The Promise – 46

While Nayoung tries to come to terms with being Dohee, Yookyung inadvertently kills off her father.



The family sit together over breakfast and Nayoung earnestly eats to avoid talking with the Baeks. Mrs. Baek is relieved when Nayoung shows the same food preferences as Dohee but Nayoung just feels a pang of guilt.


Se Kwang arrives with natural hill water. He first pours a cup for Nayoung. Then he jokes that Nayoung must be mad at him since she used to chug the water down as soon as she got it. The Baeks freeze and Nayoung awkwardly laughs that she was going to drink it down… Then as Se Kwang sits down to join them, Nayoung jumps up to help get Se Kwang his rice.

Everyone pauses. Se Kwang is the only one who can joke that Nayoung is a completely different person. She used to not even get her own cup of water…


After breakfast, Nayoung broods over her calendar and apologizes to her mother for not being there. But then Mrs. Baek comes in and pleads with Nayoung not to act differently… Don’t jump up to grab stuff for people and don’t do the fishes… Don’t clean up!

Nayoung quietly apologizes. However, that is not what Mrs. Baek wanted to hear. She snaps that she doesn’t want to hear Nayoung apologize either.


At the Jangs, Sejin helps Taejoon get ready and whines that she doesn’t want to go to Manjung’s for lunch as their food preferences are different. Taejoon tells her not to worry and not to do anything she doesn’t want to. They go down to where Gyungwan is preparing to leave. Yookyung reminds him to successfully bring Sejin into the company.


The board of directors meeting begins and everyone is either a sycophant or stupid. They agree that Sejin with her lack of experience and five years at supposedly a MBA program is perfect for their company. Gyungwan asks Hwi Kyung for his opinion and Hwi Kyung answers that he is also a hire through nepotism so his opinion shouldn’t count…though he tempers it with the acknowledgement that Sejin is earnest. But, for all of Gyungwan’s high words, he seems to have hopes of setting Sejin up in the company as he shoots back at Hwi Kyung that he also believes that if his child is unqualified, she should voluntarily step down. Burnnnn. But where does this confidence come from I wonder?


Coincidentally as Yookyung and Sejin wait for the end of the meeting, Gyungwan’s cell phone rings. Yookyung answers and it’s an editor from Jungle News.

Yookyung meets the editor at a cafe. The editor shows Yookyung the article that Nayoung finished and explains that the substance was so strong that they needed to investigate further. Yookyung slams the lid of the laptop down and asks who would have written such a story. The editor smiles that while anonymous, the author lacks credibility, they know who wrote it and it’s credible.

Yookyung calls the article a piece of fiction and threatens to sue. When the editor doesn’t seem convinced, Yookyung offers a trade. A stronger article in exchange.


At the same time, Youngsook takes Manjae to his wife’s memorial and steps to the side to give him privacy. Manjae tells his wife that he is coming soon and asks his first wife to forgive Youngsook and Hwi Kyung. He also promises to take care of Yookyung before he leaves…


Manjae’s car quietly arrives at home. Suddenly the reporters mob Youngsook and Manjae demanding to know if Youngsook was a home wrecker who killed the first wife. They manage to get inside and Youngsook reassures Manjae that it’s nothing she hasn’t heard her whole life. But, Manjae is noticeably older from the shock. His body cannot handle the emotional drama and he’s barely able to speak.


Youngsook goes to the kitchen where she falls to frustrated sobs while Manjae asks his attorney to find out who gave the information over.

Hwi Kyung also calls his ex-wife and accuses her of publishing the article. She quietly answers that she gave all of her materials to Dohee so it should be Dohee.

Then, the attorney calls back. He tries to answer that he couldn’t find out the identity but Manjae knows his employees too well. He asks if it was Yookyung. The attorney doesn’t confirm and Manjae gasps out for him to stay quiet and leave the will as is.


Hwi Kyung rushes to Dohee’s house and spits out that she’s just pretending to have lost her memories after stabbing him in the back. Nayoung answers that she cannot answer him. Hwi Kyung scoffs that he finally understands her words at their last meeting… How she had said she is going to choose work ethic over love.

Nayoung finally speaks up. She notes that she doesn’t have her memories and cannot defend herself. However, he should know better than her if Baek Dohee is the type would who stab him in the back.

Then Youngsook calls and cries that Manjae has passed on. Hwi Kyung tells Dohee that if she is behind it, he will never forgive her.


Nayoung calls Jungle News and asks why they published a random article instead of her article. The editor answers that it seemed too much like a gossip article that they decided internally not to publish.


Mrs. Baek also comes in to Nayoung’s room and gives Nayoung Dohee’s heart medicine. She explains how Dohee takes it every day and has an exam every year… Looks like Nayoung’s revenge has a ticking clock.


Selfish people? They never know when to stop. Yookyung hears that her father passed on and declares that Youngsook made her into a horrible child who killed her own father… As if it wasn’t her decision to hand over a scandalous article about her weak father? Gah. Even after she sees her father’s corpse, she turns and howls at Youngsook that it’s all her fault… If it weren’t for Youngsook, Yookyung’s mother would not have died and Manjae would not have died. Hwi Kyung shouts over it for his sister to stop. Yookyung only does after she threatens Youngsook to be careful about how she lives her life or Hwi Kyung will have to deal with the consequences.


Mr. Baek decides to pay his respects at the funeral and asks if Nayoung wants to go as well since Manjae liked her. Nayoung remembers Hwi Kyung words and decides to go.


What happened? Did the writer suddenly realize how to write so that each episode has its own tension? While the beginning was slow, the end was amazing. I’m here wondering when I can watch the next episode. Does Nayoung realize that Hwi Kyung is related to Sejin and that the Jangs may recognize her? Will Hwi Kyung hate Nayoung because of Yookyung’s actions? Will he ever find out the truth? How will the Baeks react when they find out that their daughter’s twin had been impersonating their dead daughter this whole time? And… What was Manjae’s will?


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