unwell. She also snarkly remarks that they will take care of Saebyul since the Lees are not related to Saebyul by blood…

Then Malsook throws (hopefully toilet water?) onto Yookyung. She yells out that it’s for Nayoung and Yookyung walks out.


To make things worse for the family, Taejoon comes back and quietly notes that he wants to be here for the last night. Gyungwan arrives then and glares at Taejoon’s back.


Time for the wedding. Sejin is all dolled up but Taejoon is running late. Hwi Kyung and the family also arrives and… Manjae tells Yookyung that she did well. This shocks Yookyung hah!


Sejin continues to call Taejoon but he doesn’t pick up… He’s in the hospital walking out when he sees the Lees make the final walk. He stops…


I never condone violence. But if Manjung would just walk into a wall? Yeah!

Sigh. I don’t know how to comment on this episode. The thing that jumped out to me was that it’s Dohee’s funeral but her family isn’t there. For Dohee, it might be better since she doesn’t want her parents to be sad and she cares for her twin. But, funerals are generally a tradition that helps the living to move on…

Yookyung without realizing it just screwed over Mr. and Mrs. Baek as well as Hwi Kyung… They were not able to say their goodbyes to Dohee when she “moved on” according to Korean tradition. Let alone will they have any closure.

First, we should all take a moment to self-inspect… Make sure we are not one of the two below:

Yes, I was like WOA. Teaching moment! Yookyung is all posh but demonic in her way of rationalizing things and putting things beneath her.  Like, I planned to keep the ex-woman of my daughter’s fiance in a mental institution but I’m gonna pretend that it’s all in your head. In contrast, Manjung is just as evil. She’s like the more ignorant mother-in-laws. Like, my son is amazing even though he totally took advantage of you and then threw you away…and now I’m gonna lie that I didn’t just commit you against your will…Mmhmm…

Second, Sejin’s coordinator woke up! What a pretty and elegant wedding dress ^o^


Finally, Revenge… Revenge… Wherefore art thou? I now am waiting for you more earnestly than I used to wait for prince charming. A girl can take care of herself financially and we are biologically capable of reproducing as long as only one male lives… Sorry guys, we’re just part of the superior sex.  But revenge? Yeah, that takes planning and execution… Come on Nayoung!


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