The Promise – 57

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Mrs. Baek opens Nayoung’s memory box with shaking hands. But, she only finds normal photographs. She then takes out her phone and calls something, introducing herself as Dohee’s mom.

Meanwhile, Nayoung interrupts the board of directors meeting and notes that it would not be right for Hwi Kyung to agree to take full responsibility for nothing. She suggests that both Hwi Kyung and she can agree to take full responsibility and give up their positions if the chicken franchise proposal does not work out…However, in return, everyone at Baekdo Group needs to promise to leave management of AP Foods alone. Sejin glares but she agrees as she is cornered by Dohee’s reasonable proposal.

Nayoung meets with Gyungwan separately after the meeting. He asks her what she is really planning and Nayoung responds gravely that she wants all of Baekdo Group. Gyungwan freezes in shock. After a few seconds, Nayoung bursts into laughter and asks if Gyungwan believed her. She sips her tea and notes that she only wants to inherit her father’s company like normal.

At the same time, Sejin calls her mother and reports the results. She smiles broadly as she believes the chicken franchise would never work out as long as Malsook knows that its teaming up with Baekdo Group and Taejoon.


So, Yookyung dances into Youngsook’s room to gloat. But, Youngsook already knows that Hwi Kyung agreed to take full responsibility for the chicken franchise proposal. She smiles that rather than Hwi Kyung, she is more interested in Eunhae these days. Yookyung frowns and snaps back that she suddenly loves Youngsook’s room and Youngsook doesn’t need a large room now that she’s widow, does she?

Side plots continue! Mrs. Baek visits Nayoung’s memorial but cannot push herself to to look closely. Meanwhile, Eun-Bong reflects on Taejoon’s request that she look into the connection between Nayoung and Dohee…

We turn to the main plot. Hwi Kyung, Taejoon, Nayoung and Sejin are supposed to meet. But, Hwi Kyung has to get a call and leaves Nayoung and Taejoon alone. Taejoon immediately apologizes again for his mistake the other night.

Nayoung smiles and tells him not to apologize. She notes that his expression makes her think that he might make the same mistake again. Taejoon answers that he won’t; he made a mistake because Dohee looked eerily like someone. Nayoung asks if it was “Lee Nayoung.”

Taejoon freezes. Nayoung continues to ask if Taejoon is not over Nayoung…That would mean that Taejoon really loved Nayoung so why did he leave her? Did he love Sejin that much? Taejoon cuts the conversation saying he doesn’t want to discuss it. Nayoung laughs that Lee Nayoung is dead so what is the problem. Taejoon replies that he’s not so sure that Nayoung is dead… Still calm, Nayoung tells Taejoon to carefully look into it and tell her the results.

The private conversation gets cut short with Sejin’s and Hwi Kyung’s arrival. The first dish is then served and it’s shrimp. Taejoon stares at Nayoung who declines on the ground that she has crustacean allergy. Suddenly, Taejoon and Sejin are wondering about Nayoung who also had crustacean allergy.

Nayoung excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Sejin follows and begins to bait Nayoung about Taejoon. So, Nayoung smiles that she will tell Sejin one of her secrets…She pulls out a small envelope and explains that it fell out of Taejoon’s wallet. She was planning on returning it to Taejoon but she changed her mind and hands it over to Sejin. What’s in the envelope? A picture of Nayoung.


Sejin freaks out and goes home where she looks through Taejoon’s wallet. Inside she finds the picture of Saebyul… Taejoon walks in to find Sejin in a rage. She asks if he still has not forgotten Nayoung and Sejin. He grits back that Saebyul is dead… It wouldn’t be humane if he couldn’t at least keep a picture of his daughter and remember her…

That evening, Nayoung broods in the darkness until Eun-Bong calls. She asks Nayoung/Dohee if she isn’t Nayoung. Then Eun-Bong falls into tears and apologizes…


The next day, Youngsook visits Mrs. Baek with some flowers. Mrs. Baek politely accepts the flowers and goes to the kitchen to bring some drinks as Youngsook goes to find the bathroom. She accidentally walks into Mr. Baek’s study instead.


Youngsook is about to walk out when she recognizes the book that she presented to Mr. Baek in the past. She picks it up out of nostalgia and her photograph drops to the floor. As she picks it up, Mr. Baek walks in and she drops the photograph in surprise.

Mr. Baek quickly takes the photograph and puts it away as Youngsook awkwardly turns the conversation to the book instead. Before, they suffer too long, Mrs. Baek comes in and the group goes to eat..


Youngsook mentions how she would love to see the children get married soon. However, Mrs. Baek answers that she thinks it’s too early for marriage since Dohee has not healed completely.

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Side plots again! Manjung’s ex drops by with the announcement that he’s going to be in a movie. Se Kwang drags Geum-Bong to Mrs. Baek’s restaurant and tells her that he will forgive her because he wants to start over. She gives in pretty quickly.


Returning to the main plot, Hwi Kyung continues to help out at Malsook’s restaurant. Malsook finds him there and tells him to stop coming and helping. Hwi Kyung tells Malsook that he knows what she had to go through…He knows that they do not deserve forgiveness. But, he hopes that she would give him a chance to make it right and help her even a little bit. His sincerity gets to Malsook and she turns around to look at him in the eye. She promises to think about it.


Hwi Kyung happily calls to tell Dohee the news so the whole team overhears. Taejoon gets worried and begins to move himself. He visits the restaurant and tells Malsook and Joonbae that they should know that the AP Food chicken franchise is actually his project. He asks her if she still wants to enter into the contract when it would mean working with him.

Malsook changes her mind and Joonbae calls Hwi Kyung to announce that they would never agree to work with AP Foods…


Nayoung realizes that Taejoon is playing dirty and the two go to visit Malsook. She explains that AP Foods is different from Baekdo Group…She asks Malsook to not think about anything but her and trust her on this project.

Malsook smiles and cuts Nayoung off. She asks if Dohee will be working on the project. Nayoung confirms and Malsook immediately agrees to do whatever Dohee wants to do.


Hwi Kyung and Nayoung go off to celebrate with pizza. He wonders why Malsook changed her mind so easily when Dohee showed up. Nayoung sighs that it is probably because she looks like Malsook’s deceased daughter. Hearing that, Hwi Kyung frowns.

Then Youngsook calls and explains that she wants to see Dohee as she feels under the weather. Dohee runs over immediately. But, Youngsook is sleeping when Nayoung goes into Youngsook’s room at the housekeeper’s direction. She smiles seeing Youngsook sleeping and is about to turn around when she realizes just leaving would be too normal.  So, she picks up the photo album near Youngsook’s head to put it on the table.  As she moves it, a photograph falls…

Nayoung picks it up and recognizes both her own mother and Yookyung…Nayoung wonders out loud why there is a picture of her mother and Yookyung together when Yookyung walks in.


First, random rant time! Man Nayoung as Dohee has a bunch of time on her hands. I love the fact that Hwi Kyung and Dohee are both parachutes that got their jobs due to their family backing. However, it’s almost like they are never working? They leave work early whenever they feel like it and never seem to be actually working? As much as I love the plot due to its makjang elements, I hope that hte writer does not let the plot train completely derail from reality.

Otherwise, love that Nayoung is now on the psychological attack. I’m really not feeling much sympathy for Sejin here.  Because it’s impossible to forget that SHE attacked Nayoung first.  When Nayoung did not really care much about Sejin’s existence other than that they were incompatible as children, Sejin decided to steal Taejoon away from Nayoung.  She started the war.  There’s no point now crying that life is unfair that Nayoung is fighting back.  Any cries about boundaries and rules no longer apply.  Because, everyone knows that rules are there to protect both contestants.  Once one contestant decides to tear the safe guarding boundaries/rules down, she can no longer cry that she is not being protected by those rules. Why? Because, you tore them down first, hypocrite.

Finally, I do so hope that Nayoung’s resolve does not weaken now that she’s found out that Taejoon has not forgotten about her.  Because, even if he harbors feelings, who knows if it’s love.  It could be guilt or responsibility. Even if we pretend that Taejoon cannot get over his love for Nayoung, the facts still stand that he betrayed her.  It’s like the guy ordering that plastic waste gets dumped into the oceans even though he’s told that such policies would destroy ecosystems.  Who cares if he feels guilty and has difficulty sleeping at night because “he loves earth.”  Yeah, the damage is done and it will take more effort and time to fix it. What matters love when the person professing love acts the opposite?



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