The Promise – 47

Nayoung struggles to accept the chance at revenge she has been given as the Jangs start to blatantly show their true colors.



Mr. Baek and Nayoung arrive to pay their respects. Nayoung stands a respectful few feet behind her father but tells Manjae in her head that she came on behalf of her sister whom she heard he adored. She also sighs that she is going through with her revenge on his family.


They then turn to Hwi Kyung and Youngsook. Youngsook is walking emotion and throws herself at Nayoung for a hug. Mr. Baek offers to have some tea to help Youngsook let it out and the two youngsters are left alone. Hwi Kyung grits out that he’s not happy to see her and Nayoung answers that she doesn’t have her memory; hence, she cannot defend herself.


At the same time, the Jangs meet with several investors in a private room. The funeral isn’t even over and the family is clearly planning their takeover. No additional words necessary to describe what a warm family this is.  Puke.


Taejoon isn’t used to this cold calculation and falseness. He excuses himself first and sees Nayoung as she walks out. Recognizing something familiar, he calls out. But, Nayoung is saved by Sejin who pulls Taejoon away.


Then Manjung arrives and she’s drunk. She yells and sobs in front of the memorial even though she’s not related and logically it makes no sense for her to be so grief stricken. She cries about Manjae moving on before Sejin could give him a great-grandchild and the ruckus brings over everyone else… To judge.


Nayoung and her father go home separately so Nayoung actually sends Se Kwang home first. She goes to her mother’s restaurant where she lurks and watches her mother dab at tears. However, the moment is cut when Eun-Bong arrives and assumes that it’s Dohee. Nayoung reactively runs off because it’s too early to face her loving sister.


Nayoung arrives at home to find Dohee’s mother irate for going around alone. She apologizes and promises to not do it again.


At the same time, the Jangs get home and Yookyung pulls Taejoon aside. She rips into him for his dramatic mother and he apologizes. Well that’s what you get for throwing away a family that would have loved you for money. Then she goes up to her room to brood about why her father would have ordered that his will not be disclosed until the traditional 49 days of morning is over.

Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung finds his mother asleep in his father’s wheel chair, clutching his sweater. He puts a blanket over her and goes into his room to brood about the rings he got for himself and Dohee.


The next day, Mrs. Baek gets ready to go with Nayoung to talk to the doctor. But, then, she spots Eun-Bong standing outside her house. She let’s Nayoung go first so that she can meet Eun-Bong…

Eun-Bong apologizes for coming without scheduling and explains that she just wants to see Dohee from time to time… Because Dohee looks like her own sister. Mrs. Baek asks Eun-Bong not to meet with Dohee as Dohee is sick.


At the same time, Nayoung speaks with her main doctor and realizes what Dohee had said when Dohee had gasped out that she was going to die anyways.

With a heavy heart, Nayoung goes to visit her daughter and Dohee. She barely misses Taejoon who was there minutes before. Her hand lightly grazes the glass and Nayoung whispers her apology for reading Dohee’s journal… She knows that Dohee loved Hwi Kyung and promises to clear up his misunderstanding about her. In return, she asks Dohee to look after Saebyul.

That night, Nayoung calls Se Kwang into her room and asks him to help her return to normal aka be her tutor as to everything Dohee. She also asks her parents if she can learn business management now that she is going to quit journalism.


As Nayoung begins her walk forward and memories Dohee’s achievements as well as history, Taejoon peers at a picture of Saebyul unable to move forward from his sins.


The Revenge has begun! One thing that I loved about the last couple of minutes was how we could see that Dohee had a loved life just like Nayoung with the Lees. Dohee is smiling in her pictures or even acting cute. All of Dohee’s travels and her certificates of achievements also give us a hint about the character who’s going to crush Yookyung (and Sejin). Are you excited? Because I am!


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