Moeti – Prologue

Happy Wednesday!  What if, magic was real?
// Moeti – Prologue//
Light. Blinding light surrounded her… Embraced her…  Bijou repeatedly blinked  and squinted in an effort to see what was in front of her…She reached out her hand for jeweled egg in front of her.  It shimmered translucent pearl with its edges blending in with the darker blue of the surroundings… It was cradled by royal blue of the surrounding, fading into the background…  The sparking oval center appeared to be a few inches from her fingers and she instinctively knew that she would have answers once she held the round object in her hand.
Then Bijou gasped and water flooded in.  She was in water!  She was surrounded by water. But until now…. She had been..comfortable?!
Bijou opened her mouth to scream and water flooded in…

11:54 PM.


This is insane.  Bijou shook her head and minimized the website listing the flights. She had work to do and a deadline to meet.

Rows check.  Bijou scanned the rows furiously to make sure that each excel cell corresponded with the information from the proposal so that the projections would be accurate. Her marching orders were to finish the project tonight which she assumed meant 11:59 PM.  Her short breaths kept flowing…She had to keep going…She was so close… She ran the spreadsheet and checked the chart.  It worked.
Her vision blurred as she checked the chart against the numbers and crossed her fingers that the data scrapers did their job correctly.  It had been a couple of late nights.  She rubbed her eyes to get them to focus…She saved the excel spreadsheet and logged in remotely to her company email client to send it to her client with her boss copied.  Finally, it was done and she was free… for the night.
Heaving a sigh of relief, Bijou yawned and stretched out her tense shoulders.  She looked to her right and saw that it was 11:58PM.  She smirked.  She was actually ahead of her deadline.  What to do now?
Bijou laughed and danced to her fridge where she grabbed one of the bottles of Dom that she held in reserve for special occasions.  Then she ruefully smiled and put it back in the cabinet .  After all, she had bought each bottle with the dream of drinking it with others.  She grabbed a freezing bottle of beer instead.  Using a spoon from the dishwasher, she popped the top open and chugged a few gulps before she returned to her computer to turn on some music.  She raised the volume as she settled on a playlist of the most current hits.
Then she got up and began to sway with the beat because it was over.  Suddenly, her bottle was empty and she went to get another. She was free and could do whatever she wanted. But no matter how much she danced, she felt empty.
So, Bijou found herself on the website that compared airline flights for one way tickets.  She had spent a couple of minutes earlier during one of her breaks looking at exotic destinations where she did not understand stand the language… She took another gulp and scrolled down.  Her credit card could totally cover the trip if she decided to click accept to any of these places… Dominican Republic…Barcelona…Prague…Bali…
But, who would pay the bills?  What happens when the vacation is over?  Bijou shook her head and closed the website because she knew that at the end of every vacation was real life.  She threw herself onto her plush feather-top memory foam bed but sleep eluded her.  She twisted on to her right side and breathed in deeply…. She turned to her left side and breathed in deeply…but could not find the solace of dreams.
So, after what seemed like ages, Bijou got back up.  She threw on her old college sweats and decided to go for a quick night time stroll around her neighborhood.  Even though it was late, she lived in a safe neighborhood that she was probably the only weirdo who would decide to stretch her legs at this point. She grabbed her keys from the ring next to her door and her cell phone before pulling on her sneakers and walked out.
When she walked out of her apartment, the elevator immediately appeared as if it were magically waiting for her…Bijou  walked into her lobby to find her doorman nodding away at the information desk… She smiled and quickened her steps quietly as she knew more than anyone that people needed rest during their shift.
She walked through the turning doors and breathed in the crisp air.  It was a bit heavy as it had rained earlier in the day.  Bijou giggled as she didn’t have an umbrella and danced outside anyways.  Who would be watching?  Everyone should be sleeping or watching a show at this time. 
She jumped and twirled from puddle to puddle as the water grazed her face and embraced her form as she danced to one of the songs from her playlist pretending that she was on a beach.  Pretending that nothing held her back.  She had no responsibilities.
Suddenly. her right foot caught on something as if someone had grabbed her ankle.  Before Bijou could let out a scream of surprise, something grabbed her right ankle and pulled her down.
Sometimes, at night… I want to make smores and tell stories over a the fire place…  ^^  Enjoyed the story of Bijou?
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