Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deulho Episode 4 RECAP

Wednesday surprise! More recaps!  Join us as Deulho sticks it to Big Bad with the help of just your neighborhood grandma and then gets caught up in the case of a long-term friend.



The grandmother freaks out and slams open the umbrella. Deulho’s eyes focus on the tire track that has been engraved into the yellow umbrella. It states “Center of Benevolence.”


The grandmother wildly swings the umbrella around to keep Deulho and Eunjo at bay as they brought on the nightmares from the night of the crash. Deulho tries to ask her if she got the umbrella after the accident but she only cries that it’s her umbrella. She’s inconsolable until her daughter-in-law comes out and helps her back in. Suddenly, the grandmother is back to normal and asking about what would be for dinner.


Meanwhile, CEO Jung gloats about winning the case. But he’s not satisfied with just winning the case. He has to ask whether they shouldn’t do something about Deulho. The Chief Prosecutor laughs that Deulho is just but a street cat. CEO Jung’s response? Sometimes dangerous street cats need to be out done.

Attorney Jang and Chief Prosecutor Shin both stay quiet and Jung Junior saves them from answering. CEO Jung’s secretary has reported about the viral video of Jung Junior, naked and sleeping in the street with the declaration that Geum San stole the USB written on his back in lipstick! CEO Jung goes home to beat up his son and then orders that Geum San clean up the mess.


Meanwhile, Deulho broods over the pictures of tire tracks from the accident before making the connection with the tracks on the yellow umbrella. Ae Ra breathlessly rushes in with news, too. She has pictures from the Center of Benevolence. One of the workers had gifted the yellow umbrella to the deceased victim, Noh Kangsoo. He had been so grateful that he took it around everywhere.


Good news comes in pairs! Daesoo and his minions have even found one of the car tires to use as a sample! Deulho and Ae Ra pull it off and begin painting it to get samples.

They have a clear match with the umbrella!

At the same time, Eunjo thinks about Deulho and how Deulho is planning to use the grandmother as a witness. Her senior associate comes in with a small divorce case for her to handle since she has tons of time according to the firm. But Eunjo? She declines! A first year newbie less than a month in basically just tells her senior that she’s planning to take the rest of the day off and runs off.


Eunjo joins Deulho and Ae Ra playing go stop with the grandmother. As she has tons of fun, Deulho invites the grandmother to a game room to play more go stop. He also tells her to bring the umbrella since it will be raining.

And… The grandmother accepts!

As the grandmother arrives, Eunjo is with her mom at her mom’s work. Omg! Hello Malsook from Heaven’s Promise. Eunjo’s mom encourages her to wear eye cream and they end up talking about Eunjo’s grandmother who also had dementia. Eunjo asks her mother about when her grandmother was more clear minded. Her mom answers that it was when Eunjo was around because the grandmother loved her so much!


At the trial, Deulho gets the grandmother to discuss the car accident that she saw. What Kangsoo was wearing and the car. Then Deulho pulls up Jishik’s own testimony to show how similar they are.


Then Prosecutor Shin gets up and aggravates the grandmother by bringing up her own son’s car accident. As Deulho tries to stop it, Prosecutor Shin explains that he just wants to make a point that the witness’ dementia colors her testimony and continues describing the horrible scene of the grandmother’s own son’s car accident which she witnessed.

The grandmother quickly gets agitated and ends up hugging herself on the court room floor. Deulho rushes over to help her but it’s the entrance of her daughter-in-law that calms the grandmother down.


Prosecutor Shin makes a move that the witness is uncredible but the grandmother cuts in. She yells at Prosecutor Shin that her son had broad shoulders because he did judo. Even if she has dementia, she wouldn’t confuse her son with the victim.


Prosecutor Shin then asks the grandmother to pick out Kangsoo from a bunch if pictures. The grandmother gets up and correctly picks out the two pictures.

Prosecutor Shin accuses Deulho of planning this with the grandmother. So, she snaps back that Kangsoo would often buy soju at her marker but not pay the full price and run off. Prosecutor Shin then announces that the grandmother is just assuming that the car accident victim is the same man.

Deulho gets up and agrees that mistakes can happen. But, he pulls up the pictures of Kangsoo. You see, Kangsoo always carried a yellow umbrella.


He then asks the grandmother when she got her umbrella. She remembers the scene and stutters that she picked it up on the night of the accident. To make his point, Deulho opens the umbrella and everyone sees how there’s tire tracks and the umbrella is stamped with the mark of the homeless shelter.

Deulho smiles and the grandmother laughs that it’s pretty.


The trial ends and Deulho giddily jokes with the grandmother and that he loves her. The grandmother puts the two lawyers’ hands together and blesses them to live long together and have tons of kids together. The daughter in law knows that this is not true and quickly pulls the grandmother away with the excuse that she needs to take medicine.


Then it’s sentencing! The judge announces that there was enough doubt to find Jishik innocent.


Prosecutor Shin throws a tantrum in his office that he can win after appealing the decision. His father answers that this why Shin Junior lost. He assumed that he would win while Deulho ran around looking for evidence to win. He tells Shin Junior to let the case alone.

Chief Prosecutor calls CEO Jung and explains the situation. He notes that it will be difficult to win on appeal and promises to take care of Deulho so he doesn’t go around trying to put Jung Junior in jail.

His plan? To go meet with Deulho. On the way there, we see how the Chief Prosecutor had seen the potential in Deulho and offered his support. When the other waste-of-air / clearly cannot spot talent if it hit them on the head/ insecure peers of Deulho made him a loner (how dare you make PSY a loner?!) because Deulho was poor, had no backing supporters and due to his background took a exam instead of going through college… The Chief sat with Deulho and openly promised to back him.

So set Deulho on his path. He would go out and go after the criminals together. He would even crack the hardest criminals creatively by starving them and eating in front of them… Psychological attacks! The Chief had watched Deulho grow like a proud daddy.

The Chief visits Deulho in his office and asks if this was what Deulho wanted when Deulho betrayed him. Interesting choice of words. Deulho replies that he wanted to do what is right.

Prosecutor Shin sighs and warns Deulho that he cannot protect Deulho any longer. He tells Deulho to be careful if he wants to see Soobin grow old.


Next thing we know, Deulho brings a bottle of soju back to the tunnel where he lived as a beggar. He broods about how it was his fault for covering up the crime in the first place that his friend died and Jishik was accused of murder. He reminds himself that the real culprit is living happily and leaves the soju and walks off.

The next day, Deulho goes back to the office where Daesoo had put the title “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deulho” on the windows. Daesoo repeatedly calls Deulho “Attorney” in a respective tone oozing with ulterior motive and happily hand over a bill for using the office and staff as support. Deulho barely gets out of signing when Jishik shows up with his son. He and his son even bow down to the ground in gratitude and Deulho & crew fall to the floor in a responsive answer.

Jishik also presents a new suit for Deulho as he assumed Deulho wouldn’t accept monetary payment…and, Deulho seemed to only wear one suit. Daesoo pipes up that Deulho is broke and would accept money, too, but Deulho overrides him. He accepts the suit and Jishik promises to live his life fully!


The crew goes to a gamjatang soup place that Deulho loves. Except, it’s empty. Within minutes of sitting down, the landlord strides in kicking boxes and announcing that Goh (the owner) needs to leave since they are redeveloping the neighborhood. Goh yells back that the landlord is not welcome since they have five years left on the lease. The landlord repeats that there is a redevelopment planned, so the lease doesn’t govern anymore.

Finally, Deulho gets up and asks if Goh received any compensation for the updates that he made to the restaurant. He didn’t. The landlord isn’t offering any compensation for breaking the lease early either. Deulho muses that there should be compensation and the landlord leaves.

But then the landlord goes outside to call someone. Suddenly, a bunch of thugs arrive and start dusting off their gloved on the dishes which Deulho and crew were eating from. Deulho sighs that the landlord is cheating and gets up to ask the thugs to leave. They refuse so Deulho sicks Daesoo and the rest on them…

The thugs get beaten up and everyone gets arrested! Ae Ra tries to get Officer Choi to let them go but he sighs that even though she is his sunbae, he can’t let them go…

The crew yells that the thugs came in looking for a fight first! But, the officer remains stubborn that it’s an issue between the landlord and tenant. Finally, Deulho announces that he was there as Goh’s (first name Byunsoo) lawyer. They get set free.

As Deulho leaves with his group, Byunsoo runs over and falls to his feet in gratitude. Officer Choi had called him to let him know that Deulho was taking on his case. Deulho and the group cannot tell Byunsoo the truth…

Meanwhile, Shin Junior receives a new report and supporting documents. Jung Junior is involved in some money laundering through a charity front and it needs to be investigated. He goes to his father for a warrant but his father reminds him to stay out unless he wants to end up like Deulho.


The landlord also reports in to Jung Junior that the tenant doesn’t want to leave. Jung Junior snaps that he will let the law firm handle it and yells at the landlord to fix it immediately!


Next thing we know, people from a construction company arrive at the gamjatang place to start breaking down the place at night. But, before they can smash a thing, Deulho waltzes by with chains. He chains himself to the doors and laughs that the workers cannot break any of the restaurant property while he’s camping there.


Jishik won! Wow. I usually don’t like episodic dramas because the episode I too short for me to really get to know a character. But, taking around 3.5 episodes really hit the spot.


Additionally, I loved the fact that Deulho used the testimony of two people who are usually dismissed by society to win the case against the large law firm defending CEO Jang. It’s true that separately, the beggar’s testimony as an eye witness and a woman with dementia would be dismissed. But when you put it together and add the evidence like the umbrella, there is enough doubt. And, in a way, Deulho empowered both Jishik and the grandmother. Because, they had the high and mighty judges of the appeals court as well as everyone else watching the trial listen. That. Is. Amazing.

The other thing that felt true to the story was how Deulho kind of fell into his next case. He goes to a restaurant that he loves and finds it fighting another lopsided battle. He doesn’t want get involved and doesn’t offer to represent Byunsoo or anything. He just eats his potato stew with the others…

But, when the thugs come in to literally throw dirt on their food. It becomes personal. Now, it’s not just about helping someone, it’s about teaching some arsehats that sometimes victims fight back. Then, it was even more unbelievably believeable that Deulho would squeak out that he represents Byunsoo so that his group can get out of jail instead of dealing with the hassles of an investigation of an incident of joint battery and dealing with the resulting settlement issues. Rather, as the lawyer, suddenly Deulho has a reason to be there and to be protecting Byunsoo’s restaurant…


But, all of these out of his control circumstances just tells us that Deulho is not a young sapling with a messiah complex. In fact, the scene where he goes back to the tunnel with a drink was quite poignant. Everyone has moments of self doubt. It doesn’t even have to be when things are going wrong but when there’s an onslaught of the imposter syndrome.  He won but if he really thinks about it… He caused it.  So, does he have the right to receive Jishik’s gratitude? Deulho manifested that self doubt and imposter syndrome amazingly. And, it makes me invested in the story even more.


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