The Promise 66-70

Hwi Kyung proposes to Nayoung.  Taejoon finds out Nayoung’s true identity.  Sejin tries to frame Nayoung…and Nayoung accepts Hwi Kyung’s proposal!



Nayoung doesn’t answer so Hwi Kyung repeats himself by saying, “Come to me as I want you.” Again, I facepalm as this is not exactly the declaration of love that would make one swoon.

Even Nayoung has to ask if it’s a proposal and Hwi Kyung answers that it’s his second proposal as Taejoon walks out… Hwi Kyung puts the ring on Nayoung’s finger and explains how he gave the ring to Dohee the first time but she gave it back to go find Nayoung Lee. Nayoung grits her teeth and chokes back her tears as she whispers that Hwi Kyung should have stopped Dohee no matter what.

Hwi Kyung pulls Nayoung into a hug but Nayoung breaks free. She gives the ring back and tells Hwi Kyung that she’s too busy saving the company to be engaged.


Meanwhile, Sejin cries to Yookyung about life sucking as everything thinks that she is crazy jealous of her husband.  Skip forward to Yookyung venting her frustration by telling Hwi Kyung about his mother’s dementia.


Then Nayoung comes home to find out that Mrs. Baek has decided to care for Nayoung as Nayoung.  Mrs. Baek had allowed Eunbong to wait with Malsook’s cooking for Nayoung. Nayoung accepts Malsook’s lunch box and Eunbong walks out quickly choked up with emotions.


At the same time, Taejoon gets a fortuitous break from Sekwang who gets drunk with his “hyung”.  Sekwang starts telling Taejoon about how weird it is that Dohee was found in the fire that killed Nayoung…and how Dohee has been different ever since – crying over Taejoon’s child’s picture and all…


Back at the Baek’s house, Mrs. Baek finally blows at Mr. Baek.  She asks if Mr. Baek really thinks of her as a wife when he cares about Youngsook in front of her. Mr. Baek’s is quiet but he tells her about how Youngsook is fighting with dementia.


The next day, Taejoon confronts Dohee on the roof.  He demands to know why she visited Nayoung’s memorial right after she got out of the hospital.  Nayoung answers confidently that she wanted to go there to confirm since she heard Nayoung looked just like her.  She also warns Taejoon not to bother her again or she will file charges against Taejoon as a stalker.

At the same time, a suspicious order comes in to Malsook’s store.  The order is for 100 chickens.  Before we fall for it, the show lets us know that Sejin is behind it.


Nayoung does not sit idle either.  She brings food for her mother-in-law and asks about “Nayoung’s father.” But Youngsook does not answer telling Dohee that she should be careful.  She also tells Dohee that she suspected Yookyung when Eunhae died.  But, murder is something that even Nayoung doesn’t suspect Yookyung to stoop to.  And luckily for Yookyung, she arrives home in time to stop any futher conversations.


Nayoung leaves and Yookyung locks Youngsook in her room.  But in minutes Hwi Kyung comes home and finds his mother locked inside crying.  Yookyung demands that he hospitalizes Youngsook.  Hwi Kyung’s response is to tell her not to do such a thing again or he won’t let it go.


Yookyung tries to slap him but Hwi Kyung grabs her arm.  He tells her that he’s going to start taking everything away from her.


That night Youngsook corners Gyungwan in the kitchen.  She asks if he found Eunhae’s daughter and is aghast to find out that Eunhae’s daughter is dead.  She grabs Gyungwan’s hand and cries that she should have told him sooner…She looks like she’s about to tell him the truth but Yookyung walks in and tells Gyungwan to not listen to his crazy mother-in-law.


Meanwhile, Sejin’s plan to frame Dohee continues.  Nayoung is called down by a random girl for hitting her car… When Nayoung goes down to the garage, the other employee uses Dohee’s computer to send an email to the subsidiary that is buying the chicken from Malsook.


Taejoon is up next.  Later that evening, Nayoung walks into the office to find that the lights don’t work.  On the screen is a projection of her daughter calling for her mom.  Nayoung cries and rushes toward the screen as Taejoon turns on the lights and confronts her.

Even though Taejoon has found her out, Nayoung confidently tells Taejoon that she’s Dohee.  It’s too late for her to stop now.  She notes that even if he tells everyone, no one would believe him now… Taejoon falls to his knees in tears and asks her to stop.  But, Nayoung has changed.  She repeats that it’s too late.  He can continue to live as Sejin’s dog as she runs toward her goal of making him, Sejin, Yookyung and Gyungwan suffer.


The next day, Sejin’s attack ensues.  A rival company has started selling the same chicken with the same sauce… Basically, the chicken that Malsook sold.  The Board of Directors angrily demand that Dohee takes responsibility since the rival company is a subsidiary of VSS (Mr. Baek’s company).  Sejin decides to be helpful and suggests that they turn Dohee over to the police.

Everyone knows that it isn’t Nayoung and Taejoon confronts Sejin on the roof if it were her or Yookyung.  Sejin fires back that he’s trusting Dohee over her and her mother… She promises to make him believe.  How? By running to the edge of the roof.  Le sigh, is everyone tired of her antics like me?   Not Taejoon – he pulls her away and promises that he trusts her.


But unlike Nayoung, Dohee has strong allies.  Mrs. Baek realizes that Nayoung is being framed and does two things.  She calls her husband to look into it.  She also calls her agent to start buying up the stock of VSS Group as the share prices are falling.


Nayoung suffers through a long day of questioning, including seeing her mother (Malsook) get framed.  Taejoon also picks her up to tell her that he believes her but asks her to give everything up and return to Nayoung.  She stays strong and refuses to break down until she goes back to her office.  In the darkness, she cries until Hwi Kyung comes looking for her.  He pulls her into a hug and promises to protect her and repeats that he believes her.

That night, Taejoon overhears Sejin speak suspiciously into  her cell phone about sending money.  He asks her again if she is innocent of the mess.  Sejin insists and goes peacefully to get some tea.  However, after she leaves, her phone rings and Taejoon picks it up.  The guy on the other side asks Sejin to hold off on wiring the money since Mr. Baek has asked the police to look into him.


The next day, Sejin goes to gloat at Malsook’s place.  She threatens to sue them for damages…

At the same time, Taejoon asks Nayoung what she’s going to do.  Nayoung tells him to watch as she explodes a bomb at the Board of Director’s meeting.  She notes that she’s going to wreck Sejin’s life…Next thing we know, Taejoon is in Gyungwan’s office.  He falls to his knees and confesses of being the leak.  ER WHAT?


The Board of Directors meeting is cancelled and both Sejin and Hwi Kyung know that Taejoon is protecting someone.  Sejin thinks that Taejoon is protecting Dohee while Hwi Kyung asks if Taejoon is protecting Sejin.  Taejoon answers that he wanted to return the favor to Dohee.  Hwi Kyung punches Taejoon and reminds him to mind the social borders and leave Dohee alone.

So, Taejoon packs up his desk as Sejin rages about her husband resigning.  To add salt to the injury, Yookyung visits and finds out what is going on.  She confronts Taejoon about protecting Dohee.  She demands that he divorces Sejin.  Taejoon laughs that he will if Sejin wants it.  Yookyung accepts that she lost this battle and throws water in Taejoon’s face before going out and seeing Sejin crying in her car.


While Yookyung thinks that this would drive Sejin away from Taejoon…She is wrong.  I have to admit one thing that this girl does well is obsess over a guy.  She confesses to her father that Taejoon is innocent – she was the one who framed Dohee…Gyungwan demands that Sejin resigns.


On the side plot, Yookyung gets exasperated that Youngsook is increasing the pressure on her by meditating at home.  She prepares to send Youngsook to a nursing hospital.  Luckily, Mr. Baek calls Dohee to check on Youngsook.  Nayoung dutifully calls her mother-in-law and hears that Youngsook is visiting Eunhae’s memorial…

Nayoung rushes over to visit the memorial together.  She doesn’t see Youngsook but she manages to see Youngsook get driven away in a black car.

As we all know, it’s Yookyung’s plan and the driver drops Youngsook off at the hospital where they had imprisoned Nayoung.  As the attendees drag Youngsook into the hospital, Nayoung arrives and stops them.


Nayoung’s next move?! She goes to Hwi Kyung and agrees to accept his proposal…


Hwi Kyung immediately announces to his family that he’s getting married to Dohee.  Of course, Yookyung and Sejin ask if Dohee really loves Hwi Kyung.  Nayoung answers that she is not sure if she is madly in love.  However, she wanted Hwi Kyung since he loved her and waited for her.


As the family reels from teh news, Youngsook has a moment to herself.  She cries to her husband’s picture and asks him to help her.  She asks him to protect her so that she doesn’t become more ill or she might not be able to keep Yookyung’s secret.


The next day, Sejin walks into a silent protest against her as the heir to Baekdo Group.  There’s a whole poster devoted to asking whether Sejin is worthy of inheriting the company when she’s manipulative, cruel and petty.  Other employees stare at the poster until Sejin arrives.

Nayoung also sees it when the employee who framed Nayoung asks for her forgiveness. She confesses to putting up the poster.  Nayoung smiles that it’s fine.


Hmmm, is it me or is this about to drag?  Taejoon begs Nayoung again if she wouldn’t give up the marriage to Hwi Kyung.  He falls to his knees again and asks her to return to him.

Nayoung, however, does not give him to his useless whines.  She pulls him up and gives him one option.  She tells him to dump Sejin and every luxury that he’s enjoying…Then she will consider what he’s asking of her.


Nayoung goes to visit her mother who has been ill due to the antics of Sejin and Yookyung.  Nayoung thinks that Malsook is sleeping and starts singing the song that she used to sing to her mother… Malsook wakes up but pretends to continue to sleep.  Only when Nayoung leaves does Malsook wake up with the realization that Nayoung is truly alive.  Struck with happiness, Malsook cries out in frustration.


Back at the company, Sejin finds her stuff being packed up due to her forced suspension.  Her father informs her that she’s being replaced by Taejoon as the new director…Hmmmm, me thinks that this is an incentive for Taejoon to give up on Dohee and focus on Sejin.

The news spreads quickly through the company until Nayoung hears.  She realizes that this means Taejoon will not follow through with his offer.


She resolves to continue her revenge with new force and arrives at the official meeting of the families wearing Yookyung’s earring that she lost at the scene of Eunhae’s death.  Carefully pulling her hair behind her ear, Nayoung shows off the earring so that Yookyung cannot miss it.


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m watching these episodes for a second time or if it’s because it really is dragging… However, the constant repetition of Taejoon falling to his knees and begging Nayoung and Gyungwan and then Nayoung again is getting old.  It could be an affect of this being a daily drama… The story is written to grip you with the emotional tension the first time you watch it.  However, the tension arises because even though you know the ending, you don’t know the details…It’s waiting for the juicy details that gets you excited to watch the next episodes.  Once you know the details AND the ending, the tension is deflated.  Hence, it’s hard to rewatch daily dramas unlike mainstream 16-20 episode dramas.

Distancing myself from the lack of excitement, I realized that I don’t feel that into the Nayoung/Hwi Kyung couple.  There’s something off about the fact that Hwi Kyung’s proposal is “I need to have you” and Nayoung’s response is “I might not be the woman you want, but I will go to you.”  What happened to the marriage is about love?

The Na-Kyung couple cannot even say that this is a family arrangement as neither Hwi Kyung’s family or Nayoung’s family is actively trying to match the two up.  Youngsook might be in favor of it but she’s not healthy enough to try to get them together… Rather, it’s the two of them that are obsessed with some idea of the other.  Hwi Kyung appears to be rebelling against his current family (Sejin et al) and exagerating his love for Nayoung in his mind as he runs toward Nayoung more whenever the family does something wrong against him…Meanwhile, Nayoung only views Hwi Kyung as a tool for her revenge.  While revenge is nice and all, this is just messed up.  Rehabilitating this mess is going to take some serious chivalry or miracles from Hwi Kyung or Nayoung’s side.



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