The Promise – 44

Things have to get worse before they get better.  That is a governing fact of life.  But why….Taejoon goes on with his wedding like the piece of fish dung that he is.



Dohee’s body gets cremated as Nayoung’s family grieves in the room. Taejoon also watches from behind and wipes away his tears. But, he turns around to go to the wedding… Wow. Jerk. Less worthy than fish food.

Sejin walks down the aisle in all smiles… And, the scene is juxtaposed with the family preparing Nayoung’s memorial. Only Hwi Kyung seems as scornful as mine. Though, Yookyung seems annoyed that Taejoon isn’t smiling. What does she expect? Taejoon to be a fudging psychopath like his smiling mother? Dude. Someone needs to have her checked out. If she can smile like that two days after she found out the girl she forcefully instituted died, the lady is a freaking psychopath.

Notably, Eun-Bong puts Yookyung’s earring in a pencil case in the memorial.

The family begins to leave. And Manjung even has her moment where she tells everyone that she was sobbing in the bathroom after thinking about all of her suffering.

They are about to walk off when Malsook and Nayoung’s sisters arrive. Malsook grabs Taejoon and growls that he isn’t even human for getting married on the day of Nayoung’s cremation. She demands that he confess to getting married to move up in the social ladder…

At this point, Sejin tries to intervene and gets pushed to the floor by Malsook. Sejin grabs her stomach in pain and everyone freezes.  Sejin gets taken to the hospital where they found out that she lost her baby.


Sejin wakes up and immediately demands to know about her baby. Yookyung snaps that the child is gone and Sejin goes crazy.


Yookyung also looks furious and runs out. Next thing we know, the police are taking Malsook to the police station for battery of Sejin. Less than human. Trash.

Eun-Bong goes to Manjung and demands that Manjung take her mother out. She notes that if her mother cannot come out, she will tell the police everything about how Nayoung was forcefully interned in a mental institution where she died… And she couldn’t be reached by phone… Someone must have interned her… Who was related to her and it was none of them.


Manjung understands the message well and calls Yookyung to set Malsook free. Malsook sits down as soon as she gets freed and tells her sobbing daughters that they will just be better to Saebyul for poor Nayoung.


Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung brings the snow globe to Nayoung/Dohee’s room. (Note – I am going to just call her Nayoung even though everyone else calls her Dohee.) Hwi Kyung confesses that he’s thankful Nayoung came back because he had been afraid Dohee would never return to him.


Then we turn to Sejin and Yookyung. Yookyung asks Sejin if Sejin wants consolation or a grieving partner or if she should just leave. Sejin tells Yookyung that she just wants to be alone and Yookyung complies. Sejin looks at some baby shoes and apologizes to her child.

Taejoon calls and tells Sejin he’s going to come over. But he’s stopping by Saebyul’s room first. Sejin frowns and declares that she wants to see Saebyul as well.


Malsook runs into Taejoon in the hallway. She tells Taejoon to give them time. But, Sejin snaps that she lost her child because of Malsook… She declares that she’s going to see Saebyul every day and they better not stop her.


Taejoon goes to softly hold Saebyul’s hand he asks her to get up soon so that they can go play together. Saebyul asks if Mom will go with them. Taejoon silently kisses Saebyul’s hand… Sejin glares and walks out.

The next thing we know, Sejin declares to her family that she is feeling better. She also wants to help out with the company so that she can be busy.


Then Sejin goes to see Saebyul. Malsook and is about to tell Sejin to leave. But, Geum-Bong calls and Malsook steps out to take the call.

Sejin shows Saebyul all of the toys that she bought Saebyul. Saebyul answers that she doesn’t need any toys. She pulls out Nayoung’s sweater and explains that all she needs is this. It smells like Nayoung and she waits for Nayoung while hugging it.

Sejin tells Saebyul that she was lied to… Nayoung died and won’t come back. Saebyul insists that her mom will return. But, Sejin repeats that Nayoung is dead before walking out.

Suddenly, Saebyul begins to breathe quickly and shallowly. The doctors are called and Saebyul gets hooked up to an oxygen mask.


Eun-Bong rushes to Nayoung’s room where Mrs. Baek is with her. She apologizes that she came unannounced but asks for help…. She explains that Nayoung’s daughter is in critical condition and only asks to see her mother… Can’t Dohee go and pretend to be Nayoung?


Mrs. Baek pushes Eun-Bong out but Nayoung’s fingers start to move. Then Saebyul flatlines.



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