The Promise 96-100

The subarc of retribution.



Hwi-Kyung is called in for additional questioning as a witness.  But, he immediately demands to know who ordered Taejoon to do it.  Taejoon stays silent so Hwi-Kyung asks for some privacy from the police.

Alone, Hwi-Kyung grabs Taejoon and orders that Taejoon tell the truth. He asks why Taejoon won’t tell the truth.  Taejoon growls back that Hwi-Kyung can tell the truth just like him but he won’t.  Hwi-Kyung won’t blame Yookyung either because they both have too much to lose.  Yookyung can very well become the new chairman and if she does, Taejoon will be freed.


Everyone scrambles before Yookyung finally visits Taejoon.  Taejoon demands that Yookyung get him out or else.  Yookyung bristles and asks if he’s threatening her.  Taejoon smirks that he wouldn’t dare but she should remember that he won’t die alone.  Yookyung’s response is to tell him that she’s telling Sejin that Taejoon left on a business trip.


Later, Giwan stops by to check on Sejin.  He tells Yookyung that he’s not sure why he feels this way either.  But, he feels that Sejin reminds him of himself.  Yookyung tells him to leave and when Sejin rolls herself out, she also quickly tells her mom to kick Giwan out.

Giwan leaves but only after Gyungwan comes home.  Giwan politely apologizes for visiting so late.  He lies that he was only visiting Gyungwan but was surprised to find that Gyungwan was not home.


Nayoung also visits and flames the fire.  Giwan asks what Nayoung wants from him.

She demurely answers that she wants him to be there for Sejin when Gyungwan throws her away…After all, Gyungwan’s own biological daughter died because of Sejin.  To sweeten the deal, she tells Giwan that Yookyung is about to become the chairman of Baekdo.


Her trap set, Nayoung goes home to find Gyungwan waiting for her on the steps.  He hands her a bag.  Inside, there’s a box with the watch (or a copy) of the watch he gave her when he first brought young Nayoung home as well as dress.

The accompanying letter explains that he doesn’t expect her to accept him as a father.  But he does hope that she would just become happy.


The next day, a shareholder’s meeting opens to vote on the new chairman.  Hwi-Kyung is about to win when Nayoung appears as the representative of An Sungju who holds 3% of equity.  She hands over Sungju’s vote, which is for Yookyung and Yookyung wins by 0.5%.

Unbeknownst to the main family, Giwan was in the back of the room and he smiles hearing that Yookyung became the new chairwoman.


As the deciding shareholder, Nayoung gets a private meeting with Yookyung.  She asks for a position under Yookyung.


Hwi-Kyung meets Nayoung in the lobby and demands to know why she betrayed him.  Nayoung responds that he shouldn’t act like a child – she made a practical decision to choose the ambitious Yookyung over the naive but kind Hwi-Kyung.  Then she walks off without looking back.


Line. Hook.

When Yookyung walks to her car, Giwan ambushes her with flowers.  He also drags her to his car with the musing that she should just give him some of her time lest other people see this awkward scene.  She quietly walks over to his car as Gyungwan sees them.

Gyungwan tries calling Yookyung to ask where she is.  Of course, she lies that she’s out for a meal with some of the directors.


The truth of their relationship comes out in the car ride.  Giwan sighs that he should have just married Yookyung despite his parents disapproval because of Yookyung’s father marrying her friend.  Yookyung interrupts him to shut up as she sees through him.


That night, Gyungwan waits for Yookyung to return.  Then he asks if Yookyung is hiding anything from him.  She denies it.

So, Gyungwan tells her that he met with Taejoon and Taejoon reported about how she threatened to set up a scandal between him and Nayoung if Taejoon did not help.


Yookyung visits Taejoon in jail the next day and the two threaten each other.  Yookyung threatens to let Taejoon rot in jail while Taejoon threatens that he has dirt on her, which would make her lose her position.


Yookyung moves.  Suddenly, there are investigators looking through Taejoon’s office.  They confront Taejoon with evidence that $5 million missing from the accounts that ended up in Manjung’s accounts.  Taejoon screams that Yookyung had ordered him but the investigators don’t believe him.


Gyungwan visits Yookyung to give her an opportunity to confess.  She does not.

Time passes and it’s time for Yookyung’s appointment ceremony.  Simultaneously, Giwan stands up and bows in front of a press conference.

Yookyung gives her speech about how she will do her best while a secretary wheels Sejin toward a room…

Meanwhile, Giwan announces that he is about to reveal a personal secret that weighed heavily on his heart.

Back in Baekdo, Nayoung walks up and contragulates Yookyung.  She asks if she can play a video message of the shareholder who wanted to congratulate Yookyung.  Yookyung smiles graciously and agrees.

Suddenly, the projector plays Giwan’s confession that he loved a woman once.  However, his parents disapproved.  He continues as he wipes away fake tears that his child came and found him recently…He wants to now claim her.

Yookyung screams to turn off the projector but Gyungwan yells for no one to move.  Sejin is wheeled in and Giwan proudly announces that she is his daughter.  The reporters turn to Sejin, who tries to wheel herself out.  But then she falls.

Before anyone can help her, Sejin gets up.  She screams at everyone not to follow her and walks out.

Yookyung screams at Gyungwan that she’s being framed.  But Gyungwan stops her.

In the background, the video continues.  Except, its a recording of Yookyung ordering Taejoon to frame Hwi-Kyung.  She continues to order him to create a slush fund.  Taejoon is seen asking Yookyung if she knows that she’s ordering him to embezzle the funds.  She confirms and tells him to keep it a secret from Gyungwan.

Gyungwan stares at Yookyung with disgust before walking out.  Yookyung rushes to slap Nayoung but is stopped by Hwi-Kyung.  Minutes later, the investigators barge in to arrest Yookyung.


Then Hwi-Kyung finds Nayoung on the roof.  He isn’t really grateful.  He snarls that he doesn’t appreciate her show.

Nayoung answers that she wanted to make sure that Yookyung would lose all of her support and never threaten him again.  She also adds that her show is not completely finished.

Hwi-Kyung asks if this isn’t being too harsh on Gyungwan.  But, Nayoung calmly answers that it was the truth.  He owuld have had to find out sooner or later.

At the same time, Sejin calls her dad who is in his car in the garage.  She finds him but does not try to reach out when she sees that he’s sobbing.


Instead, Sejin barges in to Giwan’s office and shouts that he has no right to claim her as his daughter.

Giwan yells back that he’s a victim as well.  He is losing so much since he owned up too the relationship and parentage right before Yookyung gets arrested.   Sighing loudly, Giwan berates her family where both the mother-in-law and son-in-law are criminals.

The last part about Taejoon surprises Sejin.

Sejin immediately goes to visit Taejoon to apologize.  However, Taejoon does not even look at Sejin at first.  He tells her that it’s over so she better steel her heart.

That night, Gyungwan calls Nayoung over to his office and tries to be a father for the first time in like two decades.  He asks if Nayoung loves Hwi-Kyung and tells her not to lose Hwi-Kyung.  He also promises to divorce Yookyung.

Nayoung doesn’t fall into her father’s arms.  She just tells him that it’s too late.  They have come so far that they can not be happy together.


Lest we pity Sejin, she’s off drinking again.  She bitterly lashes out at her father that she’s not his daughter.  But when she drunkenly tries to get up to her room and falls, he’s there to help her up.  Gyungwan helps Sejin into her room before telling her to get some rest.


The next day, Gyungwan calls an emergency meeting to depose of Yookyung as the chairperson as Sejin goes into the police station to testify in front of Yookyung that she (Sejin) heard her mother order Taejoon to frame Hwi-Kyung and embezzle the funds.

Alas, Sejin’s fate is always to be one step behind Nayoung.  When Taejoon walks out, he runs into Nayoung first.  He thanks her for getting him out but she corrects him that it was Sejin.

After Nayoung walks in, Sejin runs up all hovering over Taejoon.


Nayoung goes into visit Yookyung.  She asks Yookyung what Yookyung did to her mother.

Yookyung lies that Eunhae found her and threatened to tell Gyungwan about Sejin’s parentage if Yookyung did not pay her.  She adds that she even kneeled in front of Eunhae to beg Eunhae to leave her family alone.  But Eunhae was not deterred…In the fight that ensued, Eunhae ended up having Yookyungs earring.

Nayoung repeats that Eunhae threatned Yookyung for money.  She shouts that she would never believe such a preposterous lie…and warns that she would have stopped if Yookyung had just confessed.


Even though Sejin begs Taejoon to stay, he packs up and leaves.  Hwi-Kyung follows him out and demands that Taejoon take responsibility for Sejin.  He even accuses Taejoon of using Sejin’s pain for revenge on Yookyung.

Taejoon smirks that Hwi-Kyung is right.  He can no longer live with Yookyung and this is the only way he can hurt Yookyung.  The boys tense as if Hwi-Kyung will sock Taejoon but then Gyungwan separates them and dismisses Taejoon.

While Hwi-Kyung becomes the next chairman, Taejoon tenders his resignation.


Yookyung gets out on bail and is picked up by Gyungwan.  He takes her to a river and asks once more if she killed Eunhae.

Yookyung denies it and Gyungwan hands her a divorce application.  Without another word, he walks out and Yookyung runs after him to beg him to change his mind.  Gyungwan tells her that he’s tired of the lies and hands her a USB drive before pulling away.

The USB?  It’s the video where Youngsook acuses Yookyung of killing Eunhae since Eunhae found out about Sejin’s secret the day she died…Gyungwan comes home to pack and we see a flash back.  Nayoung had given him the USB and told him about how Eunhae had been found dying while holding Yookyung’s earring.


The punishments keep coming.  Since Yookyung had put up her house as collateral to borrow money for buying more Baekdo shares…Nayoung had called in the debt and Yookyung did not have any cash to pay it back.  Suddenly, the government officials come in to kick Yookyung out of the house as the house has been taken over by a new owner.


Yookyung demands a meeting with the loan shark and is granted it.  But Nayoung keeps Yookyung waiting for thirty minutes before appearing.  When she sees Nayoung, Yookyung realizes that she fell into another trap and gets up to leave growling that she will make Nayoung pay for this.


Having no one else to turn to, Yookyung tells Hwi-Kyung that Nayoung is taking their house.  Hwi-Kyung assumes that this is all part of Nayoung’s revenge and accuses her of being a cruel and heartless person.  He offers to pay Yookyung’s debt but Nayoung refuses his offer.  She explains that the house has already a new owner.


While Taejoon returns to his life by finding a job at a construction site, Sejin falls further.  She gets drunk to the point where the bartender refuses to give her more alcohol.

Then when a reporter comes along to ask Sejin questions about whether she will change her last time, Sejin reacts defensively.  Luckily for her, Yookyung walks in before Sejin can assult the reporter.  Yookyung sees the reporter push Sejin away and Sejin fall.  She rushes over to her precious daughter and slaps the reporter before throwing him money for the broken camera.

The reporter leaves and Yookyung tells Sejin to get up.  Sejin fights with her tears and then screams at her mother that it was all Yookyung’s fault.  Yookyung never treated Taejoon as a human so it was inevitable for Taejoon to leave her.  Sejin stumbles up and leaves.


That night, Mr. Baek tells Nayoung to leave for a little while.  He suggests that she goes for additional studying.

Nayoung refuses saying that she cannot go yet.  But Mr. Baek gets up disappointed.  He tells her that if she were really his daughter, she would not have let her life get ruined by revenge.  Ah, but Mr. Baek…Revenge on those deserved is so sweet.


That night, Yookyung finds Sejin asleep after taking sleeping pills.  She checks Sejin’s phone to find that the call log only shows unanswered calls to Taejoon… The world’s tiniest violin plays for the girl who did nothing in her life except throws tantrums.  Someone send this girl to a refugee camp or something.  Then she will feel real fatigue and fall asleep.


The next day, Yookyung goes to visit Giwan who is no longer happy to see her.  He grumbles that he lost so much money because of his press conference now that his ex-wife is recalculating the divorce settlement.  But then Yookyung zones in on Giwan’s complaint that this was all because of Sejin’s aunt urging him to claim Sejin.


At the same time, Mr. Baek goes to visit Hwi-Kyung.  He hands over an envelope that has the deed to the house – it’s under Hwi-Kyung’s name. Hwi-Kyung is speechless.

Mr. Baek laughs that Dohee asked for the favor and Hwi-Kyung can repay him by being nice to Dohee.


Sejin is late again when she gets a call from her private investigator about Taejoon’s whereabouts.  Nayoung had just found him and was checking on why he was working at the construction site.


When Nayoung returns home, Sejin is waiting for her.  Sejin grabs Nayoung and shoves Nayoung into her own car as a passenger.  Then Sejin steps on it driving crazily somewhere…with a random car following – the driver of which who reports to Yookyung.

Sejin acts like a psychopath accelerating and not letting Nayoung call anyone.  But even as Sejin announces that Nayoung won’t get what she (Sejin) cannot have, the following car accelerates and cuts them off.  Sejin saw it coming but ends up swering nonetheless…The girls hit a pole.


As Nayoung and Sejin remain unconscious, the driver of the other car calls Yookyung to report that the work is done… He confirms that it was Nayoung’s car and Nayoung was driving.


Huh.  I was not expecting that.  And by “that” I mean two things.  First, I was not expecting to feel bad for Sejin.  She is such a spoiled little princess, but I don’t feel like she deserves kdrama death.  Rather, it would have been nice to send her on a kdrama volunteer stint or something so that she realizes how spoiled she is…

The other “that” was I was not expecting the drama to use the car accident of death or a hitman.  By the way that daily dramas go, you would think that hiring a hit man is so easy in Korea. One call and suddenly, a man is willing to stage a car accident?  The city is filled with traffic cameras.  How could the other car (driver and license plate) not get photographed on one of the many traffic cameras?  Not to mention, all of the other cars disappeared all of a sudden.  If two cars were driving so crazily in real life, you would think the other cars would stop to check on the victims.

Eh, but we digress. Almost to the end! And, the revenge?  Yes, the revenge seemed to be packed into this one episode.  But, it was satisfying!


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