Vampire Detective Episode 3 RECAP

Vampy San helps a mob family in distress.


San stores at the fake philanthropist through a visiting window. San shows the man a picture of Yoojin and asks if he remembers her. The man answers that the world created the word “devil” to describe the woman. Then he leans in and laughs that San cannot handle her before dancing off.


Meanwhile, San’s friend (Choi Sunyoung) from when he was a police officer finds out that her father passed on… She’s our next client and she’s the only daughter of a mob boss even though she’s part if the police now.


San and crew arrive at Sunyoung’s father’s house and hears that Mr. Choi left behind a puzzle for his children. The first son is named Choryung and the second son is named Choro. Mr. Choi’s lawyer, Kang Saeho is also at the funeral.


Saeho hands over an ink drawing of four dragons. It was what Mr. Choi left behind for his kids to solve. Choryung and Choro are both convinced that the drawing means that Mr. Choi left everything to each of them.

Sunyoung sits down with the crew and explains thay she thinks the picture is a clue to the key code to the safe… She guesses that the fourth dragon represents Mr. Choi… The crew walks over to the safe where Sunyoung continues that Mr. Choi led a dangerous life. So, he always believed that it’s safest to say one thing and run the other way…


Gyeolwool walks up first with a gadget to open the lock. But then she realized that the safe is booby trapped. If they force the safe open, it will destroy the contents. Sunyoung adds that they already used up 7 attempts. Now, they only have three tries left.

The crew waits for San in the car to give him some space with Sunyoung. Outside the house, Sunyoung asks San to keep the police out of the investigation as the police doesn’t mesh well with her family. Then, she carefully asks how San is recovering from the accident with Yoojin and Taeho. Turning to face San, she whispers that she always wanted to apologize… But, in San’s eyes, it’s Yoojin who apologizes.


The crew gets to work with Gyeolwool looking at all of the possible numbers connected with Mr. Choi. San also reports on the seven prior attempts: Mr. Choi’s birthday, his two cell numbers, the kids’ numbers… Everyone sighs.


The next day, they visit Korea’s China Town where Mr. Choi grew up. First stop is the restaurant where Mr. Choi worked. As they suspected, one of Mr. Choi’s ink drawings is on the wall. A single dragon.


At the same time, the shadow boss sends Kyumin a lawyer to help. Kyumin smirks that they better get him out soon or he might begin talking.

Back at the restaurant, the restaurant owner confirms knowing Mr. Choi. He also recognizes Mr. Choi’s drawing and sighs that he would never forget Mr. Choi’s kills… Mr. Choi was quite famous in China Town. San asks what Mr. Choi was known for but the boss then shuts up. He tells the crew to eat and leave.

But, when they are leaving, a guy rides by on a motorcycle and smashes San in the back of his head. San’s vampy power kicks in and he heals within minutes. This allows San to pull the man to the ground before the police arrive and arrest San for battery.


The crew’s police officer has to get them out and demands lunch in payment. But, he also gives more information – the attacker was here illegally.

So, off San goes to confront his attacker who is the cook in the first restaurant. The cook isn’t happy to talk but the boss interferes before the fight can get too severe.

Over tea in the dimly lit restaurant, the boss tells the story of Mr. Choi. A skilled peasant who came to work as a server but was a born artist. Mr. Choi preferred drawing his inked dragons but the environment soon transitioned him into forging illegal documents.

The boss chides that since Mr. Choi helped out so many people in China Town, it is obvious why such people wouldn’t want San going around looking into Mr. Choi background.

San accepts this and asks what the Boss thinks the will says. The Boss answers that San should think more about what Mr. Choi wanted to instruct the living…

San broods all night and then the crew decides to look into the living for clues. They go back to Mr. Choi house. But, they aren’t the only ones planning things. While San interviews Saeho, Choryung asks Koohyung to make the screw say that the will pointed to him… And he will take care of the rest. He slides over a heavy black briefcase to smooth the deal. Money?

At the same time, Choro promises to give Gyeolwool a sports car and a new apartment if she can convince the crew that the will points to him. With widened eyes, Gyeolwool barely masks her disgust. Unfortunately, Choro mistakes this disgust for infatuation and even kisses Gyeolwool’s hand which let’s her lose her steam and she blows up that Choro should be practicing his English when he has times to make these little schemes.

Later, San speaks with Sunyoung. He asks her about the flowers in each of the dragon drawings. Sunyoung sighs that she also has no idea, she just knows that her father would always include a flower in each of his dragon drawings.

San asks her why she hated her father. Sunyoung reflects back and answers that her father had a woman when her mother was hospitalized. Sunyoung had seen the woman in her mother’s hospital room once… And the woman gave her chills. She was no play thing of her father’s. Rather, she felt like her father was a tool for with woman.

This gets cut off when Choryung and Choro arrive with their minions. Choryung is pissed off that Sunyoung would even allege that their father had a mistress. But, then the conversation switches to who their father liked best and turns into a full out brawl.


That night, San cannot shake off chills about Mr. Choi mysterious mistress. He goes back to the Chinese restaurant and asks the boss why there isn’t a flower in the dragon drawing… Or rather, why there’s a spot where it looks like Mr. Choi erased the flower.

The boss refuses to say anything about the drawing. So, San quickly asks what the boss knows about Mr. Choi’s mistress.

The boss had been about to get up. But, he sits back down and sighs that Mr. Choi met that woman in that restaurant. Mr. Choi had used to drink alone in this restaurant and the woman suddenly appeared… The boss knew that she was a dangerous woman and nothing more.

As the boss gets up and tells San to see himself out, San asks about the chef. A flashback tells us that the chef got sent to an abandoned warehouse where a vampire got him. But, all the boss says is that the chef’s body was found that morning. Just how much does this chef know?


Minutes after the chef walks out, a force slams Sam’s head into the table. He sees blood and he gets up as his eyes turn. Though San stood up, he is like a baby duck to the other vampire wearing a nondescript suit. The vampire throws San into a wall and takes the original copy of Mr. Choi’s will.

Then, we see that Yoojin or a woman with the same pendant necklace smiling as she puts a private detective card on fire.


The third day of the funeral where the body is sent off to cremation or burial…the children and Saeho sit around a table waiting for the answer.

San explains that the dragon was a sign of affection for Mr. Choi… Just like he drew one for each of his children when they were born. Pulling out the will, San continues that the four dragons signify his four children, which includes Kang Saeho.

Choryung and Choro laugh at the absurdity. Choro pulls up a knife. But, Sunyoung quietly demands order and let’s San continue.

Saeho, himself, sighs and begins to explain to his siblings. His real name is Choi Choruh. When he was younger, hr saw one of the lower bosses beat up his father and threatened to kill him.

All of a sudden, the gangster coughed up blood and fell. It was Choruh who had stabbed the man for his father…

Mr. Shin had taken the blame and also set Choruh up with a new identity. Mr. Choi went to jail and Choruh was reborn. They met again when Choruh was already an attorney…

Choro isn’t convinced and asks for a DNA test. But Sunyoung focuses on the main issue, the correct interpretation of the will. Choyong calls his minions in and they arrive with weapons.


So, San begins. The three dragon drawings each have flowers but the one in the Chinese restaurant doesn’t… Because the flower was wiped out to represent that Choruh died and was born again as Saeho. Choyoung laughs and tells San to get with the point.

San asks for everyone’s birthdays. Choyoung was born in May, the younger two in February and Saeho in January. San believes that these numbers are key to the code.


San starts with the chronological guess. It’s wrong. Then San asks what month Saeho was reborn – September. Retry. Wrong.

San closes his eyes as he has one more chance left. Suddenly, he remembers Sunyoung’s clue that Mr. Choi always said the opposite of what he wanted. He flips the chronology 2-2-5-9. Bingo!


The will? Mr. Choi ordered that his kids disband their gang… He left everything to Sunyoung. The two sons were given fake papers to start new lives.


Sunyoung finds San afterwards and hands over an envelope. The safe had the copies of documents connected with Mr. Choi’s forgery business. It also had pictures of Yoojin and Taeho.


Another fun story! This one focused less on the vampire aspect, which toned down the main tension. However, it was still fun like a normal detective drama. There’s a puzzle, some risk, and clues.

What I was surprised by was that Taeho’s picture was in that envelope as well was Yujin’s photograph… Does this mean that they are both vampires now? Why have we only seen Yujin?

Additionally, does that mean that Taeho and Yujin planned it? Then, did Taeho know that he would kill San but didn’t do anything? Did Taeho believe that whoever turned them into vampires would also save San? Or was he jealous and wanted Yujin for himself?

A seemingly light episode closes with a bunch of questions.


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