Run, Jang-Mi – E34

Jang-Mi ignores Taeja as he runs around her anxiously like a puppy.



Jang-Mi decides to call it a night and leaves. But Taeja follows at her heels. He tries to pull her over to talk more about what is going on.

a5a2a202-f994-45aa-8227-d88fa8a791bbl0001-img_2290-jpg At the same time, Minjoo shows off the watch to her parents. Professor Choi is ecstatic about the expensive present assuming that Taeja’s mom approves of Minjoo.


But, at that moment Taehee goes in to thank her mother for being nice to Minjoo who is really sweet to both Taeja and her. Mrs. Hong coldly explains that she bought the expensive watch so that they are not in Minjoo’s debt and she does not get any other ideas.

Later that night, Taeja sends another text to Jang-Mi apologizing for everything. Jang-Mi ignores it…

The cold shoulder continues the next morning. Taeja reaches out to the chef and chef’s assistant for help. The chef’s assistant muses that it’s one of two things. Either Jang-Mi really hates Taeja or she likes him and was really disappointed by something. The chef also recommends that Taeja do everything that Jang-Mi asks.

Of course, Minjoo is busy as well. She gives Taeja a new wallet and even sneaks in a picture of the two of them while he is in the bathroom so it continues to look like they are dating.

Then we have a group meeting with Joonhyuk and the other Jang-Mi. Except as they walk in, Taeja opens his wallet for his entrance card and Jang-Mi sees the picture…Everyone is focused except for Taeja so Joonhyuk calls off the meeting short. Friend Jang-Mi runs out and offers to buy dinner. But then things get awkward when Jang-Mi changes her availability when Taeja is about to join. So, he excuses himself and let’s the girls go together while he asks Joonhyuk for help.

Over dinner, Friend Jang-Mi asks why Jang-Mi is being so cold. Jang-Mi answers that Taeja was double timing her with Minjoo… She sighs that she is even angrier at herself because she thought that she had learned from the experience with Mincheol. However, she felt herself opening up to Taeja little by little. Then, as she began to trust him, she found out that she was nothing but a toy as well.

Meanwhile, Taeja asks his mother if she spoke with Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong replies in the negative and gets suspicious that he’s even asking. Taeja blows it off quickly that he thought she would have spoke with Jang-Mi to be nice to him and goes into his room.

Taeja’s next possibility for help is Friend Jang-Mi, whose number he gets from Joonhyuk. Taeja asks Friend Jang-Mi why Jang-Mi is so angry at him. Friend Jang-Mi angrily shouts that Taeja should know before hanging up. Taeja realizes that there is something up.

So, Taeja asks Jang-Mi’s little brother who offers to help and asks Jang-Mi. Jang-Mi snaps at her little brother and he texts Taeja that something is up but he doesn’t know what.

The next day, Minjoo worries to Taehee about whether she should give a present to Mrs. Hong in return for the watch. Taehee sighs and warns Minjoo quietly not to trust Mrs. Hong as she’s not always upfront. But, Taehee stops speaking after that and leaves.

Then CEO Hwang drops by the store to ask for a lunch box. Jang-Mi pouts that she knows that the CEO has a lot of money and so she’s not selling any before going into the kitchen.

Then Minjoo drops by and pulls Taeja into a date at the museum. They begin to take tons of pictures when Taeja asks about the picture Minjoo left in his wallet. She smiles that she put it in because he looked good. Taeja frowns that people might misunderstand that they are dating so he took it out.

Then we have our climax! Taeja and Minjoo arrive at home when Minjoo offers to put on lipgloss for Taeja like they always did. But, Jang-Mi walks by at that moment. From the outside, it looks like Minjoo is kissing Taeja and she huffs off. Yet, Taeja sees her and runs after her.


He even lights her path with his cell phone which looks even more like he’s playing with her and Jang-Mi freaks out when Taeja smiles that he’s doing it because he likes her. She slaps him and demands to know if it’s fun playing around with her.


Is this the miracle of taking a step back and having time before continuing on with the drama? Once, I had no expectations for the series, I have to admit, I found this episode actually quite fun and enthralling. I contribute it to the fact that I have been mainly following ajumma romances so it’s a breath of fresh air to see the clumsy younger generation’s passionate romance full of its angst and emotional whirlwinds.

There were several interesting things to point out in this episode (once you ignore Jang-Mi’s again incredibly unbelievable rudeness to the CEO of her company). The first one was Taehee’s reaction to the Minjoo/Mrs. Hong situation. (Note – in Korea, women keep their maiden last names to explain why Taeja is Taeja Hwang but his mom is referred to as Mrs. Hong.)  Taehee is willing to fight tooth and nail for Joonhyuk but she barely gets out a veiled warning to Minjoo when she finds out that her mom feels like she is compensating Minjoo for her affections with money.  While the girl does not enjoy the privilege of her family, she is clearly not willing to fight against it or endanger any of her family members even when they act pretty reprehensibly.

I was pretty disappointed by this characterization because I had thought that Taehee and Minjoo were at least friends.  Sure, Minjoo is clearly more of Taeja’s best friend but even if Minjoo is “the best friend of the older brother”, I would think that she would deserve more of a warning other than “be careful as my mom does not show her true face.” Maybe it should have been more like, “mom might not consider you as a ‘daughter-in-law'” kind of warning.

On the other hand, I do not find Minjoo’s character particularly sympathetic either.  I don’t understand how she thinks that she loves Taeja when it’s clearly more of an obsession.  To Minjoo, Taeja is a goal.  Could this even be called a one-sided love?  Minjoo always jokes and laughs about Taeja’s women’s issues and the fact that he is not serious about his work.  The only thing that Minjoo ever complimented Taeja on is his familial worth.  The way she describes the relationship also implies the same thing.  She talks about how much time and effort she put into Taeja…like some kind of project.  So, how is this love even if it’s one-sided?  He has clearly never returned her overtures or taken care of her….  Is it a one-sided infatuation akin to fans idolizing their boyband idols I wonder?

Finally, Taeja’s character was really cute in this episode as he doesn’t lay around crying with angst that Jang-Mi turned on him.  Instead, he seems to turn to every resource in his disposal (other than money) to find a solution from his colleagues to Jang-Mi’s friend.  The fact that he also consistently pestered Jang-Mi even in the face of her clear rejections was fun to watch as well since I’m tired of the noble-angst sort of male leads.  I’d rather have the male lead hit his head against several different walls as he tries to find the right door instead of moping around like it’s the end of the world – which Taeja avoided.

RJM fans, march on!

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