The Promise 81-85

Gyungwan finds out that Nayoung was his biological daughter as Yookyung and Hwi-Kyung realize that Dohee is actually Nayoung.



As Gyungwan is in a meeting, Yookyung sees the box under his desk and starts to snoop.  She realizes that her husband has probably sent in for another DNA test and begins her scheme…


Her scheme? It’s to send a false set of DNA test results.  The results of course say that Gyungwan is not related to Nayoung and he’s relieved.  But, luckily, Youngsook knows Yookyung well.  When she hears that Yookyung had dinner out with Sejin and Gyugnwan, she tells Nayoung that Yookyung must have done something again – Yookyung always eats out after something good happens.


The next day brings a new set of battles. Yookyung comes home to find Youngsook in her bedroom.  While Yookyung tries to kick Youngsook out, Nayoung smiles that Yookyung needs to be patient since it is better for Youngsook’s health.

Malsook alsoo drops by with some of her new chicken.  Of course, Sejin comes down at that moment and demands that Malsook leaves.  Nayoung angrily replies that Sejin should be polite to Youngsook’s guest.  At this point, Yookyung jumps in that Nayoung is being RUDE to Sejin.  Because even though Nayoung is technically Sejin’s aunt, Yookyung can’t bear to see Nayoung be rude to her daughter.  Malsook leaves as she can no longer see the rudeness of the mother-daughter combination.


The next day, everyone is surprised to find seaweed soup as a side dish for breakfast.  Why? Because only Nayoung remembered that it’s Gyungwan’s birthday.  Sejin quickly tells her father to come home early as she’ll cook dinner herself.  Gyungwan laughs that he will try his best since this would be his first meal cooked by his daughter.


Nayoung attacks by sending a new DNA report.  She also has someone call Gyungwan apologizing for sending an incorrect report in the first place.


Gyungwan realizes that he’s basically thrown away his daughter three times…First at her birth…Second when he let Yookyung send Nayoung to the orphanage and third when he refused Nayoung’s pleas to leave Taejoon alone… He falls apart in front of Dohee’s memorial, which Mrs. Baek sees and calls Nayoung about.


Gyungwan then skips dinner that Sejin makes.  He barely makes it home completely drunk.  When Taejoon goes out to help his father-in-law come into the house, Gyungwan slugs Taejoon and demands to know why he abandoned his wife and daughter.


Taejoon realizes that this has something to do with Nayoung and drags her to the garden.  He asks her what happened to Gyungwan and she answers that he does not have to worry about her sticking around too long…She’s half sisters with Sejin – they share a dad.


The next morning, Gyungwan drags his hung over body back to the memorial where he sobs that he’s so sorry.  Nayoung arrives and stares at him from behind but she tells herself that it’s too early…It won’t end until he truly understands exactly what he’s done.

Meanwhile, Yookyung looks for Gyungwan at his office and digs around when the secretary answers that Gyungwan never showed up.  She finds the DNA report and assumes that it’s Youngsook.


Since Sejin’s current job is to chill at home.  She finds out from Yookyung’s weird mood that Gyungwan found out about Nayoung.  She runs to Nayoung’s memorial and finds Gyungwan passed out on the floor…

At this point, it seems only Taejoon knows the truth that Nayoung is Gyungwan’s real daughter while Sejin is not.


Taejoon calls Nayoung out to a cafe and offers that they leave the house toether.  Nayoung smiles and gives him one more chance.  She tells him that if he leaves Sejin now, she will consider moving out with him.


Nayoung comes home to find Youngsook in a weird mood.  She brought cream bread for “Eunhae” as Eunhae loves cream bread.  She shows Eunhae a picture of her first love (Mr. Baek) and then grabs Nayoung’s hand.  She confesses dumping her love and hopes that Nayoung won’t do the same – won’t hurt the man who loves her.


Everyone is busy.  As Gyungwan passes out in Nayoung’s old house, Hwi-Kyungs goes back to the mental institution where Nayoung had been interned.  He finds out from the doctor that a middle aged luxurious woman had brought Nayoung in…The woman had explained that Nayoung does not have any family…


As Hwi-Kyung broods about the suspicious circumstances, Yookyung barges in to demand that Hwi-Kyung control Nayoung.  She shows the photographs of Dohee and Taejoon together at the cafe as proof.

Hwi-Kyung just asks in response why Nayoung died…Why was she at the hospital in the first place? Yookyung doesn’t fall yet.  She answers that she has no idea and Hwi-Kyung should focus on Dohee instead of dead Nayoung.


Hwi-Kyung has found enough clues.  He calls Nayoung out to the park and tells her that he is no longer curious as to what is causing Dohee so much pain.  He instead asks her to rely on him as she will take on her cause… I’m here thinking – kiddo, anyone can talk.  But why don’t we see actions first?


Gyungwan is continuing to drink when Yookyung gets a call from Gyungwan’s phone.  The owner of the pojang macha has called because the client is so drunk.

Yookyung goes out to get her husband.  Gyungwan accuses her of knowing that Nayoung was his daughter.  Of course, Yookyung denies knowing it.  She confesses lying to him to protect him but her stance is that she never did a DNA exam…She only lied about doing it.

Back at home, the whole Jang house is in an uproar.  Nayoung finds the marriage certificate in Hwi-Kyung’s suit jacket and rips it up in front of him.  She explains that she’s not ready to file their marriage certificate because she doesn’t love him yet.  Hwi-Kyung shouts back that she’s lying because he knows her heart better than her, of course. Nayoung just warns him not to trust her and leaves.


At the same time, Taejoon tells Sejin that they should end their relationship.  Sejin takes a different defense.  She pretends that this is just another simple fight and brings wine to make up.


Later Gyungwan goes from wandering the park drunk – looking for fights so that he can be beaten up.  But unconsciousness lasts for only so long.  He wakes up and decides to self-medicate with more alcohol.

When Nayoung wanders in to grab a glass of water for her mother-in-law, he muses that she looks just like “her.”  He killed “her” because he thought it was best for his child…Then getting a hold of himself, he retreats to his room.


The next day, Gyungwan calls an emergency board meeting and resigns.  Everyone is against this – including Hwi-Kyung but he’s resolute.


Gyungwan sets his priorities straight and goes to visit Malsook’s chicken shop instead.  She realizes that he’s not there for chicken and invites him to her house for a real meal.

Suspiciously, he confesses that he feels guilty about Nayoung and starts asking about what kind of daughter Nayoung was.


They end up looking through pictures of Nayoung and Saebyul together.  Gyungwan is unable to stop himself from tearing up.  But, the moment is broken when Manjung wakes up.  (She had been sleeping at Malsook’s place since her daughter moved into her studio with Se-Kwang.)  Manjung sees the two and calls Yookyung.

Of course Yookyung comes running over and makes a fuss, accusing Malsook of trying to seduce Gyugnwan.  To prove her point, she picks up a couple of pictures of Saebyul and starts to rip them up.

Gyungwan has had enough.  He slaps Yookyung before roughly pulling her out.


They duke it out under a bridge where Gyungwan yells that he cannot even beg forgiveness from his dead daughter.  But Yookyung has another card up her sleeve.  She asks if he can abandon his living daughter for his dead one.  This gets Gyungwan’s attention and Yookyung continues that Taejoon asked for a divorce.


He returns to comfort Sejin being the caring father that he is.  Sejin is more than willing to unload all of her worries onto her father.


Gyungwan’s answer to the problem is to invite Taejoon to drinks.  He asks if Taejoon wants a divorce because of Nayoung and then proceeds to beat on his son-in-law…as if force can fix everything.


That night, Hwi-Kyung comes home to find Nayoung quietly sobbing.  He asks her what she wants as he would do anything to help her become happy.


The next day, Yookyung visits Taejoon.  She first offers him a deal.  If Taejoon can frame Hwi-Kyung, he will give him what he wants.  When Taejoon laughs that he does not need the deal, she turns to threats.

She knows that he used company funds to pay off Manjung’s debt.  She threatens to get him jailed.  This threat also doesn’t work as Taejoon stands up saying he might as well go to jail and pay the price.

Yookyung then resorts to threatening Dohee.  Handing over the pictures of Dohee with Taejoon, she smiles that she can submit them to the paparazzi who would have a real field day with the scandal of Dohee with her step-nephew…This stops Taejoon.


Next thing we know a distributing company CEO is visiting Hwi-Kyung.  He hands over an “appreciation trophy” and explains that it’s just a small token of appreciation.


Meanwhile, Sejin is shopping again.  As she walks out, a little boy runs into her with his ice cream.  When the boy starts crying, Sejin comforts him that it’s okay.

But then the mother runs over and asks what is wrong.  The boy answers that the lady “ruined his ice cream.”  So, the mother promises to get him another one and takes him away without apologizing.  Yeah, on this one, I’m with Sejin in that this mother does not know what’s plainly common courtesy.

Sejin stops the other mother and asks why she does not apologize for her son.  The mother just gets defensive and gives a half-hearted apology.  Sejin is shocked and the mother continues that Sejin must now have children if she cares about this…Which is a knife in Sejin’s bleeding heart.  Cue Sejin screaming at the mother for making a fuss just because she’s pregnant.  The mother doesn’t back down and snorts that Sejin needs to have a nicer heart if she wants any children.  Gauntlets thrown!  The mall attendants have to run in before Sejin physically attacks.


Next up is Nayoung’s secret.  Hwi-Kyung hears from his mother that Eunhae’s daughter died in a fire…He realizes that Dohee must be Nayoung just as Yookyung realizes the same…That if Dohee went to meet Nayoung at the hopsital where she was interned and only one woman came out alive…Nayoung might be playing Dohee.

Yookyung goes to use Nayoung’s hairbrush for a DNA test with Gyungwan.  But Hwi-Kyung arrives just at that moment.  He snatches the hairbrush from Yookyung and refuses to let Yookyung do anything.  Yelling that Dohee is Dohee, he warns Yookyung to stay away from Dohee or he won’t stand aside.  GOOD we need the guy standing up to his psychotic sister.


Meanwhile, Gyungwan takes Nayoung out to lunch. He tells her about how he abandoned Nayoung and how he went back to get Nayoung from the orphanage one month later.  But, Nayoung was no longer there.

Nayoung is not moved and asks why he’s telling her all this.  Gyungwan wipes a tear as he confesses that she’s dead…He wanted to confess to her but he cannot…So, he wanted to confess to Dohee who looks like Nayoung.


Sejin offers to move out with Taejoon but he doesn’t change his mind about the divorce.  This triggers another one of Sejin’s tantrums as she storms into Nayoung’s room and tosses all of the china on the floor.  Hwi-Kyung stops the madness and Taejoon pulls Sejin away but the damage is done.


The boys decide to duke it out over Nayoung/Dohee. As if that changes anything.


A random aftermath of angst ensues…

Nayoung tells Hwi-Kyung that she will leave him as she did not fall in love with him.  Hwi-Kyung gets drunk before finding the DNA test and realizing that he’s related to Nayoung.  He goes in to his mother’s room at this point to say his goodbyes…and Taejoon also broods by Sejin’s bedside.


We can’t let the romance distract us from the fight over the company.  The next day, Gyungwan officially announces that Hwi-Kyung is the new CEO.  Hwi-Kyung gracefully walks up to accept the new position just as the prosecutors barge in to arrest him for corruption and bribery.

At the same time? Nayoung walks out of the Jang house.


And we’re back on track with a nicely plodding along plot!

I actually enjoyed this set of five episodes because I felt like the writer/producers kept the tension high between the two conflicting issues over the fight over Baekdo and Nayoung’s revenge.  If I have any complaint, it was that the angst seemed a bit overdone at one point.  Gyungwan spends most of his screen time either drunk or incapacitated…Taejoon/Nayoung/Hwi-Kyung spend a good portion brooding or depressed…And, Sejin throws a tantrum in every episode.  I get it show.  These characters are going through a traumatizing time.  However, as a viewer, there is a fine line in showing us the suffering so that we feel something and not presenting it in a way so that we don’t get emotionally burned out or numb to their suffering.  Here, we had a case of the latter, where I was just like … more angst. Skip ahead. More angst. Again, skip ahead.

On the bright side, one thing that the show did well was the noble idiocy.  Nayoung is clearly falling for Hwi-Kyung because he is one of the few people in her life that have stayed with her without expecting anything in return (exceptions: Malsook, Geum-Bong and Eun-Bong).  His constant reminder that all he wants to do is help her must chip away at her emotional wall and resolve for revenge.  Yet, she knows that once he finds out that she’s Gyungwan’s biological daughter, there’s this huge incest issue so she continues to push him away.

Then, when Hwi-Kyung finally said good-bye to Nayoung while she was sleeping, I felt my heart drop.  His decision didn’t seem so much noble idiocy as much as necessary.  For anyone in their positions – there is no other viable option.  It would be totally scandalous for the rest of society to find out that a step-uncle married his step-niece.  Sure, they aren’t that far apart in age and technically there is no blood-tie since Gyungwan isn’t related to Sejin by blood.  But – he married into Yookyung’s family…and Hwi-Kyung is legally Yookyung’s step-sister. Hence, crazy hayday if the new got out.  Only suffering would ensue since their marriage was clearly a public event.

Last but not least, I liked how Nayoung does not immediately break down because she sees Gyungwan suffering.  I thought that was much more realistic.  In her eyes, he betrayed here each time she needed him.  First, when she lost her mother and only family…Second, when she literally begged him on her knees not to take away Taejoon.  Then his wife and daughter killed Saebyul.  How could she forgive the man just because he’s now falling apart with guilt? He ruined her life and literally turned into a revenge-seeking sociopath.  A person doesn’t heal like magic just because the triggering antagonist has repented.  The change has occurred.  The glass is broken.  The water has flowed out of the cup and was soaked into the dry earth of revenge.  No – Gyungwan has not suffered nearly enough.

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