Here Comes Love Episodes 16 – 20 RECAP



Trash’s eyes bore into Haein as he does a great impression of a furious man smarting from betrayal. He icily bites out that he doesn’t need a spy from the CEO in his office and dismisses the poor girl near tears.

Haein runs out with the tears streaming just as Sunyoung walks in. Sunyoung sees Haein’s contorted face and quizzically glances at Trash asking what Haein could have done to merit such a harsh rebuke. Trash sighs that Haein is incorrigible; she spends her time spying for CEO Na instead of working.


Meanwhile, Haein goes to meet Hansol who tells her that he found her dad.


At the same time, things continue to fall apart for Eunhee. Word has spread that Ma Rie Wedding Dresses is going bankrupt and people are jumping to cancel their orders. The latest disgruntled customer even comes in to tell Eunhee to her face.

This lady is renown in the fashion industry as Professor Jung. She glares at Eunhee as she declares that she is never going to wear another Ma Rie dress and hopes that Eunhee will not going around talking about their relationship.

Eunhee is hurt and tries to explain that t is a misunderstanding. But, Professor Jung is affronted to be involved in a copying scandal at all. She leaves without another look back.


Then, to add salt to the open wound, Eunhee gets a call from her fabric supplier. He cannot cancel the order that she had placed in anticipation of the Red Velvet contract. He wants her to pay up and now.

Coincidentally, Minsoo had arrived in the Ma Rie shop parking lot in time to see the bitter end with Professor Jung snubbing Eunhee and to catch the tail end of the conversation with the supplier. He tries to console Eunhee but she rebuffs him. So, he decides to help clean up the mess that his designer created by paying for the fabric on Eunhee’s behalf.


As for the other characters, CEO Na holds a meeting with an older assemblymen where a gift may have exchanged hands. And, the exchange gets recorded by a lackey of Trash.


Meanwhile, Sunyoung gives a presentation to investors about a new line that Papa Group wants to launch with fried chicken. In the middle of her presentation, she looks up and sees Woojoo. She pauses with surprise but he only smiles and gives her a thumbs up.

Afterwards, he explains that he got sent there by his father.

Back with Eunhee, her group finds out that their building has been sold. And, it has been bought by Hara.

Jumping to the conclusion that Hara’s raison d’etre of life is to ruin theirs, Eunhee calls Minsoo. Minsoo picks up happily and asks to meet.


Back at Papa Group, Sunyoung tries out the chef’s latest adaptation of the chicken dish. Is this a line of make chicken at home? She’s impressed and happy about the product’s outlook.

CEO Na joins her and smiles that he hopes Sunyoung can grow the company with the values he had first established. Then he frowns and warns her to keep the new line a secret from everyone including Trash.

Sunyoung isn’t convinced that it’s the right thing to keep this project a secret from her husband. She tells her father that she hoped that she could rely on her husband as well as being his support. But, CEO Na insists that it is not yet the time. He also adds that she should learn to succeed by herself first, which is a good lesson.


At the same time, Eunhee meets an excited Minsoo at a cafe. There, he proudly tells her his plan. He wants to create a house wedding hall in her building because of the location. (DRAMAFEED Note – in Korea, it used to be tradition that you always go to weddings that you’re invited to. There, you have to give a gift which is usually money to wish the new couple happiness. As a result, people hold lavish and large weddings knowing that all of the people for whom they attended weddings of, will return the favor. However, recently, a small niche is growing next to this tradition of smaller “house” weddings, which in Korea means anything below 150 guests for those who don’t fit the normal tradition.) He adds that he wants the Ma Rie Team to join Hara Wedding as part of the House Wedding Hall that is to be built.

Poor Minsoo is surprised when Eunhee stares at him like an idiot for thinking that she would be happy with his idea.


Later, Eunhee goes to blow off steam at her drum lessons and meets Sunyoung. But as they walk in, Sunyoung sees a sign announcing that the night will be Lena’s last show at the restaurant. She turns to Eunhee and suggests that they see the show instead – effectively, playing hooky from their drum lessons. Eunhee worries about what Woojoo would think but agrees cautiously.


Of course, Woojoo sees them when he goes upstairs after getting a text from Sunyoung that the two are skipping classes that day to enjoy music. However, seeing the two women enjoy themselves and laugh carelessly makes Woojoo beam like a proud husband/father and he even goes to make their sandwich order for them. He delivers it with aplomb and warns them to not ditch any other classes in the future.

At the same time, Haein meets up with Hansol in the park. He gleefully tells her that he has narrowed it down to a couple of names. He promises to continue to look into it and preens with the praise that Haein gives him – that he’s being useful.

Sunyoung also returns home and finds out that Trash isn’t home yet. Ahyoung jokingly warns her mother to be careful as her friend just found out that her dad cheated and the parents kept it a secret from their children only to divorce once they were all in college. Sunyoung laughs off the warning but when Trash gets home, she does ask about why his jacket smells like perfume.

Trash nonchalantly replies that it’s the air freshener from the car but Sunyoung muses that the smell is distinctively perfume.

The next day, Minsoo gets the initial blueprints for the Hara House Wedding Hall and runs over to Eunhee to show her. She walks away from him as she’s not interested and he follows like a puppy. But, then, a drama motorcycle passes by too close for Eunhee’s safety. Minsoo quickly pulls Eunhee into a hug away from the offending motorcycle. The motorcycle pushes them off balance and Minsoo falls, scraping his hand.

Eunhee sees the scraped hands with dismay and offers to bandaid it. But, Minsoo only wants her to promise to listen to his explanation about the blueprint.

Back at Papa Group, drama coincidences align for our next generation! Hansol visits the company to update Haein during his lunch break and they run into Ahyoung who is meeting up with Joonhoon. Ahyoung sees Hansol walk off with Haein but he doesn’t see her…


Turning back to our main couple. Eunhee is more agreeable in listening to Minsoo’s plans about creating a house wedding hall with its own inhouse design team. But she’s not ready to accept yet.


While the cat is out, the mouse will play! Instead of working, Dahee sneaks into Minsoo’s office and rummages through everything. When she finds he blueprints, she has them photocopied and brings them straight to Trash.

Trash frowns as buying the building and the remodeling would take money that Minsoo doesn’t have. He assumes that CEO Na is playing favorites with his money again. Uh… Dude, it’s HIS money!


Anyways, the mere thought of his father-in-law spending money on his son for the flippant use of starting a viable business triggers a flashback. Flash meets with CEO Na when he returns from the great pearly gates of Hahvahd. CEO Na asks if Trash knew about Sunyoung’s family before they started dating and Trash denies it. He promises that he only wanted to be friends with someone as he was so LONELY surrounded by thousands of other students. ^^;;; He winces to Dahee that he has a feeling CEO Na suspected the truth – he approached Sunyoung after knowing her background.


While Trash cuddles with Dahee, Sunyoung is at an official economic event of the elite and powerful with her dad. She asks ruefully if they can bring Trash the next time but CEO Na refuses. He frowns that Trash isn’t ready.


Coincidentally, our drum teacher/bartender is there on behalf of his father and sees Sunyoung. He goes up happy to see a familiar face and grouches that he has to take a selfie to prove to his father that he was there. Sunyoung offers to take he picture for him and he returns he favor…insisting that he takes one of her back. Oh? Do we hear the love bells ring?

One selfie naturally leads to another as we jump to the park where Ahyoung and Joonhoon are strategically taking selfies in front of different plants so that they can use the pictures from the night as proof of many dates for their parents. Then, Joonhoon has to use the restroom and Ahyoung runs into Hansol who saw the two taking selfies.


Hansol asks if that’s her boyfriend since Ahyoung had been overly friendly to him even asking for his number. Ahyoung asks back about Haein and Hansol proudly responds that Haein is his girlfriend. So, Ahyoung tops it by saying Joonhoon is her fiancé.

Hansol scowls and asks what she’s going around asking for other guy’s numbers and Ahyoung fumes saying she doesn’t need him to tell her anyways. She can find out his number and he better answer it!


The next day, Minsoo comes over to pick up Eunhee for a tour of the temporary studio that he wants the Ma Rie team to use while their building is being renovated. The studio is huge, clean, well light and has a great view!


Meanwhile, Haein goes in to interview Trash. She asks about he rumors that had been circling about how Trash new that they were using inferior ingredient for the drink. Trash immediately scowls and accuses Haein of being a corporate spy for their competitor.


Trash kicks Haein out cutting the interview short. But on her walk out, Haein sees a bound thesis from Seoul National University by Keum Bangsuk. She asks if he knew Keum Bangsuk. Trash denies it and kicks her out.


Eunhee is moved by the new studio and the fact that Minsoo has been so thoughtful. She broaches the idea of joining Hara as their inhouse wedding dress design team with her staff. Jinho refuses off the bat but the female staffer likes it.


At the same time, Minsoo tells Dahee that he’s going to have his other design team work on Professor Jung’s dress orders at the same time. Then they can let Professor Jung choose. Dahee fumes and rushes back to her office to order her staff to begin designing immediately!


Then, that night, Trash waits until Haein leaves the office and goes into the team’s library. He takes all of the folders that Haein had been using as her main research.


After, this evil deed, Trash goes home to find Minsoo drinking beer in the garden and joins. He asks Minsoo if anything happened and Minsoo smiles ruefully that he just feels that everything is complicated when it comes to this one woman… He is interested but she doesn’t return his sentiments.


Trash laughs and encourages Minsoo to go for it. Then Sunyoung joins with wine and Minsoo excuses himself.

Cue Dahee calling because she’s bored. When she hears that Trash is drinking wine with Sunyoung in the garden, she freaks out and tries to invite herself over. Trash intercepts the call and tells Dahee in no uncertain terms that she’s not welcome and Dahee screams that she will die if Trash continues like this (basically having lovey dovey time with Sunyoung). Trash smiles and hangs up the phone unaffected. But, Sunyoung heard the end of it and questions Trash about what Dahee said since that’s not something that a cousin would usually say. Trash shrugs it off but have the tiny seeds of doubt been planted?

We turn to Minsoo who really seems to have fallen for Eunhee. He decides to call her and gets her in the middle of designing another dress. Then he offers to either play her a song or sing her one to help with the late hour.


Eunhee laughs and opts for the sung song as a challenge to see if Minsoo will actually sing. He does and Eunhee finds herself singing along.


Mean while, Dahee goes to Woojoo’s cafe and gets drunk staying even after closing. When Woojoo comes over to kick her out, Dahee demands that he calls her cousin to pick her up! Woojoo frowns as he knows it’s Sunyoung’s wife and refuses. Lena watches all this and gets annoyed. She marches over and throws a glass of water on Dahee. Dahee sputters awake and storms out refusing to pay when Woojoo answers that he called a substitute driver so they don’t need to call her cousin.


Haein is also not sleeping at this time. She ponders over the bound thesis that she saw in Trash’s office. Since Trash is going by the name of Kang Sangho, she has no idea why he would have Bangsuk’s thesis… She decides to ask Eunhee about Bangsuk.

When Haein broaches the subject of a Keum Bangsuk who attended Seoul National University, Eunhee drops her cup of water. She pretends not to know but Haein notices how rattled Eunhee is…


Eunhee goes to ask her mother what they will do now that Haein has the name. Mom frowns and tells Eunhee that they can’t stop fate; if Haein is fated to meet her father, she will even if he won’t welcome her.


The next morning, Haein goes into work to find that all of her materials have disappeared. She runs out to Joonhoon for help and he checks the security cameras. But, there was no footage from midnight to 6am because they were resetting the system.

Trash hears the official report and calls Haein in to accuse her of being sloppy with the reports. Word also gets to CEO Na who sighs that something suspicious is happening since the materials disappeared when the security cameras were not running. He tells his secretary to open up his private library to Haein and Joonhoon.

On the side, Minsoo runs over to see Eunhee again! He hands over Professor Jung’s dress order and they have a date! It begins with lunch and even includes a walk through the park during which Minsoo declares that he wants to compensate Eunhee for all the suffering she had to go through because of him – he will help her experience all the things she forgot because she’s been busy working her whole life.


That night Dahee and her minion decide to mix and match other people’s styles for their dress… While, Eunhee continues to work and Minsoo drops by with a variety of different cake slices to help her work.


Haein and Joonhoon arrive at this random place where there’s a traditional wooden shelf library. CEO Na explains that only he and his secretary (Secretary Jang) know about the library. He’s kept a copy of everything and he hopes Haein and Joonhoon will review the materials in the library as well as keep its existence a secret.


Back at home, CEO Na has fruit with Trash and Sunyoung. The housekeeper comes up to ask Sunyoung what they should do about Trash’s suit as it’s missing a button. Sunyoung frowns as she has no idea where Trash could have lost it. Trash brushes it off as probably being lost at work.

Then Secretary Jang calls and tells CEO Na that they got footage from the secret additional camera they had set up in the company library. The footage shows that the thief was Trash.

CEO Na exclaims angrily before getting up. He answers Sunyoung’s question with a more lighthearted musing that they seemed to have found the thief but it’s not certain. He’s to be told the next day.


Trash freezes when he hears this and then throws a tantrum to Sunyoung when he goes into the room.


One refreshing thing about this arc is the rehabilitation of Minsoo! He still doesn’t have the squeal worthy OMG-CAN-YOU-BELIEVE characteristic but he’s in his mid forties. What he does have is that he knows he’s interested in Eunhee and he goes after it even if she is clearly not returning the interest.

Since, usually, we have to go through rounds of angst and conflict before the main male lead almost loses the girl prior to his realization that he is into the girl – this self awareness is much welcome! Now that we have one side interested, we just need him to win over Eunhee and then we can deal with the various conflicts in the background such as her having a biological child with her brother-in-law-to-be and the psychotic Dahee in the periphery. Oh, and I hope Sunyoung stays cool instead of warping into the Sister-in-Law-from-Hell.

Haein’s part of this arc was a bit more cringeworthy. It played more like a coming-of-age into the corporate world kind of story. The bright-eyed bushy-tailed girl joins a corporation and is surprised to find that management can be full of incompetent and childish idiots. She then has the naive view that she can fight such corporate injustice without a senior (and powerful champion guarding her job security) and literally attacks Trash back through her pointed interview questions as if he will happily acknowledge that he caused a big scandal in the past. While, it is understandable that Haein is just naive, I wonder if she still does not understand that she is an intern at the bottom of the totem pole and she’s making a top director her enemy… The field is stacked against her and she can’t win without powerful allies. If she doesn’t realize this soon, there are some painful learning experiences ahead.

Pulling back and reviewing the plot from a more general view, it seems solid so far. For a daily drama, this series rests more on the strength of its characters and their stories. It isn’t here to shock you into watching (other than Trash and Dahee and even they are kind of balanced out). Rather, it’s here to tell you the story of several relatable people in a changing Korean backdrop. Those who are or find themselves single at an older age. Hence a different kind of courtship and a different kind of male lead. Maybe this hints at a demographic change among the viewers?

Additionally, with the audience demographic target changing to the more younger ajummas and less of the older generation, we see the shift in the background conflict. While the older generation suffered at hands of mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws, the current generation has a higher chance of suffering at the hands of third party crazies (like Dahee or Trash) who plot around because they are incompetent at their own lives.

Finally, am I the only one that finds the nascent romance between Ahyoung and Hansol cute? There are many problems with Hansol (mom) but he is clearly a sweet kid. Also, since Ahyoung seems happy to just flit around and make sure her grandfather and parents feel loved, she would probably fit in perfectly with Hansol’s mom.


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