The Promise – 56

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Taejoon grits out the question of who Dohee is. Nayoung just whispers back that he should know who she is. Then, Taejoon pulls Nayoung in by her neck and kisses her.

Sejin arrives at that moment and sees. Nayoung sees her and smiles before pulling away. She looks straight at Sejin and slaps Taejoon.


Sejin, however, rushes over and slaps Nayoung. Nayoung blinks a couple of times before stating that due to Taejoon’s mistake, she’s being treated like a crazy person. She sighs that she will let the mistake go once but not again and leaves.

The couple goes home where Sejin throws everything off of her countertop. She screams at Taejoon accusing him of going crazy after seeing Dohee who looks like Nayoung. Taejoon just yells back that it was a mistake because he drank too much. Then, he leaves.


He runs into the worried mother duck outside who continues the screaming rampage. Yookyung wants to know why Sejin is freaking out and also accuses Taejoon of not forgetting his first love. Ya would think that is a risk the women took when they took the man away from his fiancé and child, right?


Taejoon blows her off and goes back to Manjung’s house. However, Se Kwang was there first eating. Manjung gets surprised by the unexpected visit and pushes Se Kwang into her bathroom. He appears again when Taejoon begins to eat.

Taejoon’s first thought is that Manjung is off playing with guys again. Manjung and Se Kwang explain that he’s her son. Taejoon leaves deciding that meeting his younger half brother in a Rooftop studio is not his thing.

This episode literally seems to focus on Taejoon.

He decides to drink at an outdoor bar (pojang macha). After a few drinks, he calls Nayoung and apologizes for his mistake earlier as he was drunk. Nayoung accepts it and asks about his face where she slapped him. The two joke and Nayoung comments that he sounds drunk… She hopes that he’s eating good snacks since he’s drinking. Taejoon loses his voice and hangs up. The well wish was what Nayoung used to say to him all the time.

Nayoung then takes out a shoe box full of her momentos including a picture of Saebyul. She loses herself in her memories as the tears fall. But, her reverie gets cut short when Mrs. Baek drops by with tea. Nayoung quickly hides the box before she gets another call from Taejoon.

At the same time, Sejin begs her father to bring Taejoon back to headquarters. Yookyung walks in at that moment and declares that it would be problematic since Taejoon’s job is to stop Dohee and Hwi Kyung… The rumor of Mr. Baek’s investment alone has influenced AP Food’s stock to rise…

Unfortunately for Yookyung, Youngsook overhears the outburst and realizes the truth of her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Nayoung arrives at the pojang macha. The owner had dialed the last number on the call log to come pick up Taejoon.


Revelations continue as Yookyung finds Gyungwan drinking in the kitchen. He tells Yookyung to back off as Hwi Kyung is her biological brother; he will take care of things. Yookyung snaps back that Gyungwan cannot do it even if he’s trying for Sejin’s sake… She’s going to take everything back from Hwi Kyung and Youngsook who took it from her mother and herself.


Yookyung walks out to find Hwi Kyung standing there. She snaps that he should announce himself. He replies that he feels like he shouldn’t as he will continue to learn life lessons this way.


Then Sejin gets a call from Taejoon’s cell. It’s Nayoung who brought Taejoon. She smiles and tells Sejin not to misunderstand as the owners of the bar called her.


Nayoung goes home to find Hwi Kyung waiting for her. He offers his hand and declares that he will make AP Foods succeed. Nayoung takes his hand.

Hwi Kyung is surprised that Nayoung’s hand is so warm as it used to be cold. Nayoung explains that this is what happens when you harbor fire inside. But, love stricken Hwi Kyung’s response is to offer to take over her burden for her.

Nayoung smiles but doesn’t take his offer and Hwi Kyung turns to leave. At that moment, Nayoung yells out that Baek Dohee with the cold hands is cheering him on. Hwi Kyung smiles that he wants the support of Dohee with the warm hands as well.


The next morning, the Lee family brings up the option of teaming up with AP Foods. Joonbae and Eun-Bong are more amenable to the idea as there are rumors circulating that Baekdo has abandoned AP. However, Malsook doesn’t want to even entertain the idea.


Then Taejoon meets with Eun-Bong. He asks her to meet with Dohee to see if maybe it’s not Nayoung… After all, they might have mistakenly identified Dohee. Eun-Bong snaps that he’s crazy and leaves.

Sejin calls Taejoon out and gives him an ultimatum. Cut Dohee off.

At the same time, Dohee meets with Mr. Baek who asks her if she still believes that she can win when there are rumors circulating that she’s manipulating Hwi Kyung. Nayoung reassures him that there is a possibility of a huge return.

Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung works hard at Malsook’s restaurant to get on her good side. But when she comes back, she drags Hwi Kyung out and throws a bucket of water on him. Nayoung only arrives after Malsook has gone back in and offers up a handkerchief. Hwi Kyung needs to prepare as a board of directors meeting has been called against them.


Hwi Kyung reviews the rumors and we hear Taejoon’s voice behind the call for the meeting. Taejoon accuses Dohee of coming into AP Foods to bankrupt it before taking it over and adds that Hwi Kyung is incapable to stop her. He calls for the two to be kicked out of the company.

The board of directors meeting opens. It’s basically a trial of Hwi Kyung with even Gyungwan apologizing that he couldn’t supervise Hwi Kyung well.

Sejin declares that they need to repay Mr. Baek and fire Director Baek Dohee. Hwi Kyung jumps up and announces that he refuses to fire Dohee and they will continue their current plan of developing a chicken franchise as it has potential. Sejin asks him in front of everyone if he’s willing to take full responsibility and step down if the current proposal fails. Hwi Kyung quickly agrees.


As Dohee walks in requesting a slight change to the negotiation, Mrs. Baek finds Nayoung’s memory box.


Ah… Sejin…Sejin. Should we be happy? She’s still naive and cute! Because what have we found out in drama land? That the person who fights head on and declares their intentions for all to see loses. Here, Sejin isn’t declaring her intention of taking over the company from Hwi Kyung but her intentions are clear to everyone in the company. Even though there is the caveat that she and Hwi Kyung are pretty evenly matched in resources and experience, she isn’t experienced or stable enough that she can go around in drama land and announce her attacks.

On the side. Mrs. Baek is really getting to me. I know that she has the right to confirm if a stranger is living under her roof. After all, it’s a bit creepy to think that your adopted daughter’s twin came in and pretended to be her… But, considering what we know about Mrs. Baek and how she lied to Mr. Baek about their child to keep him chained to her. No sympathy.

But final thought? Who would have known that Mr. Baek knew?


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