The Promise – 45

Heaven’s Promise doesn’t really care if I keep watching. They killed off Saebyul. Pitchforks ready everyone?


Nayoung opens her eyes to Mrs. Baek’s stressed freak out. But she cannot focus as all of her memories flow back to her in reverse chronological order starting with Dohee… The doctor comes to check but Nayoung cannot speak due to the shock. She relives Dohee falling unconscious and then loses it due to stress.

Nayoung closes her eyes. When she opens them, she’s in a building with a staircase following happy Saebyul up the stairs. Saebyul tells her mom to come quickly but Nayoung pauses to smile at her little angel. Then Dohee walks by and takes Saebyul with her… Nayoung is suddenly in front of a memorial for both Dohee and Saebyul. She wakes up crying for her child and takes the IV out.

At the same time, Mrs. Baek sniffles about the doctor’s prognosis. Dohee is suffering from a side effect where her memories are messed up. She walks back into the room and finds the bed empty. Sound the alarm!

Meanwhile, Nayoung finds Saebyul’s room empty as well. A nurse tells her that she needs to go elsewhere.

The memorial. Except, Taejoon is getting drunk in front of it. A few feet from him, Sejin snaps at him to get back his wits as she also lost her baby… For her, it’s harder that she lost her baby.

Taejoon slowly gets up and stumbles to hug Sejin. He apologizes and promises to do better. They walk off and Nayoung walks in.

With ominous music, Nayoung faces her’s and her daughter’s memorial. With a soul wrenching scream, she falls to the ground sobbing for the child she was not next to in the final moments. She sobs her apologies and screams pounding the glass of the memorial. She screams that she is going to kill them all! Yes! I’m ready Nayoung! I’m here with my spork ready to help you v. Taejoon/Jangs/and Manjung!


At the same time? Yookyung tells Gyungwan that she doesn’t like seeing her husband so sad all the time. She drags him out for dinner and a movie. See? The selfishness that knows no bounds. If anything, I think if you know someone from the other/in-law side shows such selfishness, RUN as if your emotional life counted on it for the selfish do not even realize their negative impact…

Nayoung watches from behind as these people happily discuss a movie while her daughter is gone and technically she is too. She looks down at the earring in her hand and then storms toward them.

But, Hwi Kyung suddenly appears and stops her. He probably assumes that she was off to confront the Jangs. Nayoung’s voice is dry and low because of the crying… She asks how he knows her since she doesn’t know him. Hwi Kyung sighs that it’s fine as they can start over again.


Hwi Kyung takes Nayoung back to Mrs. Baek who cries that she will never let Dohee go again. Nayoung thinks to herself and asks Dohee what she should do.


Selfish #2 cries over Saebyul’s pictures. But, is she crying for forgiveness? For the fact that this child never really got to enjoy her father’s care before dying? Nope. She’s crying to beg Saebyul to leave Taejoon alone…Yep. Selfish to the core, we should have known it when Manjung wanted an apartment from Nayoung without paying Nayoung back for all of her help to Taejoon…

Se Kwang drops in to visit. Manjung cries that her granddaughter died after her mother died. Se Kwang sighs that Taejoon is a piece of trash who threw away his wife and daughter for a chance of success. Yes! We agree! He adds that the worst thing in the world is a guy who makes a woman cry!

Manjung slaps Se Kwang on the side of his head and yells that he was raised wrong for badmouthing trash.


Everyone processes guilt differently… Geum-Bong cries over packing Saebyul’s clothes until Malsook interrupts. She wants to keep the clothes as is.


Back at the hospital, Nayoung listens to the snow globe. Mrs. Baek explains how it was a gift back from Hwi Kyung. Suddenly, Nayoung apologizes. Mrs. Baek snaps that it’s not like Dohee to apologize and tells her not to act so differently.


The next morning, Manjung wakes up on the bed with Se Kwang. She flips out and pushes Se Kwang off the bed with a pillow. She cries that they will go to the police and even calls the police. Se Kwang finally flips out. He tells her that she can call the police on him if he wants to see her child jailed since he’s her son Se Kwang whom she left when he was five. He leaves with Manjung following.


Meanwhile, Nayoung comes home and her parents let her have some space in her room. But, it’s a different experience for Nayoung to see her twin’s room for the first time. She walks over to a family picture and asks Dohee what she should do… The Baeks won’t ever forgive her for living while Dohee died. Dohee’s voice answers back warmly that it’s fine and asks Nayoung to take care of her parents. Nayoung replies that she’s sorry.

Mrs. Baek falls to tears in the kitchen while Mr. Baek reminds her that at least Dohee is alive.


Nayoung takes out the DNA test and begins sobbing again to realize that she lost her twin right after she was found… Switch to the Jangs. They are celebrating a new chapter of their lives with wine. Gah!


Nayoung looks through Dohee’s computer and finds the article Dohee had prepared for Nayoung. The article listed everything including how Saebyul had fallen because of an accident and was in a coma. But, then the mother disappeared. Dohee asks if this is purely accidental when the wedding is a couple of days away.

Nayoung continues the article. That Taejoon’s mother and Sejin’s mother interned the other woman. The woman died in a fire and the woman’s daughter soon followed. All because of the filthy betrayal and deadly overzealous motherly love.


OK. So I did say that I quit Heaven’s Promise after they killed Saebyul off. But, I can’t. The drama knows that I’m hooked. In fact, I accuse it of hooking me before doing the inevitable so I cannot leave.

Back to this. The episode overall had little plot development. It was an enabling episode that just slowly stoked the embers of anger inside your heart at both Manjung and Yookyung. While, neither is dancing at Saebyul’s grave, each’s decision to focus on herself and her family seems so egregious considering her actions and the consequences. Additionally, since the Revenge hasn’t started, I cannot help but let the anger burn and kindle. Let the Revenge be a la A Wife’s Temptation where first Vengeance goes after the job and then housing. Let Gyungwan know that he effectively enabled his wife to kills his biological daughter for his step daughter and let him go on a soul searching trip. Then let Yookyung, Sejin, Taejoon and Manjung try to survive without Gyungwan or daddy Manjae and his money to help. I mean have any of them really supported themselves or their family before? Maybe Taejoon but he ran straight for Sejin to get out of that predicament. Let’s see how long they last.  Nayoung FIGHTING!



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